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I’m in search of a wordpress theme that’s fast and furious because of the jurassic rate my site has been taking to load. I’ve been deluged by a ton of free themes out there. I’ve read up on Thesis, Flexsqueeze and I even joined the Hybrid Theme club. The latter one I tried to install but it hung up on me on line 34, aaaagh. I felt my brain freeze when I got locked out of my site! So far, zero results. I’m thinking if I should cough up the $XX to get Thesis but I’m still on the edge.  Any suggestions, peeps?

I did it! I finally updated my blog look and I got plug-in happy too. 🙂 After almost a year of blogging and googling around for a look that fit my needs I finally found a template I really liked – and voila! (this template is a variation of Misty Look originally by Sadish Bala and now tweaked by Kasia Nocek). Unfortunately, I forgot to save the old look for a before and after, but trust me, it was getting a bit cluttered. I’m quite happy with this one now. Special kudos to Amore for helping me upload my files and hosting my site. Thanks, sis! Catch y’all later!