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seriously considering another theme update… the load time on this one is really slow…

Updated my theme again and this time it’s more on the soft side. Don’t know if I’m missing the slider but I’m still liking it anyway. Let’s give it a few more days. ­čÖé

I’m thinking of a blog redesign real soon. Tested my site’s validity. Lots to improve on so expect a lot of changes here. Stay tuned!

I’m so happy I got this site working properly again. Well, at least it doesn’t take 5 minutes or more to load anymore. LOL And since I’m on a revamp roll, for starters, I updated a couple of widgets here (take a look at my bookmarks ­čśë hint hint) and exorcised a lot of old stuff away. Hopefully, I can make it even more fast and furious. . . work more like a thoroughbred. ha ha ha

I’m also working on a couple of my other sites on blogger that have been poorly neglected. I’m done with one and I’m currently working on the other one. I’m not a web developer nor do I have a clue at coding from scratch so it’s a real challenge trying to decipher all these scripts and codes. It’s like looking for horse supplies in a siopao factory. Anyway, I know it’s worth the change. I realize it’s really more inspiring to write if your site looks and works the way you envision it to be. That being said, I need to get back to my deciphering again. I’ll post it here as soon as I’m done.


OC that I am, of course I can’t let it go until I find out why. LOL I’m trying a few things right now… I deactivated all my plug-ins and I am starting from scratch. It’s like being on The Biggest Loser! I unplugged and eliminated all the unwanted “fat” sources from my blog first and I’m going to start all over again. Lean. Talk about how to lose belly fat from your blog in one click! Ha ha ha Of course, a shout-out to Amor C. for the quick support on my dilemma. Thanks, dear!┬á Ok, back to work, folks. Pardon me if some of my script is showing!


I’m in search of a wordpress theme that’s fast and furious because of the jurassic rate my site has been taking to load. I’ve been deluged by a ton of free themes out there. I’ve read up on Thesis, Flexsqueeze and I even joined the Hybrid Theme club. The latter one I tried to install but it hung up on me on line 34, aaaagh. I felt my brain freeze when I got locked out of my site! So far, zero results. I’m thinking if I should cough up the $XX to get Thesis but I’m still on the edge.┬á Any suggestions, peeps?

Nope not 2.8 yet but there is wisdom in looking before you leap. ┬áNevertheless the site has been updated from 2.5 somethin’-somethin’ to 2.6.5. I’m still trying to find out what’s new but special thanks to Ms. Amore for hosting my site and helping me update it. Salamat, sis!