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I’d like to say thanks to Kate Hadfield who dropped by my blog and brought to my attention that my comments section was not working. I recently updated my wordpress version and doing so necessitates one deactivating ALL wordpress plugins and reactivating after the upgrade. I think I made a mistake reactivating one comment plugin that made the site a little wonky. I fixed it up and hopefully all’s well with my site.

On to other things, I was chatting with my niece the other day (actually, graveyard time) and she wanted my opinion regarding a few cell phone models she was looking at. I liked one in particular because of the high memory capacity (it included a micro sd external memory aside from the phone memory) and it also had a usb slot which can be quite helpful when downloading stuff on your phone. I don’t know if she has decided already but hopefully she will find a unit that matchers her needs.

Another thing that I did was update my odesk account and I took a couple of tests as well. Thankfully, I was happy with the results. Check out my little badges below. Pretty neat, huh?  I haven’t gotten any jobs over there yet but hopefully I will in the near future.

Be back for more in a bit!

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