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My parents arrived today from Davao.  Mom will be attending a meeting of the Girl Scout’s Central board.  With this, they decided to spend more time with us after the holidays.  After resting, we drove off to Tagaytay from some groceries and dinner. On the way, we passed by Nuvali.  This again reminded us  of our desire to have a home in this place.  What also encouraged it was my Dad relating the  warming of a friend’s beautifully designed house. On the way back, they were talking about another friend’s house converted to a restaurant cum bed and breakfast.

What do we look for in a house? It has to be energy efficient…Where effort in operations is minimal…Utilizes most of the natural resources of the surrounding environment. It has to be natural. It has to be have nice intrinsically clean bath rooms ( with Kohler sinks). The overall look must be zen. It has to consider the needs of the very young and very old. In short it has to be a place for people rather than things.

Why do we desire Nuvali? Because we believe that it offers the community infrastructure for a sustainable lifestyle.  The developer Ayala Land, engaged WWF to help in integrating the concepts of sustainability in their designs. I remember working with them on a “force field” analysis in a workshop as part of my role as Climate and Energy Officer for WWF Philippines.  Later on, my colleague worked closely with them in the design process.   The property has things like a double piping system which allows the recycling of water for  “non-contact” purposes.

If you advocate an earth friendly lifestyle, Nuvali would likely be the place of your next home.