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Its been over a year since I started teaching ballet.  Since then, I have lost about 30 lbs.  For a lot of people, its really the lack of physical activity that leads to being overweight or obese. The best weight loss supplements can’t beet engaging into physical training. It forces the individual to take ownership of his or her weight problem. Whatever the nature of the training is, it has to be something you really like.  For me , Dance works best because there is a level of performance I push for.  You experience a certain level of frustration when your body fails to achieve the artistic expression you desire. Its not just looking good but being able to communicate your thoughts and feeling somatically.

Last night, my wife was supposed to have a counseling session.  Because of the odd weather and traffic, it got rescheduled to another date.  As a result, we had some time to chat with a  close friend and business associate about ballet. We talked about how to expand the ballet business and some things you find in sales training.  I talked about how I wanted to drive physical conditioning done in Russian schools like the Vaganova academy.  I was thinking about things like the kids hanging on overhead bars and making leg circles. Our friend thought that this couldn’t be pushed strongly since Filipino kids are not like  the Russians who are so determined as far as ballet is concerned.  I just wonder if that statement is valid.  I’ve seen kids go through serious training regimen when preparing for competition in other sports.  Why not ballet? I must admit that our friend has more experience than us but my curiosity has to be satisfied.  Are Filipinos really wimpy? I hope to get some answers in the next few months.