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Ever wondered if you could shop online without using your credit card? You should probably try eBillme.   and get billed later.  Simply check out at your favorite e-store and get billed later.  You can then conveniently pay later at your online bank.  It’s really shopping with cash, online.   The eBillme website has a catalog of items that have discounts you can avail when using the service.  There are also buy.com coupons available.  eBillme is likely to be a viable alternative to the secure online payment schemes existing today.

The internet has revolutionized all of us. Our lifestyles have changed… from communicating, to doing business, recreation and even our way of shopping. Imagine yourself, sitting in the comfort of your home and shopping in your pajamas! Isn’t that awesome? Who would have thought of that five to ten years ago?

Five to ten years ago, I had to content myself with whatever the local malls had to offer. Online shopping was still fairly new and sometimes scary. Shipping was limited to certain countries. Credit cards were vulnerable to hackers and there was very little or no means of paying in currencies other than the currency used where the store was located. Fast-forward to today. Online shopping is as normal as buying from your local sari-sari store. Convenience at your fingertips! What’s more if you have a broadband connection, checkout takes just a few seconds. No more waiting in line.

A few months back, I remember doing research on desktop computers because I needed a new one desperately. I was considering whether to get a Mac or a PC and I scoured the net for info and data so that I could compare notes on which one among the two was the better purchase. Value for money, so to speak. I’m a pretty thorough person and I don’t leave any stone unturned till I am fully satisfied with the results. I think I spent hours just doing research and going back and forth between tabs to find the best deal out there. I wish I had found Shopwiki back then. It could have saved me a lot of time and effort because a lot of the information I needed was already there in one place. They have this handy buying guide that helps you compare product information at a glance. That could have been a real time-saver for me back then. Oh well, if you are planning to purchase anything in the future, maybe you should check them out. Who knows, it might make your online shopping more convenient than ever!