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It’s been quite busy in our little world lately I can hardly keep up with life. I realized just today that this week was already Halloween week! I thought it was still next week but oh well, the kids are done with their costume party anyway. LOL They had it last Sunday and the husband let out all his competitive juices and came up with his version of King Edmund of Narnia complete with the lion crest, swords and a banner for ds (with a little help from the crafty mom of course… wink! wink!) and Captain Elizabeth Swann, Pirate Captain of the Pirate Lords for dd.  Guess what, the kids won! Hah! DS was a little late and so when he went inside the kids’ church room all eyes turned to him and according to the kids’ church teacher – his costume was just a different standard. DD on the other hand was a savvy pirate captain complete with her Chinese cheongsam, pirate eye patch, bandanna and giant hoop earring. Of course, we can’t forget the axe, the sword and the dagger too. They were so excited that they won. And so were we.

Later on that night we waited for GMA’s newest sing-along show to come on. It was the launching of their newest show BANDAOKE! featuring my kids’ all-time favorite drummer (mine too :P), fresh from his Berklee stint, MICHAEL GEMINA!!!! The musicians were great! Although we had to do a lot of explaining to the kids about the lyrics of some of the songs. It’s a bit like doing a colon cleanse on them where we had to make sure that what they take in doesn’t cause any internal trouble later on. Huh? What was I saying? In short, they’re still too young! LOL

Don’t forget to check out the hottest band to hit TV land – the Bandaoke band! Catch them every Sunday night right after Mel and Joey. Go Michael Go!


Here’s something that you might want to check out. Filipino Drummer and College of St. Benilde Scholar, Michael Gemina, is on his way to Berklee this summer. He recently got his U.S. Visa approved and is inviting everyone out there to be a fan on his website – michaelgemina.com. He is a part of the band Private Publiko and they will be launching their album pretty soon so watch out for that as well. Here’s a little something I did in support of Michael because I believe that this kid is going places. If you want to be a part of this project click on the image below to take you to Michael’s webpage. Support the Filipino Artist!

I didn’t notice the hour, but I think it’s way past my bedtime, folks. Sleep is still the best all natural acne treatment for me. I’ll catch you all later coz I don’t want my face to be zit filled in the next few days. LOL