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It exposes. It reveals. It bares without prejudice. That is what crisis does. It unearths what one tries to hide and peels away the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. This is what happened to us as a nation this weekend because of Typhoon Ondoy.

It revealed the quality of our national leaders and the character of the Filipino as a nation. It exposed to us sincere and generous hearts;  heroes in sandos and slippers; millionaires in barong-barongs. It also revealed those who were decisive and those who were not. Those who did it for the applause and those who did it just because.

As far as choosing the nation’s next leaders is concerned in whatever sector, that Wet Saturday was the political campaign that revealed their true colors. It revealed a lot of things that are better caught than taught. What was done speaks louder than whatever was said or will be said in the future. It separated the chaff from the wheat. It is now up to us as voters to decide whether we will HIRE these leaders again and pay their salaries with our taxpayer’s money or choose someone new who is fit for the job. It is crucial for us to choose wisely because in calamities like this, our children are on the line.

On another note, although we are used to floods and tropical storms, nothing prepared us for what happened last Saturday. It was totally out of the norm. I had plans of going downtown to buy my supplies had it not been for the fact that my kids were sick and that I chose to stay home with them. If not for that, I would have been one of the thousands stranded and unable to go home. My brother and niece were among those stranded. Thank God for twitter and other social networking sites that acted like a mass notification system for those who needed to get in touch with loved ones. For sure, technology and communications have made our world smaller and reachable for each other.

For those who wish to help Typhoon Ondoy families check out :

Philippine National Red Cross on twitter: http://twitter.com/philredcross
GMA Kapuso Foundation: http://www.kapusofoundation.com/
ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya : http://www.sagipkapamilya.com/

I did it! I’m done updating two of my other blogs – The Bottomline and Little Kite Studios – both on blogger. I updated the look and posted new updates. Yey! I got a little carried away with all this html/coding stuff mayhem on this blog so I decided to re-do my other blogs. Do pop in there for a visit, won’t you?

In other news, I recently joined a Krispy Kreme Fave Fan contest. Here’s what’s in store for the winner:

A. We will be choosing one (1) winner for each country (Australia, Bahrain, Dubai, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom). This country winner will get 12 dozen doughnuts for a year and will be flown to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA – the home of Krispy Kreme, where he/she will meet the other country winners. These country winners will compete against each other where they will have to design their own Krispy Kreme doughnut. These doughnuts will be uploaded unto the official Krispy Kreme Fave Fan website (WWW.KRSIPYKREMEFAVEFAN.COM), where it will be subject to public voting. The winner will be announced through the website after the voting period. The world?s Krispy Kreme Fave Fan?s doughnut will then be sold at retail on April 2010 as a special edition doughnut.

Isn’t that absolutely yummy? I’m not sure when the voting actually starts but I’ll keep you posted when it does. Check out my entry here . I’m going to check out North Carolina as well to see what’s there as I haven’t been there yet. While I’m at it I’ll probably check out a few Anaheim hotels too, just in case. Hello Mickey! 😛

Don’t forget to take a peek at my blogs, folks!


I’m so happy I got this site working properly again. Well, at least it doesn’t take 5 minutes or more to load anymore. LOL And since I’m on a revamp roll, for starters, I updated a couple of widgets here (take a look at my bookmarks 😉 hint hint) and exorcised a lot of old stuff away. Hopefully, I can make it even more fast and furious. . . work more like a thoroughbred. ha ha ha

I’m also working on a couple of my other sites on blogger that have been poorly neglected. I’m done with one and I’m currently working on the other one. I’m not a web developer nor do I have a clue at coding from scratch so it’s a real challenge trying to decipher all these scripts and codes. It’s like looking for horse supplies in a siopao factory. Anyway, I know it’s worth the change. I realize it’s really more inspiring to write if your site looks and works the way you envision it to be. That being said, I need to get back to my deciphering again. I’ll post it here as soon as I’m done.


I’m in search of a wordpress theme that’s fast and furious because of the jurassic rate my site has been taking to load. I’ve been deluged by a ton of free themes out there. I’ve read up on Thesis, Flexsqueeze and I even joined the Hybrid Theme club. The latter one I tried to install but it hung up on me on line 34, aaaagh. I felt my brain freeze when I got locked out of my site! So far, zero results. I’m thinking if I should cough up the $XX to get Thesis but I’m still on the edge.  Any suggestions, peeps?

I’d like to say thanks to Kate Hadfield who dropped by my blog and brought to my attention that my comments section was not working. I recently updated my wordpress version and doing so necessitates one deactivating ALL wordpress plugins and reactivating after the upgrade. I think I made a mistake reactivating one comment plugin that made the site a little wonky. I fixed it up and hopefully all’s well with my site.

On to other things, I was chatting with my niece the other day (actually, graveyard time) and she wanted my opinion regarding a few cell phone models she was looking at. I liked one in particular because of the high memory capacity (it included a micro sd external memory aside from the phone memory) and it also had a usb slot which can be quite helpful when downloading stuff on your phone. I don’t know if she has decided already but hopefully she will find a unit that matchers her needs.

Another thing that I did was update my odesk account and I took a couple of tests as well. Thankfully, I was happy with the results. Check out my little badges below. Pretty neat, huh?  I haven’t gotten any jobs over there yet but hopefully I will in the near future.

Be back for more in a bit!

oDesk Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert

oDesk Certified English Spelling (U.S. Version) Professional

I’m a recent convert to the Apple Community after having been a PC user for years. I recently purchased an iMac for a project I took on and I must say it is worth the switch. Although I still want to be in the loop when it comes to anything PC, Steve Jobs and Apple have really captured a market that is intensely loyal to anything that has the Apple logo on it. Why? Because they listen to their market.

Apple’s product line is a result of innovation and effective customer relations. Before you can even ask, they’ve already thought about it and incorporated it into the product. That’s my opinion anyway. Hence, the slew of laptops, desktops, audio and video gadgets that make you salivate like a rabid dog and head for the nearest tech store for that much-awaited 50%-70% off sale. Take for example the iPhone. Even before it hit the market, it was probably sold out virtually already. Why? Apple doesn’t just sell you a music player or a phone or a netbook. You are purchasing a “lifestyle” – it’s all about the experience and how it fits into your life. Who can resist an app-filled gadget that helps you find your way thru a city, even if you’ve never been there before? or even find a place to stay and at the same time enables you to do so many other things aside from being a phone as well. Of course, “lifestyle” purchases don’t always come cheap.  I don’t have an iPhone yet, but who knows? I’ll be on the lookout for the next big sale to enjoy that piece of “tech heaven”.

I’ve been having computer issues for the past few days because of a suspected spyware/malware that got into my HD from hubby’s usb. It keeps turning on the brightness/contrast option as if it were sending and using my connection as a portal. So I’ve been trying to limit my online time to test it out. I checked my ZoneAlarm list and I found this: Au_.exe – a file I’ve never seen before. grrr! I’ve googled and read about it a bit and I ‘killed’ it using ZoneAlarm and so far the brightness/contrast screen hasn’t popped up ever since. I still have to do a complete scan all over again and make sure I wipe it out completely.  I’m going to scour the net for a reliable virus scan budget software or not just to get rid of this thing. I can’t afford to lose all the data I have in this one. I’ll be back, folks.

Ever wonder what HDMI is all about? I learned a lot more about it at the How stuff works website and here’s what I found;

If you’ve shopped for an HDTV, a PlayStation 3, or an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player, you’ve probably heard about HDMI. It can seem like just one of many connections on televisions or home-theater receivers. But HDMI is more than a port on the back of a TV (and the often expensive cable that fits inside). It’s a set of rules for allowing high-definition electronic devices to communicate.

…. the HDMI standard is a set of guidelines for creating high-bandwidth connections between digital devices. With the right setup, HDMI can make a significant difference in a home-theater system. The current standard can carry 1080p high-definition signals, and it supports eight channels of uncompressed audio, enough for a 7.1 surround-sound system. HDMI can cut down on the number of cables required to connect components, and it can even reduce the number of remote controls needed to watch a movie.

But there’s a catch. In order to take advantage of everything HDMI has to offer, all of the components of a home theater have to be compatible with them. Some of the features HDMI touts also don’t yet exist in the consumer marketplace. In addition, there’s a limit to how long an HDMI cable can be, and some users complain that the limit is too short to support convenient setups.

Now I know a bit more about HDMI and how it can enhance even a home theatre system – well we don’t have one yet but who knows, eh? If you want to learn more about how other things work aside from the above check out the How stuff Works website, it is quite fun.

… I don’t know if it’s just my connections or it’s this ‘puter. The cable guys who came last time to check it couldn’t help but notice the “washing machine” sound my cpu was making while they were fixing it. One of them actually said that I needed to bring it to the shop for a maintenance check up. I told them that the shop where I bought it was too far and I couldn’t just stick it in a backpack and go ( yup, I’m “steering wheel” challenged and feel like a hotdog when I get caught between two monster trucks on the super hi-way…commuting is my preferred mode of transport LOL). Another option would be to find someone who does Home Computer Repair and give my little desktop some TLC. I found this company online, Fastteks.com and I think they offer a wide range of computer services including the ones I need. I do have a teeny tiny dilemma though… my postal code isn’t within the US of A and I don’t think that taking a 12 to 16 hour flight to Asia coupled with a 2 to 3 hr ride all the way to our house to get rid of the dust bunnies in my ‘puter is an economical idea. Hmmm…maybe I’ll just look for hubby’s mountain climbing backpack, stuff my CPU inside and start walking…