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Rean here…

I’ve always wanted to live in a sustainable home.  To build an Earthship is in my to do list. I’d like to use garbage for my walls and bamboo for my rafters.  I’d harness the sun for electricity and heat.  I’d reuse my sink gray water to grow my own food before sending it down the toilet as black water.  Perhaps, I’ll even use a Saniflo toilet so waste can be better decomposed in the exterior garden.  Oh how I wish I had the time and resources to do this now.

Yes, I do have a hangover but I think it’s not a bad one. I’ve been looking around for some outdoor furniture and I decided to google around for some eco-friendly designs. I’m more of the modern, clean, minimalist type. I found this one online and I like the clean, simple look of this teak bench. I love how they preserved the natural grain of the wood on the planks. It still looks like one piece with slats in between. Just gorgeous! I just noted that they said it was eco-friendly so that’s a good thing.  Ok, into my inspiration folder it goes!

I missed watching UZ last night. Tsk, tsk… I completely forgot. I like watching that show because I learn a lot about home designing and I get to see a lot of very talented Pinoy architects and designers. One particular episode that I’d like to see again was the one featuring an eco-friendly house somewhere in Antipolo. I’m not quite sure about the details of the show and I even forgot who the lady architect was but of course I remembered the house. It was a modern house, clean, minimalist, maximum use of natural light (although I think there was a lighting fixture there that was interesting…), well placed ventilation systems…very well thought of. Pinag-isipan, in short. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Even the back of the refrigerator was put to good use by placing a closet behind it to dry umbrellas etc. – captured energy indeed. I’m still a long way from my ideal home but it’s nice to see that it already exists here in the Philippines.