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I love design. In fact, I even put up another blog ages ago just to compile all the design finds I discover on the Internet. Unfortunately, I rarely get to update it because of a million and one things. Anyway, I figured now is a good time to refresh my design cravings with these cute and absolutely free printable Save the Date cards: (click on the images to go to the download page)

Here’s one from Merriment Design – Inspired by the book  The Giving Tree

Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcements free printable save-the-date for Fall

From The Pretty Blog – handy bookmarks

From Ruffled – Envelope and Card – cute!

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

From the Wedding Chicks – I love ampersands

From Minted – This one is not free but absolutely a fave!!!  🙂

Visage Save The Date Minibooks

Craving-> fixed! Don’t forget to leave a little love if you do download. Enjoy!

We had the opportunity to display some of our Everything Ballet products at the CCP Lobby last month. I found a lot of inspiration online on how to set up our display table. I wanted to do a little shabby chic inspired tablescape much like this one from Such Pretty Things.

Here’s our version of her lovely table:

Everything Ballet cupcakes

Everything Ballet cookies

We displayed a lot of products on our table aside from the pastries above. We had bags, cards, stationery and anything and everything ballet-related. It was a fun experience and hopefully we can plan a better setup next year. I think I’m going to look into those point of purchase displays to see how we can step it up a notch next time. Thank you to all who purchased from our table. Until next time!


I’m back!!! After a month or so of being away from my bloggie, it’s back to regular programming. I didn’t realize how long it’s been until I read that about the shops prepping up for iNSD and Mother’s Day.


As featured in the Products Highlights Section of The Daily Scrapper Lifestyle.

For the April 2010 Issue (read about it here)


(Kit Used: Spring Promenade by Kaye Winiecki and J Design)


(Kits Used: Sidekicks Pack No. 12 by Fizzy Pop Designs and Paislee Press Adorned Kit)

iNSD and Mother’s Day Freebie

Finally, since I’ve been away for so long here’s my comeback contribution to the celebration.  A FREEBIE! I know there will be a lot of freebie hunting out there so here’s one right here. (Much more fun than hunting for cheap auto insurance, eh?)

Download 1 (opens in new window, right click and save as) or

Download 2 (4shared) or

Simply click on the preview to download

Please leave a comment if you like it or share your creations using it.

Happy interNational Scrapbooking Day and Happy Mother’s Day to all. Let’s Celebrate!!!

I just received my Pixel Canvas newsletter and it’s exciting! They are turning 1 this Sunday and a lot of stuff is happening – sale, freebies and all. They have 25% to 40% off on specific items and full kits on sale at 70% off, would you believe? Also, there will be a chat and a guest designer challenge as well.  If you’ve been waiting for a chance to try out Vinnie Pearce’s designs, now is the best time to do it. It’s totally addicting, I think they should come up with a drug rehab for digiscrap addicts. Just in case you don’t know, I’m a Vinnie Pearce Designs drooler like y’all and this for me is exciting. hahaha  Mark your calendars this Sunday and check out her store. See you there!

We always hear fashion gurus telling us that the “little black dress” is one of those fashion essentials you must have in your closet. But what about jewelry? What should you invest in when it comes to jewelry? I grew up in a town famous for it’s jewelry making industry and seeing jewelry catalogs around our house was nothing extraordinary. Although I am not the “chunky, clunky” type, I do appreciate good jewelry when I see one. Below are what I think every one should have at least one of in their stash. My jewelry of choice would be earrings and here are some samples of what I would wear (if I could LOL).

Diamonds are classic, timeless and always in style no matter what the occasion.

Pearls are elegant, sophisticated and can take you from drab to fab in an instant.

Real gems and birthstones add that personal touch to your overall look.

What about costume jewelry then? Where does that fit in? With all the high quality hip and trendy fashion jewelry coming out, there will always be room for that in your wardrobe especially if they are as cute as this:

… yeah, yeah it’s ballet of course I’ll wear it hahaha (I found this in etsy – image is linked… I think 🙂 )

So that’s my fashion roundup for this time.

If you haven’t been in on it yet, you can still catch up and join Jessica Sprague’s birthday bash at jessicasprague.com. Lots of fun challenges and daily freebies are in store for you. I finally had the guts to join in on the fun and guess what – my layout got featured in their blog! I joined the Movie Mania challenge and I used the Forrest Gump poster as inspiration. Here’s what I posted in the gallery :

credits : Amanda Taylor wordart – Composure add-on kit

You can read about it in Jessica’s blog: http://www.jessicasprague.com/

(just look for the birthday bash 4 post)


This is sort of a late post but I just want to post it anyway. I don’t get to post my layouts in the galleries that much nowadays only if I have a few minutes to browse around.  I posted this layout in my Catscrap gallery and I was surprised to know that Kate Hadfield left a comment that it was chosen to be featured in the Gallery Standouts blog. I was thrilled! GSO is one of my favorite go-to sites whenever I need a little inspiration fix and I’m well… for lack of a more eloquent word, I’m just plain happy! I took this photo at The Fort with my trusted Oly a couple of years ago. The lighting wasn’t that good during that time but thank God for digital cams and my 2gig compact flash memory, right? Unlimited deletes hahaha.

So here it is:

You can read about it here:


This layout is also featured in The Daily Scrapper Issue 08. Check out the back issues for  lots of good reads.

(layout credits : Ida and Gabi’s It’s a girl thing available at Catscrap.com)


Kick off your shoes this weekend and check out Issue 06 of The Daily Scrapper. Just like your Sunday newspaper it’s loaded with featured products, great articles, hybrid projects, awesome layouts(I have 3 of mine there) and most importantly, coupons and freebies and lots of good deals all over the digiscrapping world. No more coupon clipping! Just bookmark them or be a regular reader and you will always be updated with the latest and the greatest scrapping news online.

This issue’s product higlights are from Jofia’s Designs, Damayanti Designs, Britt-ish Designs and Cafe J. For TDS readers, you will find discounts from these awesome designers in the Product Highlight section. Don’t forget the mega mega freebies Mystical Garden Kit by Enchanted Studio Scraps  in the Interview Section and one by Vintage Paris Princess Design in the Free Kit section which is this Issue’s featured free kit.

sneakie peekie

Here’s one of my layouts in this issue where I used Jofia’s The grass is green II kit- check out the other two layouts online.

The Daily Scrapper – we bring the news!

So I’m still on a blogging blitz and I’m updating the layouts I’ve done for this year. Now, I’m not on a one layout a day thing. What I’m hoping for is to finish 365 layouts for this year (personal) not including SFH stuff I do. It looks like I’m not going to be posting them in sequence because some of the layouts I’ve done can’t be posted until a later date so I’ll be posting them according to my own file numbering (just in case you get confused about my counting skills LOL).

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

LO#3 – My Little China Doll (for TDS Issue No.2)

LO#4 – Deck the Malls (for TDS Issue No.2)

LO#7 – Simply Magical ( I used Irenealexeeva’s freebie QP)

(credits to my layouts can be found in my gallery here and if you want to view all of them in one album you can check out my multiply site right here).

Now, I’m going to check out some feathered tuxedo friends right now – I’ve got to move it move it! Ciao for now!

Yup, the first TDS issue for the year 2009 is out and now I can finally post the layout I did for TDS here in my little bloggie. I sorta have a project 365 of my own but it’s not about photos for me. I’m going to attempt to make 365 layouts this year. Take note: not one layout a day but 365 layouts altogether for the whole year. Hmmm, 365 divided by 20 pages in each photobook would yield around 18 photobooks, right? Is my math correct? Anyway, I’ve already done two so that leaves me with 363 more to go. LOL

Without much ado here they are:

1/365 – Look Up (as featured in TDS 01/16/09)

(credits can be found a few posts below)

and here’s the second one:

2/365 – First Ballet Class (image is linked to credits)

Oh yeah, that feels good. So now that you’ve seen my layouts, grab a cuppa joe and hop on over to TDS and check out the new look. For a good news read about scrapping and a lot more make TDS your regular habit. Scoot peeps!

Ciao y’all!

Happy New Year Everyone! We just got back from Davao a few days ago and we’re slowly getting back into the groove of things. I’ve been reading a lot about Project 365 and all that and I’m kinda thinking if I can do it. Well, at least I’ll try to do 365 layouts hopefully… gulp! So here’s my first layout for the year. 364 more to go!!!! 

[ oops, got too excited there for a minute, you’ll get to see it once the new TDS 2009 Mag comes out on Jan 16. ]

Title: Always look up


Times are slowly changing and  

both of you are beginning to find your niche. 

My hope and prayers for you this year is 

that no matter how hard your challenges are, 

you will always… always find courage and 

strength as long as you remember to always 

look up. When you do, you will find 

what you need. I love you.


Credits: Everything from Cinzia Loosemore’s My Journey Kit



Notice my “Christmas” header? That’s how long I’ve been gone I think. I miss ‘da blog’ and I’m starting to feel like a guest around here … IN MY OWN BLOG (LOL) but the hubby has been so nice enough to pitch in for me while I finished all the deadlines that were swamping me. I just finished two projects last night, one of them I’m so excited about. Actually, both and more. Woohoo! (Warning: long post -> because I missed blogging so much 😛 )

First off, The TDS 2008 Catalog!!! The Daily Scrapper is the brainchild of designer Alice Koh and it’s the first online scrapbooking newspaper ever. I love working with this publication because I’ve always wanted to be a journalist/writer at heart so this satisfies that inner ‘artsy craving’ in me. So one of the TDS projects this year is the first year-end ‘The Daily Scrapper (TDS) 2008 Catalog Ezine’ to be released anytime now depending on which time zone you are in. I’m so happy to be part of the making of this catalog. It’s really a unique way to showcase some of the wonderful talent of digiscrappers out there. AS IN! Special mention goes to all those wonderful ladies who worked hard behind the scenes on this project like Karen Maggie (our project coordinator), Joanne Hubbard (awesome layout artist!), Amysout, Melrio & Ruth Melody (all template geniuses), JJstar (one Hybrid Hot Mama) and of course awesome editor-in-chief Alice Koh (who works 25 hours and more each day). I hope I didn’t miss out on anyone.

And guess what? there are two ‘bebots’ featured there! (Of course, I’m so proud of them and because all these bebots have some really serious talent. Go bebots!)  I think I have to keep track of how many exclamation points I have in this post hahaha.  Congrats to Buge and Len Escobar for being featured in it. You girls rock!  Here’s a teaser of the catalog and what’s in store for you.

If you enjoy reading the TDS newspaper, you’ll love going through this one of a kind E-zine. And there’s more -> lots of freebies are included in it like kits contributed by designers Amy Sumrall, Irene Alexeeva, and Jenn Balding and templates by the TDS Layout Artist Team.

Soon to hit the stands! Check it out at the TDS Store.

So what else have I been doing? Well, I just completed a four-week basic photography course sponsored by Isuzu Philippines at the Alabang branch taught by photojournalist Antonni Cuesta. I am so happy with what I’ve learned through this course because now I have a little technique to back up the artsy side of my “shots”. Thanks, teacher Toni! I learned a lot. Maybe I’ll have time to be active in Litratong Pinoy again and use all this technical know how. Although the classes have ended, they have a contest ongoing for those who attended the course. All our entries will be on display bet Dec. 8 onwards in the following Isuzu showrooms – Alabang, Pasig and Cavite and will be subject to voting by the public. So in case you drop by one of these showrooms or you are window shopping for a new car this holiday season – Check out my entries and vote for me (pretty please? -> betty boop eyes)

What else did I do? I attended my first local make and take ‘paper’ scrapping event. Yes, Virginia … this girl still plays with paper, glue and scissors. I got to go to Merry Jane Lim’s store – Rekindled Moments near PCU Taft and went ‘paper scrapping’ shopping. I got to pick up a few inking techniques too from a demo done by Cookie Aguilar. Thanks Jane and Cookie! Now to find the time to do all that as well.

In the middle of all that, the hubby and I attended the Kumon Parent Conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel a few Saturdays ago. I was quite pleasantly surprised that the guys at the registration table were smiling not at me or the hubby but at our son. Guess what? It turns out that my son was their featured poster boy so he was kinda like a celebrity on his own with all these Kumon teachers so happy to see him in person. Even Kumon Philippines President Nakamura was quite amused.

Here are some pics:

Guest Speaker Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

The Intercon Ballroom

Up close and personal

Really up close and personal 🙂 ( FYI, he’s homeschooled)

Of course, not to mention, the annual Kumon National Advanced Students Honor Roll (ASHR) where for the first time in his whole Kumon awards life I didn’t get to attend because dd was sick and we both had to stay home, plus the ASHR Christmas Party at our Kumon Center in LBA where both my kids brought home their medals.

(shaking hands with Kumon Phils. President Nakamura at the SMX Convention Center)

with Teacher JB G. and Laurence L. at the LBA ASHR Christmas Party

this time dd got to attend and with medals to boot, yipee!

Is there more you say?  That’s what happens when you don’t get to blog hahaha. Well, the hubby and I have a couple of projects up our sleeves but they are still incubating so when it’s ready to hatch, you’ll find out about it right here.

Okay, that’s quite an update. I’ve said a whole mouthful. Check back once in a while, I think I have a freebie up in the air as a Christmas present for y’all. Now back to you, ‘ga!

Ciao for now!

If you like reading newspapers and you are hooked on CNN, BBC News, Fox News etc for the latest world news, check out The Daily Scrapper – your online source for the latest scrapping news. Grab a cup of coffee and read featured articles and writeups, go through the classifieds and check out the latest sales, CT calls and of course the oh so yummy freebies by your favorite designers all in one spot. It’s published and headed by “super lady” Ms. Alice Koh and for now it comes out every 2 weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak at the front page to get you started:

Here’s a little toot…toot too. While you are there you can check out some bargain QPs for sale by the talented TDS Layout Artists, and TADA! mine are also included in the store. Im now a TDS Layout Artist and QP Designer! Here’s my first set ever:

(click image to go to store)

And here are a few LOs I did using the QPs:

Credits : everything from Krystal Hartley’s Moody Hues Energetic Kit. Check out TDS QP Central and quick scrap those photos, PRONTO! 

Happy Scrapping!

Yey!  Just wanted to share another toot for this layout I made. I joined TaylorMade’s Designer Spotlight Challenge and was one of those who won one of the main prizes. You can read about it in Amanda’s blog right here –> TaylorMade Designs

Here’s what I did for that challenge :