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I survived! I took another trip to Divisoria a few days ago and I can now say to myself I won’t get lost anymore in this jungle of a marketplace. This time I even have pictures to boot! I planned to get to Divisoria early but unfortunately, I got too excited planning my trip the night before and ended up leaving late the next day. I left the house around 9am and expected to arrive at around 10:30am but I got caught in a monstrous traffic jam. I ended up in Divi past 12 noon. Tsk tsk! BUT all things work together for good so I guess it was all for a reason.

My entry route to Divisoria was through Binondo where the you see the famous Chinatown arch landmark after passing the Jones Bridge and the original Savory restaurant. The next landmark you will find is the rotonda where you will see the Binondo Church. Traffic was so bad, I got off at Starbucks and began my hunt in Juan Luna St. Take a look at where I got off.

This is where Juan Luna St. starts coming from Binondo.


WHAT YOU WILL FIND: t-shirts (wholesale), t-shirt printing, commercial paper, printing and binding supplies, office equipment and supplies and a lot of banks in

Juan Luna Bridge – On the left side of the bridge, you will find  Ilaya and Tabora, New Divisoria Mall, M. de Santos etc.. On the right, you will find Juan Luna Plaza, Meisic Mall and 168 Mall. If you go straight up, you’ll end up on C.M. Recto Ave. where you will find Tutuban Mall.

** I turned left 2 streets after the bridge and bought 2 packs of jewelry foam from this lady who didn’t mind my taking a picture of her.


This is how Commoner’s Commercial looks like. These guys were sport enough to “candidly” pose for me. Ü

WHAT YOU WILL FIND: acrylic boxes (be sure to bring a sample of the item you want to box so you can choose your size), plastic bags, sando bags, plastic bags with adhesive, kraft paper bags, round magnets, french fries boxes, plastic containers, cups and boxes for food or baked stuff, acrylic sheets, bubble wrap, cling wrap, colored wire, jewelry tags, paper and other packaging stuff.


Not quite sure if this is Morning Glory or Good Morning but nevertheless they’re both on the same street and both of these store sell sewing stuff.

WHAT YOU WILL FIND: all kinds of beads, thread, glitter, ric rac, lace, fabric flowers, sequins, buttons, ribbons and all kinds of jewelry and sewing stuff that you can imagine.


I don’t have a picture of the store, but yes, there is a Wellmanson store in Divisoria.

WHAT YOU WILL FIND: jewelry making materials, findings, beads, jewelry tools, glitter, feathers, ric rac, lace, swarovski crystals, little wire tie twisties,


I just discovered that Tutuban Mall was divided into three buildings – am not quite sure if this is how they’re called : 1) Prime (where National bookstore is)  2) Block (the building with the escalator 3) and Cluster (the one parallel to Recto)

99 Slice and Dice Steak resto – So far this is where we always eat when we are in Divisoria.  We usually have the beef salpicao and kangkong. Affordable and tasty.

I discovered that there were other interesting places to eat just outside Tutuban Prime, near the parking lot. Maybe we’ll try them next time:

This is where we parked. This is directly behind Tutuban Prime.

I asked the security guard to pose for me (feeling John L. hahaha) Ü

Finally, this is what happens when the malls close. NIGHT MARKET!!!!!!! Pardon the blur. I was trying to shoot while in a moving car. Ü I just wanted to show how the shopping is still relentless even at night.

If you’ll notice, my pictures start out bright under the heat of the summer sun and end with  street lights and headlights galore. That’s how long it took us in Divisoria. I think I’ve walked my feet to death. It felt like walking on a treadmill that you can’t get off from. aaaaack.

Overall, despite all the hassles and difficulties of shopping here, Divisoria is still the mother of all markets hands down.

Check out the first post I did on Divisoria here—> http://teystirol.com/2009/11/17/decoding-divisoria/

Hope this post helps someone. HAPPY SHOPPING EVERYONE!!!!!

During the recent visit of my in-laws, we brought them to nearby Solenad at Nuvali to have lunch. We wanted them to see the place as there were new restaurants added since the last time they came for a visit. The kids also wanted them to see the hundreds of koi fish in the man-made lake at Nuvali. My in-laws are not as mobile as they used to be. I probably need to read more information on rheumatoid arthritis to find out what could help them as it has become increasingly difficult for them to walk far.

Crisostomo is one of the latest additions to Solenad, the commercial area of Nuvali along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road. We weren’t quite sure about it because I haven’t seen or heard of it before but since that was the nearest we could find and that was all that two hungry and grumpy old folks could bear, we went in to have lunch. Entering the restaurant reminded me of Maria Clara and old Manila. It dawned on me that the name Crisostomo was probably taken from Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere of which Crisostomo Ibarra was one of the lead characters. I looked around and surveyed the interiors. It was nicely furnished and I particularly loved the old electric fan that you only see in your great great grandparents’ house. Their menu offered Filipino-Spanish cuisine with a twist. I glanced at the station where they had a computer and I saw the name Florabel. I had seen the chef/owner of Florabel being interviewed once on TV so I assumed it was part of a chain of restaurants. A little while later, I think I actually saw the chef/owner of Florabel gesturing to her staff to make sure our orders were taken care of. THAT is a good sign.

We ordered the monggo soup and a salad with green mangoes in it. Then we ordered the mixed platter that had everything on it – barbeque, pork chop, vegetables, oysters, fish etc. It was quite nice and just the right portion for a party of 7. I don’t remember any particular dish that stood out but for me it was enough to satisfy the old folks so it was fine. The service was good and the staff was attentive to our needs. It was a nice little discovery borne out of necessity. There are more new restaurants popping up here in Nuvali. So for all you foodies out there, I’ll try to post our food escapades as they happen.

Ciao or better yet, Chow!

It’s been just three days here in Davao and we are stuffed to our ears. The eating has been non-stop. The parties and festivities go on and on every day and the kids have been eating to their hearts’ content. Of course, this only happens once a year during Christmas with the grandparents. The rest of the year, they make do with what the husband and I can dish out which is nothing compared to what they have right now. Thank God it’s only once a year though because if it was like this everyday, we might be needing an implant dentist Plano en punto! There’s still a lot more eating ahead of us and a little adventure as well. I’m looking forward to doing that zip cord thing in Kapatagan in a few days. I’ve seen it in Sports Unlimited on TV so I hope I’m brave enough to try it. LOL

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s been two weeks or so since I posted because I got sick after our trip to Divisoria. It became a family field trip of sorts because it was the first time for the husband and the kids to experience the magic that is Divisoria. I discovered that bringing a car was not that hard if you go early and you know where to park. We found parking behind the Tutuban Mall. Of course, it was a bit of a risk with the kids but I think we managed quite well with lots of prep work and instruction. It was the husband’s first salvo into this urban retail jungle and he is definitely hooked! From wedding gowns to kitchen sinks, it’s a shopper’s paradise. It can get pretty confusing if it’s your first time so it helps to do your research before you go. Knowing what you want to buy and where to go will save you a lot of time. But if you are going purely to bargain hunt then the search becomes part of the pleasure.

Here’s a list of of Divisoria /Binondo Suppliers that might help you out. I still have a lot to learn but you might find this useful just in case:

A. Food Containers and Gift Boxes – along Ilaya St.

  1. Commoner’s Commercial – 725 Ilaya St. near Juan Luna across fire station. ( I got lost looking for this store because I asked somebody who gave me the wrong direction instead of following my instinct) Like most stores that I was looking for, this one was hard to find if you are not familiar with Divi because it’s behind a slew of sidewalk vendors occupying the front of the store. You will find resealable plastic bags, acetate boxes, paper bags, gift boxes, rolls of cling wrap etc. etc.
  2. Ilaya Plastic and Packaging – 763 Ilaya St. I didn’t find this one but it’s probably close to Commoner’s

B. Sewing Notions, Beads, Ribbons – along Tabora St.

  1. House of Decor – hidden behind the sidewalk vendors
  2. Morning Glory hidden behind the sidewalk vendors
  3. Remy Filipinas

C. Office/Paper products

  1. Golden Era Paper Products – 623 M. de Santos St. Binondo; Tel nos. 2411394/244395
  2. Times Trading – 525 Quintin Paredes St. Manila; Tel nos. 2425741 to 24257418

D. Malls

  1. 168 Mall – near Juan Luna and Sta. Elena
  2. Juan Luna Mall – along Juan Luna
  3. Tutuban Mall – along C.M. Recto
  4. New Divisoria Mall – along Sto. Cristo and De Santos

I think one more trip to Divi will help me memorize the ins and outs there. I just have to make sure I’m well rested and my resistance is up so I don’t get sick again.

Later, folks!

Have you seen GMA 7’s latest videoke singing game show? If you haven’t then you should! Of course, I am biased because one of the band members is Michael Gemina! I’ve seen him when he was still a little boy and now he’s all grown up (nope, I don’t recall him having any acne treatment) and making a name for himself and doing what he loves to do most. Play music!

It was just a few months ago when we were believing God to send Michael to Berklee. Now, God has opened up doors for him in the music industry. I know that God will do wonderful things for him in the coming days and his future is definitely bright. Not only is he an excellent musician, he also has a good head on his shoulders and more importantly, a heart that wants to honor God. Bravo, Michael! More! More!

Here’s how the show went :


It’s been quite busy in our little world lately I can hardly keep up with life. I realized just today that this week was already Halloween week! I thought it was still next week but oh well, the kids are done with their costume party anyway. LOL They had it last Sunday and the husband let out all his competitive juices and came up with his version of King Edmund of Narnia complete with the lion crest, swords and a banner for ds (with a little help from the crafty mom of course… wink! wink!) and Captain Elizabeth Swann, Pirate Captain of the Pirate Lords for dd.  Guess what, the kids won! Hah! DS was a little late and so when he went inside the kids’ church room all eyes turned to him and according to the kids’ church teacher – his costume was just a different standard. DD on the other hand was a savvy pirate captain complete with her Chinese cheongsam, pirate eye patch, bandanna and giant hoop earring. Of course, we can’t forget the axe, the sword and the dagger too. They were so excited that they won. And so were we.

Later on that night we waited for GMA’s newest sing-along show to come on. It was the launching of their newest show BANDAOKE! featuring my kids’ all-time favorite drummer (mine too :P), fresh from his Berklee stint, MICHAEL GEMINA!!!! The musicians were great! Although we had to do a lot of explaining to the kids about the lyrics of some of the songs. It’s a bit like doing a colon cleanse on them where we had to make sure that what they take in doesn’t cause any internal trouble later on. Huh? What was I saying? In short, they’re still too young! LOL

Don’t forget to check out the hottest band to hit TV land – the Bandaoke band! Catch them every Sunday night right after Mel and Joey. Go Michael Go!


We took our kids to CCP today to watch Philippine Ballet Theater’s adaptation of La Fille Mal Gardeé and of course because we wanted to support Acts Manila (Teacher Chelo B. Gemina’s ballet company). We also brought with us 3 of the husband’s ballet students and crammed all of them in our car. Imagine 5 kids all talking at the same time at the top of their lungs non-stop! Teriblé! But it was still worth it. It turned out to be like a mini field trip for two of them because it was their first time to watch a performance in CCP. I’m glad they enjoyed the show and that they weren’t bored with it. I think it’s rare to find kids nowadays who appreciate theatre performances. What with psp’s, xbox’s, wii’s and video games, not to mention pre-occupation with teen stuff online chatter on friendster and multiply, instant acne treatments and remedies for those unwanted zits that pop up during the most-awaited gimik day, fashionista talk – how many have time to sit down for two hours and watch a classical ballet performance? Sadly, not too many. That’s why even if we were squished like sardines in our car and even if the noise level was beyond the allowable decibels the human ear can handle, it was still worth all the effort because I know that the children left the theatre inspired and challenged.

On the heels of the revival of patriotism and love for country spurred by the passing of President Cory, the country faces another battle over the will of one and the will of the many. It is sad to note that the ongoing controversy between Malacañang and the members of the Arts community over the latest ‘National Artists’ recipients is tainted with politics and payback. I am not one of the experts who can claim to have the expertise in choosing who should or should not be proclaimed National Artist but as a parent raising children who might someday (who knows?) be qualified for that honor I would rather that it be bestowed upon them by those who are in the best position to give it to them. I would consider it an insult if it were granted to them on a silver platter without them truly deserving it.

For what does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul instead?

As I watched the final funeral rites being given to President Cory yesterday I could not help but wonder at the outpouring of love and honor by people from all walks of life. Thousands upon thousands waited, stood in the rain to pay their last respects to her. It was spontaneous in the sense that this was not a “hakot” crowd. They were not programmed like “custom software” to behave a certain way, say the right words at the right time, to lift their hands and flash the L sign. They were not ordered to bring yellow posters, banners, balloons. Anonymous donors gave out bottled water and boiled eggs to those who wanted to get a last glimpse of her not because they wanted recognition but out of the generosity of their hearts and out of respect for the leader they loved.

Respect cannot be coerced. True honor when given is not mere lip service that can be cloaked by plaques, trophies or medals. It springs from the heart and is freely given much like the woman who broke the alabaster jar and poured it over the Master whom she so loved. The trophies, the medals, the public honor are just tangible representations of the inner reverence and recognition we accord to those who truly deserve it. Even a simple person can sense true honor versus mere flattery. Honor if forced, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and is tainted with resentment.

I think one of the great legacies that President Cory has left us is her humility. It is to her credit that she leads and inspires so many without the fanfare and the propaganda. She lived not for the applause of men but for the applause of heaven… for an audience of One.

I heard someone say during one of the many speeches said at her wake that “there are many leaders who lead, but great leaders inspire“. In light of this current challenge re the ‘National Artist’ imbroglio, I watch on the sidelines to see if there are any great leaders among them. If there are any who live not just for the temporary honor that may be remembered by men but more so by heaven. I hope some if not all will rise to the call for greatness. Meanwhile, it is time to bow the head and bend the knees.

Let your voice be heard. I missed going to the streets during EDSA 1. I missed going to the streets yesterday again. The many gifts of EDSA and the restoration of democracy was the freedom to speak freely without fear of being arrested.  I will use this gift to speak here on my blog for the sake of my children and the generations after us. How about you? Share your thoughts and let your voice be heard.

Ikaw ba ay nakaranas na ng pagkatuyot? Mawalan ng inspirasyon sa mga karaniwang nakahiligang gawin? Siguro lahat ng tao ay may mga panahon ng tagtuyot. Tulad ng panahon, may mga araw na sagana ang ulan at may mga araw na sagana sa wala. 🙂 Mabuti pa ang halaman na ito. Kahit tagtuyot siguradong hindi sya mauubusan ng kanyang inipong tubig. Ako kaya, paano kaya ako mag-iipon para sa panahon ng tagtuyot?

Hapi lp mga kapatid!

LP – Dito Lang.

Dito lang sa isla ng Pan-ay matatagpuan ang pinakamalaking kampana sa Asya. Sa sobrang laki nya at sa sobrang kitid din ng kampanaryo ay di ko ito makunan nang buo. Mga bahagi lamang nya at ang mga salitang nakasulat sa bukana ng kampanaryo na nagsasaad na siya nga ang pinakamalaking kampana sa Asya. Ito ay mga kuha ko ng kami ay umuwi sa Capiz (probinsya ng pamilya ng aking kabiyak) noong isang taon.

Simbahan ng Pan-ay

sa harap ng simbahan

sa bukana ng kampanaryo

sideview ng kampana

pansinin nyo ang kalembang kumpara sa kampana sa likod

eto ang  isa pang view.

Makisali na sa mga litratistang Pinoy dito:

Bawat linggo ng LP na hindi ako nakakalahok naitatanong ko sa aking sarili kung imposible ba ito. LOL Salamat na lamang at ang aking mga proyekto ay tapos na at puede na ako ulit sumali ng mas madalas. Sa wakas eto na ang aking lahok para sa linggong ito sa temang:


(ang mga litrato sa itaas ay kuha sa tabi ng Manila Ocean Park – Manila Bay, ironic di ba? )

Nakalulungkot isipin at nakapanghihinayang talaga na ganito ang nangyayari sa ating kapaligiran. Napakayaman ng ating bansa kung yamang kalikasan din lang ang pag-uusapan subalit napakapobre ng ating mentalidad pagdating sa pangangalaga nito. Lahat ng ito ay kagagawan ng ISA. Isang supot, isang balot ng kendi, isang patpat ng pisbol, isang walang pakialam na tao. Pagsamasamahin natin ang bawat ISA na iyon, ganito ang ating kahahantungan.

Kawawa naman ang susunod na henerasyon. Baka manahin na lang nila ang isang buong dagat ng basura at kakarampot na tubig. Imposible ba itong bigyan ng solusyon? Palagay ko hindi. ISA lang naman ang kailangan di ba? Isang bata. Isang matanda. Isang mayaman. Isang mahirap. Isang may pinag-aralan. Isang mangmang. ISAng taong may pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit para sa ating bayan na ibubulsa ang maliit na basura at itatapon sa tamang basurahan. Alam ko ikaw yun kaibigan.

Hapi LP mga kapatid!

I’d like to say thanks to Kate Hadfield who dropped by my blog and brought to my attention that my comments section was not working. I recently updated my wordpress version and doing so necessitates one deactivating ALL wordpress plugins and reactivating after the upgrade. I think I made a mistake reactivating one comment plugin that made the site a little wonky. I fixed it up and hopefully all’s well with my site.

On to other things, I was chatting with my niece the other day (actually, graveyard time) and she wanted my opinion regarding a few cell phone models she was looking at. I liked one in particular because of the high memory capacity (it included a micro sd external memory aside from the phone memory) and it also had a usb slot which can be quite helpful when downloading stuff on your phone. I don’t know if she has decided already but hopefully she will find a unit that matchers her needs.

Another thing that I did was update my odesk account and I took a couple of tests as well. Thankfully, I was happy with the results. Check out my little badges below. Pretty neat, huh?  I haven’t gotten any jobs over there yet but hopefully I will in the near future.

Be back for more in a bit!

oDesk Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert

oDesk Certified English Spelling (U.S. Version) Professional

Pagkaraan na naman ng mahabang pagkawala, ako’y nagbabalik muli sa lingguhang pagbabahagi ng mga piling larawan sa LP. Parang angkop na angkop ang aking pakiramdam na tila ako’y nagsisimula sa simula kasi ang dami kong absent lagi. Ito’y dahil sa mga di maiiwasang kaganapan sa buhay na kailangang harapin. Mabuti na lang mahaba ang pasensya ng aking mga ka-litratista. 🙂

Sa linggong ito nais kong ibahagi ang isa sa mga pinagkaabalahan ko kung bakit ako’y parang kabuteng lulubog-lilitaw sa aking blog.

Ito ay mga larawang kuha ko sa PASINAYA sa CCP noong buwan ng Pebrero. Ang PASINAYA ay isang taunang selebrasyon na ginaganap sa Cultural Center of the Philippines na naghuhudyat ng pagsisimula ng isang buong taong pagtatanghal ng iba’t ibang sining. Ito ay isang araw ng pagdiriwang na kinabibilangan ng mga piling pagtatanghal sa larangan ng pag-awit, pag-sayaw, tugtog at lahat na ng klaseng sining para magkaroon ng sapat na kaalaman at kamalayan ang ating mga kababayan sa natatanging yaman ng ating kultura.

(Philippine Madrigal Singers)

(Ballet Manila Dance Company)

(CCP Open House Pasinaya Banner – Star Theatre)

Salamat sa pagbisita. 😀 Ating itaguyod ang ating kultura. Katulad ng nasa awitin ni Manny Pacquiao isang karangalan ang maging isang Filipino “…Sa lupa kong sinilangan. Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino. Ang lahi ko!

Maligayang LP sa lahat!


Sa aming paglalayag noong kapaskuhan, binalak naming pumunta sana sa Geothermal Power Plant sa Mt. Apo para ipakita sa aming mga tsikiting ang pangalawang pinakamalaking planta ng alternatibong enerhiyang geothermal sa buong mundo subalit nasa kalahati pa lang kami ng aming biyahe ay di na nakayanan ng aming sasakyan ang biyahe at unti-unti na syang naghingalo at nawalan ng “power” kaya kami ay napilitang huminto sa tabing daan. Kami pala ay napadpad na sa boundary ng Kidapawan, Cotabato at sa aming pagkagulat, mayroon palang magandang pahingahan na pang-turista dito kaya ang aming pagka-unsyami at panghihinayang ay medyo parang nabuhusan na ng malamig na tubig.

Dito ko natagpuan ang kakaibang puno na ito na aking pinagdiskitahan. Labis akong naaliw kasi dahil ang hugis at pagbagsak ng mga dahon nya ay tila hugis puso kaya siya ay talagang aking piniktyuran. Ako ay napangiti sa aking sarili at tunay na namangha – may ‘sense of humor’ din pala ang Dakilang Maylikha. Kahit saan, kahit kailan sa kahit anong paraan puede syang magsalita, magparamdam na lab naman nya kami – kunsuelo de amor kahit kami ay nasiraan ng sasakyan.  🙂 

Makigulo sa mga kapusong ka-LP! Tara lets na (iklik ang kamera para makisali):


I’m in a blogging mood this morning so I think I’ll update my blog a bit and then some. I’ve been out the past few days coz my in-laws were here for a visit and I had a few layout jobs to finish for TDS (The Daily Scrapper) and some friends as well. I was also invited by a friend to photoshoot for her at the CCP’s Pasinaya last Sunday. We met at Festival Mall Alabang right after our Sunday Service here in Sta. Rosa and me and my family  rushed to Alabang to meet her at Starbucks Festi. Thank God for convenient coffee franchises! It makes meet ups so much easier.

We arrived at the CCP early for rehearsals and blocking. Fortunately, I had the chance to practice my shots and test my camera’s settings before my friend’s ballet company came on. I’m not done with all the editing, but I am quite happy with the shots I took this time. The photography class I took last year has helped me a lot and I’m slowly taking ownership of my little Oly. 🙂 Here are a few of the shots I took during the event. Most of them taken with these settings (except the outdoor shots) with my Olympus E410 :

Shutter priority 1/100,ISO 1600, F4, no flash

The colors of PASINAYA at the Star Theatre backstage entrance

A Ballet Philippines poster on the sidewalk

A few shots from Ballet Manila’s version of High School Musical

(i like how the basketballs are suspended in mid-air in this shot) 🙂

here’s another one:

and here’s one of my faves, i love how the hair and the skirt swirl was captured :

this is the last one I’ve post-processed, the Madrigal Singers, the Philharmonic Orchestra and one of the company members of Ballet Philippines in mid-air:

Hopefully, I can work on more of the shots I took this weekend. So that’s it, pansit! Catch y’all later!