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As a nation we are still reeling from the effects of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) and Typhoon Pepeng that have struck our country one after the other. The devastation to life and property has reached billions. Whole families have been lost, the damage to infrastructure, homes and businesses is disheartening, our rice lands have been turned into  rushing rivers wiping out what was to be harvested. The amount of rainfall that these two typhoons have poured upon this nation has devastated and displaced thousands of families. And the problems continue to compound.  Although we are a resilient people, questions as to the cause of this tragedy have yet to be answered. We need to be informed of the WHYs so that we can move on to the WHAT do we do to prevent this from happening again. Typhoons have always been a part of our lives. They do not surprise us at all. However, the magnitude of the destruction that we have experienced totally came from left field. Should we brace ourselves for more severe typhoons because the effects of Climate Change have finally caught up with us?

(image courtesy of boston.com)

IMHO, even if we do attribute it to Climate Change, climate change is still caused by men. Men who run corporations. Men who destroy habitats and abuse and misuse our environment. Men who make decisions that may be economically profitable but environmentally harmful. We need to rethink the way we do things today. We need to take action now. Many of us who are fortunate to have survived the disasters that have fallen upon our countrymen might not be spared the next time around. Businesses need to be more responsible and be involved in reducing their carbon footprint. Am not so sure about call center outsourcing, but buying local, manufacturing more earth-friendly products, green architecture, alternative energy sources, recycling and reusing, sustainable lifestyles – we need a paradigm shift in how we conduct our lives. We need to do something now… for the sake of the next generation and generations after that.

Typically, summers in the Philippines are so hot.  Its normally a good time to make sure your fire alarm works because of the number of fires that occur this time of year.    You normally have good, clear weather that enables you to dry your laundry or cook outdoors.  This year is weird. Rains and chilly spells have been coming and going.  At times we had to dry our laundry indoors. This also tells me that climate change is indeed progressing.  I guess we have to do our part and cut our fossil fuel emissions. The simplest way will be to be efficient in our energy use.