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Today, our son and daughter performed at the school where they have ballet lessons.  We woke up at 530am and got to the place at around 7am.  This was just in time for the agreed call time with their ballet teacher.  They had 2 runs of their dance and then they were set.  While waiting for their time to be called, they were given juice and some little cakes.  As they were about to go to the performance area, my daughter says she needed to go to the bathroom for some heavy relief. I told her to hold it.  It was a good thing that she was able to do so.  After their performance, I cancelled my plans for the morning and rushed home thinking about the scale of the mess she needed to make (Think of the hemorrhoid relief she might need, ha! ha! ) .Good thing it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I think the moral of the story is for me not to give them juice early in the morning particularly during performances.  When your kids have a show, it would be a time to be adventurous with your food or drink choices.   Stay with proven staples until after  the show.   You would not want to risk ruining your kid’s pretty costume.  In my case, this would be regular tasty bread and water for breakfast. Stay away from stuff with mayo or are acidic in nature. These usually spoil or cause violent reactions in your child’s sensitive tummy.   A pinch of prevention is definitely better than a pound of cure.

Today I substituted for my Ballet teacher in her classes at the International British Academy (Imus, Cavite). Better (or worse ) than sales jobs, I once again got the chance to work with kids of different ages. I started the afternoon with 4 year old aspiring ballerinas.  All went well until half of the class wanted to pee!  I demonstrated an outburst to show these kids who was the boss and told them they needed to pee before class.  Aside from this, the rest of the afternoon was quite pleasing.  My 6, 9 and Teens were very alert and cooperative.   Does it really make sense to put 4 year olds in a Ballet class? Do they really get the value of the training?  I guess this question is answered case to case, but in general, 4 year olds should wait another year to dance.