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Duyan ng Magiting

Acts Manila will have its second company show entitled “Duyan Ng Magiting”. It will feature the tender side of heroism with choreographies by Herbert Alvarez, Zyda Baaya, Jun Saagundo, Pia Paderes, Melvin dela Cruz and Jayson Austria. Onstage at the CCP Little Theater on June 9, Sunday, 2013. Show starts 630pm.


Photo credit: Tes Pedrosa-Tirol

Note: My first attempt at Amorsoloesque. Wanted to achieve that vintage painterly look for this layout.

On the heels of the revival of patriotism and love for country spurred by the passing of President Cory, the country faces another battle over the will of one and the will of the many. It is sad to note that the ongoing controversy between Malacañang and the members of the Arts community over the latest ‘National Artists’ recipients is tainted with politics and payback. I am not one of the experts who can claim to have the expertise in choosing who should or should not be proclaimed National Artist but as a parent raising children who might someday (who knows?) be qualified for that honor I would rather that it be bestowed upon them by those who are in the best position to give it to them. I would consider it an insult if it were granted to them on a silver platter without them truly deserving it.

For what does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul instead?

As I watched the final funeral rites being given to President Cory yesterday I could not help but wonder at the outpouring of love and honor by people from all walks of life. Thousands upon thousands waited, stood in the rain to pay their last respects to her. It was spontaneous in the sense that this was not a “hakot” crowd. They were not programmed like “custom software” to behave a certain way, say the right words at the right time, to lift their hands and flash the L sign. They were not ordered to bring yellow posters, banners, balloons. Anonymous donors gave out bottled water and boiled eggs to those who wanted to get a last glimpse of her not because they wanted recognition but out of the generosity of their hearts and out of respect for the leader they loved.

Respect cannot be coerced. True honor when given is not mere lip service that can be cloaked by plaques, trophies or medals. It springs from the heart and is freely given much like the woman who broke the alabaster jar and poured it over the Master whom she so loved. The trophies, the medals, the public honor are just tangible representations of the inner reverence and recognition we accord to those who truly deserve it. Even a simple person can sense true honor versus mere flattery. Honor if forced, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and is tainted with resentment.

I think one of the great legacies that President Cory has left us is her humility. It is to her credit that she leads and inspires so many without the fanfare and the propaganda. She lived not for the applause of men but for the applause of heaven… for an audience of One.

I heard someone say during one of the many speeches said at her wake that “there are many leaders who lead, but great leaders inspire“. In light of this current challenge re the ‘National Artist’ imbroglio, I watch on the sidelines to see if there are any great leaders among them. If there are any who live not just for the temporary honor that may be remembered by men but more so by heaven. I hope some if not all will rise to the call for greatness. Meanwhile, it is time to bow the head and bend the knees.

Let your voice be heard. I missed going to the streets during EDSA 1. I missed going to the streets yesterday again. The many gifts of EDSA and the restoration of democracy was the freedom to speak freely without fear of being arrested.  I will use this gift to speak here on my blog for the sake of my children and the generations after us. How about you? Share your thoughts and let your voice be heard.

Just popping in to say that we are about to have one hectic week ahead. Kids recovering from sudden cough and colds due to the erratic weather, a death in the family, visiting grandparents from Davao, visiting family relatives from Cebu, a just concluded summer dance workshop in Sta. Rosa, an unfinished article, layouts to finish, a costume to paint, a surprise party for a dear, dear person, technical dress rehearsals and a photoshoot, of course the first two-day Noah’s Ark ballet recital of my kids at the CCP no less, costumes and makeup to attend to and would you believe after 10+++ years of not dancing, I and a few of my dance ministry friends will brave a dance for a friend’s birthday…. whew, are you still breathing while reading all this?  All of that in 7 days!!! I feel like I’m riding a tiny little scooter and am about to have a head on collision with a ten-wheeler truck in the middle of the freeway! Get me an Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer, pronto!

With a gazillion more things I might forget, I know that God’s grace is sufficient for me. To my mind, I need buckets and buckets of it but it is amazing how He can quiet down your soul and order your world if you let Him. I heard someone say this long ago ” I have too much to do today, I think I need to spend more time praying.” And so I shall.

I’m in a blogging mood this morning so I think I’ll update my blog a bit and then some. I’ve been out the past few days coz my in-laws were here for a visit and I had a few layout jobs to finish for TDS (The Daily Scrapper) and some friends as well. I was also invited by a friend to photoshoot for her at the CCP’s Pasinaya last Sunday. We met at Festival Mall Alabang right after our Sunday Service here in Sta. Rosa and me and my family  rushed to Alabang to meet her at Starbucks Festi. Thank God for convenient coffee franchises! It makes meet ups so much easier.

We arrived at the CCP early for rehearsals and blocking. Fortunately, I had the chance to practice my shots and test my camera’s settings before my friend’s ballet company came on. I’m not done with all the editing, but I am quite happy with the shots I took this time. The photography class I took last year has helped me a lot and I’m slowly taking ownership of my little Oly. 🙂 Here are a few of the shots I took during the event. Most of them taken with these settings (except the outdoor shots) with my Olympus E410 :

Shutter priority 1/100,ISO 1600, F4, no flash

The colors of PASINAYA at the Star Theatre backstage entrance

A Ballet Philippines poster on the sidewalk

A few shots from Ballet Manila’s version of High School Musical

(i like how the basketballs are suspended in mid-air in this shot) 🙂

here’s another one:

and here’s one of my faves, i love how the hair and the skirt swirl was captured :

this is the last one I’ve post-processed, the Madrigal Singers, the Philharmonic Orchestra and one of the company members of Ballet Philippines in mid-air:

Hopefully, I can work on more of the shots I took this weekend. So that’s it, pansit! Catch y’all later!

We had the opportunity to watch Lea Salonga as Cinderella at the CCP just recently. A close family friend was so generous and kind enough to get us front row (actually second row from the front) orchestra tickets at the very last minute and so we got to enjoy the show right in front of our very noses. We got to drive up the ramp and use the main entrance instead of the side stairs through the Little Theatre. We were greeted at the lobby with a couple of  booths that were selling souvenir items like souvenir programs, glass slipper pendants, company logo shirts, the soundtrack album etc. etc.

When we got inside I was in awe of the set. It was so beautiful… especially the pumpkin carriage. Amazing! The sound was good, the costumes were great, the orchestra flawless and of course, Lea and the whole cast were excellent. Another Pinoy to be proud of. Sitting in the front row I also got to observe what was happening in the wings and I have to say it was really professional – no stray cast members waiting for their cue. None of the props were in sight until it was time for them to be pulled onstage and the backstage crew were really pro – the transitions between scenes were seamless.  Excellent! 

I never really expected that we could watch the show. I wanted to but it wasn’t in our budget but God is good. He makes even silly wishes come true. I leave you with this SOOC shots I took during the curtain call.