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I was recently talking to a friend and colleague about strenghening the web presence of our group.  My point was that most of my recent inquiries in ballet were leads from the web.  It seems that a website is a good marketing collateral for our service.  She had some difficulty grasping web concepts so I used the simple analogy of a warehouse.  I told her that our website is a bunch of data that needs to be in stored in a data “warehouse”.  The warehouse space is allocated by the “warehouse” owner known as the hosting service.  Since we want people to visit our warehouse space, we need to put a physical address for people to easily find it.  This is what we call a URL or a domain name. A good one would be something like www.weightlosswand.com, because it tells the public outright who you are.   The space can be divided to public and private sections.  The private section can be where we can have secure collaboration among team members while the public storefront is where everyone can learn about or purchase your services.  The web isn’t really as mystical as people think.  Small business owners would really benefit from the web as it levels the playing field in a lot of scenarios.