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Riding along the highways of Manila, you see all these endorsements about pills, shampoos, treatments, etc.   It’s just a fact that all these companies want to increase market share by targetting women like me.  You see names like Xenical, Orlistat, Belo, Calayan, Marie France, etc.  It gets overwhelming and confusing at times.  You definitely need to read diet pill reviews or treatment reviews to ensure you’re not risking your body to permanent damage.

While these treatments may have proven a high level of effectiveness in many aspects, they  remain very mechanical or chemical in nature.  By themselves, these don’t give a wholistic approach towards health and beauty. DW and I recently discovered Ki-Eki Jutsu ( aka The King Method or TKM) which uses the interaction of bioelectric impulses to keep your body healthy.   By simply touching specific areas in the body, one can restore electric flow and assist your body heal itself.  A touch to the hip bone, resolves knee problems.  A touch to the base of the skull clears the sinus.   It appears to be simpler than the meridian system of acupuncturists. It also has points to balance emotions, which indirectly affects beauty. When any physical problem is approached mechanically, chemically and electrically complete healing, beauty and wellness is ensured.