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This afternoon I got the privilege of teaching the Victory Muntinlupa Dance Ministry.  I was pleased to find 7 dancers with lots of heart.  I started the class with a talk about the role of Dance in the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. After this, I asked them to lie down on the floor.  There was some hesitation because of some dirt ( perhaps they didn’t realize they weren’t wearing nurses uniforms=)).  After a little clean up, we did a Classical floor barre.  This was then followed by Pilates inspired ab and back exercises then by Classical port de bras.  I then taught them a post-modern combination starting from a lying X-position ending in a 3 turn chaines. A lot of them had difficulty with the turns so I used most of the afternoon working on turns.  The class ended with battements and simple runs.  It was exciting to teach these kids how to dance considering that I started dancing because of ministry.

Check out www.actsmanila.com

You may also text or call me at 09083020319 or 09228108396 for ballet classes in the Sta. Rosa, Binan, San Pedro Laguna area.


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Today, I realized that my Ballet students really need to use weight as some of them had a hard time reaching their legs because of the fat in the way.  The physical demands of Ballet are high as you do all the jumps and turns following the Russian Vaganova technique.  While the regimen itself will cause fat burning, these needs to be complemented by a healthy diet.  No need to worry about Mulberry Zuccarin side effects.  Just eat the right quality and quantity of food.

Check out www.actsmanila.com

You can also text or call me at 09083020319 or 09228108396 for Ballet classes in the Sta. Rosa, Binan, San Pedro Laguna area.

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Summer approaches and with it, the Acts Manila Recital: Beauty from Ashes.   The rush to finish and clean choreography intensifies each day.  All these on top of the rush of new students wanting to try out Ballet for the summer.  These are the challenges and rewards of a life dedicated to serve God through the arts.  (Thankfully, I don’t need any term life insurance yet).  At the end of the day, fulfillment comes when you see your contribution into the life of a person as a dancer and as a follower of God.  It is indeed a joy to one day see the little cygnets in the studio transform into beautiful swans.


check out: www.actsmanila.com

or text me at 09083020319/09228108396 for trial ballet classes in Sta. Rosa/Binan/San Pedro, Laguna

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In the last few weeks, I spent a lot of time installing the floors of my Ballet studio in Laguna Belair.   The challenge really was to find the right materials for the floor installation I had in mind.  Will I use 1/2 “or 3/4” plywood? How much foam do I need?  Do I need a dowel pin? Should I use linoleum or vinyl?  Once these questions were answered, installation was pretty much straight forward.  I still had to sweat a lot but it sure was like clock work. At least, I now have good floors so my students can do pointe work.

My Ballet classes are every Mon and Wed 4:30 onwards at the 21st -22nd Bldg, Rodeo Drive, Laguna Belair 2, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  I can be reached at 09083020319 or 09228108396. Do check out www.actsmanila.com


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Summer has come once again and parents are scrambling to get their kids into new things.  Its the perfect time to get our little ones into ballet shoes.  Who know’s they could be the next Prima Ballerina or Premier Danseur?  This summer I offer lessons/workshops in my regular Laguna locations: Sta. Rosa, Binan and San Pedro.  In addition, I have an ongoing workshop at Mary Help of Christians School, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna.  Schedules and addresses listed as follows:

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Venue: 21st-22nd Bldg (blue bldg.) Rodeo Drive, Laguna BelAir 2.  Schedule: Wed,Fri 5-6pm  (until May 20)

Binan, Laguna

Venue: Alpha Angelicum Academy, Golden Meadows Subd., San Antonio. Schedule: Wed,Sat  1:30 – 2:30pm (until May 21)

San Pedro, Laguna

Venue: Jesus the Risen Savior School, Sampaguita Ave, Sampaguita Village, San Pedro. Schedule:   Tues 2:30-3:30pm, Sat 9-10am (until May 21)

Calamba, Laguna

Venue: Mary Help of  Christians School, Canlubang, Calamba. Schedule: Mon, Wed 9-10am.

You can reach me at (049)8316288, (0908)3020319, (0922)8108396. Please state which location you are interested in and the age of the child/person interested in ballet.

Check out: www.actsmanila.com

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Acts  Manila ballet schools (www.actsmanila.com) are gearing up for our recital on May 25 at the CCP main theatre.  Directors and Teachers are working on choreographies while managing the payment of fees. We are also working on upcoming pictorials and school year culminating activities of our schools.   Sensa reviews are irrelevant at this point as the flurry of activities keep us in tip top shape.   Thankfully my 1st choreography for my Sta.Rosa, Binan and San Pedro schools are almost  done.  Now gearing up for pictorials this weekend.

Rean here…

Ever since I became a Christian, I had the desire to use my body to honor God through movement.  Even as I child, there was an inner beat within me that would surface in my movement as music was played.   As I came into the prophetic season of my life, the reality of God restoring the “fallen tent of David” came to prominence in my devotions.   In 1992, I had to opportunity to train under Chelo Borromeo Gemina and Chotto Borromeo Go for classical ballet.  These ladies also had a heart to use ballet to reach the world for Christ so I followed their lead.   While this art may be one the best fat burners, I was in it for the vision.   A couple of years later I quit ballet to pursue a career in industry.   I never dreamed that 15 years later, God would bring be back to ballet to teach kids this craft I love as well as disciple them to be lovers of God.  I am now an Artistic Associate for Chelo Borromeo Gemina’s Acts Manila.  You’ll find me teaching ballet at Laguna Bel Air 2, Alpha Angelicum School in Binan and Jesus the Risen Savior School San Pedro, all in Laguna. You can visit www.actsmanila.com for details.

Its summer in the Philippines and you have found a good place for your child to start training ballet ( or any other dance for that matter).  Have you ever thought about what you should be doing in preparation for the 1st class?  First order of business is to get your kid in the right attire.  Before the 1st class, you should ask the teacher about the attire.  In ACTS Manila ballet schools we have a prescribed uniform ( fuschia sleeveless leotard and a skirt of specified length ) so it would be a waste to buy something other than what is called for.  You should also ask about how the hair should be done.  Second item would be teacher’s gender. I’ve had some kids refuse to join my class because I was male! (As if they didn’t have any fathers!) If you know before hand that the teacher is of opposite gender to your child, you may want to prep the him/her.  Thirdly, be ready with food and water.  Kids can get really hungry and thirsty after class.  Fourth, make sure your child has gone to the bathroom prior to class.  Lastly, prepare for things that need to be paid for. Uniforms, tuition, registration, etc.  Don’t forget promotional items or coupons giving you discounts or free classes.

Ballet is a wonderful experience for little girls and boys.  They get to dance out fairy tales instead of just reading them. I wish you and your child the best in your ballet experience.  If you live in the Sta. Rosa, Laguna area, you can reach me at 09083020319 for ballet classes.  Mention this blog for a free class.

I’m still awake trying to finish blogs for Tes as she joins her webinar.  As I’m doing this, I get an email inquiry about the ballet lessons we offer here in Laguna Bel Air.  The lady seemed to beg for her daughter to be enrolled. So I send of the logistics for the trial class.  It’s amazing to see parents who are really committed to give their children what they need or desire.    For a lot of folks, ballet is a luxury. But for those who understand that it is a very good way to develop a child’s disciple and self-esteem, it is a necessity.  Kudos to the parent who sent this message at 2am.  I guess it’s worth my while to stay up with regards to the acne spot treatment I’ll need.

I haven’t written in this blog for month’s now.  Recently, I lost more than 20 pounds and have come within my normal body fat index range.  It wasn’t because of an appetite suppressant but rather due to an increase in physical activity.  I got back to Ballet !!!

For months I have been teaching ballet in Laguna Bel Air, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.  In order to refresh my skills, I took classes together with my kids. Later I began taking advance (level IV) classes.  As I did this, the fat just melted away.

For those of you interested in getting your kids or yourself into ballet, contact me at 09083020319.  I teach using the Russian Based syllabus or the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet syllabus.

Today, I started my ballet class for the regular school year.  This is held on Wed and Fri, 5-6pm at the VCF-Sta Rosa Center, CJRS Parkview Bldg, Laguna Belair, Sta. Rosa Laguna.  I had 3 of my summer workshop students return to class and 1 new student.  2 of my other students are still having schedule adjustments and will only be back after 2 weeks.  I was assigned to a new room so I had to adjust with the size and the floor.  For one, the floor was quite slippery and requires a significant amount of rosin.  After one of my students slipped, I asked them to do the class  barefoot.  My new student was quite impressive. Inspite of the “aw’s”, she demonstrated natural turn out in prone “frog” position.   I guess, the success of my work as a ballet teacher will be in whether or not these kids will be checking liporexall reviews in the future.  With proper discipline and body consciousness instilled by ballet, they will likely live healthy and fit lives.

If you’re interested in getting your child into my classes call VCF Sta. Rosa (049) 541-2723, (049) 541-3013 or (049) 541-2536.  Boys are welcome, and given free tuition.