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WordPress or Blogger? That is the question! Whatever I learned about both platforms I learned out of necessity. I created my first blog in blogger and have since transitioned to wordpress. I’ve kept my first blog in blogger to this day for sentimental reasons but I think I prefer the ease of the back-end admin panel of wordpress.

Lately, by necessity once again, I am rediscovering blogger and I am quite surprised by the numerous improvements that have taken place. Of course there is still much to be desired but there are numerous ways to achieve certain things that wordpress offers. One of the many new features  that blogger has added is Pages. I can now actually add additional pages (maximum of 10 to-date) to my once single-paged blog.  There’s also a new feature where I can even design my very own template. Isn’t that neat! I have just scratched the surface but I’m going to find out more soon enough as I update my blogger hosted blogs. I still have to do a lot of research and maybe while I’m at it, I’ll probably do a little googling on some medical equipment I need for an assignment.

Catch y’all later.