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And it has no citizenship, no race, no color, no age group. It is not bound by country or continent or IP address. Just a loud, powerful, influential voice that can make the whole world know it has spoken. A voice that can influence current events and shake, make or break anything or anyone that tries to shackle it down or imprison it.

The days when you get imprisoned for saying something against any establishment or any political figure are slowly becoming a memory of the past. Today, you can express either your praise or  adoration for anyone or anything,  or cuss, curse, and use all the seldom used characters on your keyboard to give your 2 cents worth on the Top Headline for the day.  SOPA and PIPA are shelved, give yourself a pat on the back and hand out the Padron. Or maybe not…yet.

This enormous POWER that’s been placed in our hands – the power to communicate in real time. To make our COLLECTIVE VOICES be heard as ONE  to change our world’s landscape as we know it. This freedom to build our virtual Tower of Babel should be BUILT with words seasoned with salt, not to overpower it but to improve it’s taste.

Yes we are FREE. Free to speak our minds. Free to have our say. This is the generation we live in right now. However, this freedom could also usher in a new era and speed up what has been spoken of long ago –  until it finally reaches the ends of the earth.

Yes, Virginia. There is no doubt that the Internet has a VOICE. The question is, what comes out of its heart, I mean, mouth.