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Different opportunities for earning online:

  1. Blogging (get paid to blog)
  2. Become an Affiliate (Amazon Associates, Nuffnang etc.)
  3. Sell Advertising Space on your site
  4. Hire Me projects (Odesk, Craigslist classified ads)
  5. PTC (Pay to click) sites/answer surveys/essaywriters etc.
  6. Google Adsense
  7. Sell online (Physical Products/Intangibles/Printables/Services)

Terms you need to become familiar with:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Social Networking Sites like Twitter/Facebook
  3. Link Love/Comment Love/Networking/blog roll
  4. Google Page Ranking/Alexa
  5. Creative Commons/ Fair Use/ Copyright
  6. Platforms (Blogger/Wordpress/Myspace/Livejournal/Multiply)
  7. Webhost/website/domain name
  8. Paypal/Smart Money/G-Cash
  9. html/java script/blog templates
  10. Disclosure Policy
  11. Scams/hacks/av (anti-virus software)
  12. photo sites

How do I start?

  1. Choose the opportunity that you are most comfortable with and that which you can sustain long-term.
  2. Choose the kind of site you want to make. There are free platforms like blogspot and (not etc. but more paid-to-blog opportunities are available to dot coms. If you are more into selling physical products then a Multiply site or a Facebook account would be the best option for you because of the built-in networking system.
  3. If you choose to have your own dot com, find a reliable web host to host your website.  You also need to register your domain name (the name you want to give your website).  As far as designing your site is concerned, there are numerous free templates available online that you can use but if you are not too confident about your html skills then find a web designer who can do it for you and at the same time help you maintain it as well.
  4. Sign up and join social networking sites like twitter/facebook. These sites help promote your site and are good marketing tools to build your followers.
  5. Open a paypal account. Check my website for a detailed procedure on how to get one. 🙂 Most online advertisers ask for a paypal account  to remit their payments. A few issue checks/money orders/store credits but the common practice is via paypal.  For online sellers with local customers (eg. multiply – you can accept payment via smart money or g-cash, or have them deposit the payment directly to your account)
  6. Start blogging/selling.  Aim for quality not just quantity. Most paid-to-blog sites require that blogs be at least 90 days old (approx 3 months) with consistent blog entries before they approve your site.
  7. Once you start blogging/selling, it’s time to start networking. Hook up and link up with other bloggers/friends to improve your site ranking. (google page rank/alexa).  If you don’t have a network yet, start with family or join groups etc. etc.
  8. Beware of scams/hacks/virus attacks. Double check making-money-online opportunities before signing up and giving your information. Some are scam/data mining sites that use your info to send you spam. Invest in a good anti-virus software (esp if using windows 🙂 lol )
  9. Pay-it-forward.  My blogging career started because of a RAK (random act of kindness) so I want to pay it forward as well by sharing whatever I’ve learned to help those who are looking for alternative sources of income.

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