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I just received my Pixel Canvas newsletter and it’s exciting! They are turning 1 this Sunday and a lot of stuff is happening – sale, freebies and all. They have 25% to 40% off on specific items and full kits on sale at 70% off, would you believe? Also, there will be a chat and a guest designer challenge as well.  If you’ve been waiting for a chance to try out Vinnie Pearce’s designs, now is the best time to do it. It’s totally addicting, I think they should come up with a drug rehab for digiscrap addicts. Just in case you don’t know, I’m a Vinnie Pearce Designs drooler like y’all and this for me is exciting. hahaha  Mark your calendars this Sunday and check out her store. See you there!

In my previous entry, I mentioned about the field trip of my College of Saint Benilde Students in San Juan, Batangas.  At the latter part of that same trip, we took the students to a fishpond where we went bird watching.  At first, I wasn’t really keen on doing this activity but I went along for the sake of my students.  While walking to the site, we spotted a couple of crows.  This brought memories of my stay in Penang, Malaysia where these big black birds, with feathers more elegant than tuxedos, would block the road.   A little later we spotted egrets and some little birds I was unfamiliar with.  By this time, I was getting excited.  It was quite a thrill to see all these species of birds, so I decided to move further.  We went to another spot.  Along the way we found more egrets and a couple of kingfishers posing for us.  The best of it was our sighting of a flock of Philippine Mallard.  Not only did we see them in flight but also as they were swimming in a pond.  Wow!  These magnificent ducks, endemic to the Philippines, looked more like brown swans.   This experience makes me want to go to more bird watching trips.

I’m so excited! Lookie lookie —> Check out the front page of the latest issue of The Daily Scrapper – Issue 14 – woot woot! It’s ds on the front cover of my article. 🙂 (caution: there are a few typos unedited so please bear with us a little bit)

TDS Issue 14 is filled with school and back to school stuff. What’s more I just have to have this issue’s freebie download – a HUGE Noah’s Ark Kit from the Faith Sisters exclusive for TDS Readers. DD and DS just finished their Noah’s Ark ballet recital this summer and this is just perfect for my pictures. Yey! I’m a happy camper! (better than an  affordable health insurance deal? of course! ) what was I thinking? LOL

LO SHARE: Here’s one of the layouts I made for this issue featuring Crafty Madness by Cinnamon Designs available at After Five Designs.

(my dd and some of her artwork I scanned)

So grab a cuppa joe or whatever cup you want and read up on the latest TDS issue. Don’t forget to click the TDS Studio as well to check out the featured designers and the Scrapper’s World Expo for great bargains and deals all over the digiscrapping community.

Have a wonderful day, folks!

I was totally swamped today with chores, chores, chores. Aaaargh! I tried to finish all the laundry today but the on and off rain showers was a bit of a hassle. I finished airing and cleaning the kids’ room, folded the clean laundry, did the dishes, cleaned and scrubbed the ceramic tile counter, fed the kids and gave them their meds, and now I can finally catch up on my online stuff. Whew! But first, I need a sugar break. 🙂 I’ll be back later for more, y’all.

Ito ang Caliraya Lake Watershed kung saan kami ay nakisali sa pangalawang yugto ng tree planting event ng Napocor nung nakaraang taon. Dito namin itinanim ang mga seedlings na una naming ipinunla sa Angat Dam nursery. Makikita rito ang hanay ng mga maliliit na puno na balang araw magsisilbing proteksyon ng watershed na ito upang ito ay mapakinabangan pa ng mga susunod na henerasyon. Isang maliit na kontribusyon para mapangalagaan ang ating kalikasan, makatulong sa pag-mitigate ng climate change at para sa kinabukasan ng ating mga anak.

Hapi LP mga kapatid!

I finally braved it and opened a Cafe Press store! Guess what’s on sale? Of course, Everything Ballet! Right now, I have one design available but I will slowly be adding new designs to the shop. There are ladies shirts, notebooks, pins, bags and other fun stuff for ballet fanatics out there. Here’s a little sample of an Everything Ballet bag looks like:

Isn’t it cute? Unfortunately, it’s not yet available locally but if you do order online at Cafe Press they can ship it to you wherever you are.  So what are you waiting for… check out the store right here —> Everything Ballet

(solar eclipse 7/22/09 approx 11 am Philippines)

Nakakakilabot isipin na maaari kang mabulag sa simpleng pagtingin lamang sa araw. Ang aking akala ay puede nang gamitin ang negatibo ng camera para sumilip sa eklipse na ito kaninang umaga subalit ako ay medyo natakot kasi baka mabulag ang aking mata. Mabuti na lamang at tumawag ang aking kabiyak at tinuruan ako kung paano tignan ang naturang eklipse. Sabi nya ay kumuha daw ako ng batya at lagyan ko ng tubig at doon namin masdan ng aking mga anak ang araw sa reflection nya sa tubig. Ako ay naaliw at naisipan kong kunan ito. In-under expose ko ang kuha at nagmukhang gabi ang larawan pero masaya na ako at ako ay nakakuha ng ilang matinong shot. Narito ang isa pang kuha na medyo maaaninag ang aming bubong at ang gilid ng batya. 🙂 Ayos ba? Puede na din maglaba pagkatapos. 🙂

Hapi LP mga kapatid!

Ikaw ba ay nakaranas na ng pagkatuyot? Mawalan ng inspirasyon sa mga karaniwang nakahiligang gawin? Siguro lahat ng tao ay may mga panahon ng tagtuyot. Tulad ng panahon, may mga araw na sagana ang ulan at may mga araw na sagana sa wala. 🙂 Mabuti pa ang halaman na ito. Kahit tagtuyot siguradong hindi sya mauubusan ng kanyang inipong tubig. Ako kaya, paano kaya ako mag-iipon para sa panahon ng tagtuyot?

Hapi lp mga kapatid!

You Are Ballet

You are quite introverted. You enjoy keeping to yourself and cultivating your talents.

You are dedicated and focused. If practice makes perfect, you’re willing to keep practicing.

While some people may dismiss you as boring, you can be quite edgy and interesting.

You can fit in almost anywhere… and your style ranges from conservative to funky.

Well, waddayaknow… hahahaha 🙂

Both of our kids are sick today – coughs and colds. So this necessitated a trip to our family pedia. After ds had her check up and prescriptions we enjoyed a wonderful dinner of authentic Bikol “pinangat”, crispy pork, corned beef omelette, atsarang ubod topping it all off with homemade avocado ice cream served by our gracious host Dr. Ninong as we fondly call Dr. Almelor.

Our discussion turned to anything and everything under the sun – from the endless stream of patients that kept pouring in to food and even the Katrina-Hayden-Vicki issue.  It got me to thinking later on about women’s rights and who had the real right to sue. I have not seen the video and don’t have any intentions of watching it. I have been asked twice already why I haven’t and my answer to both was a simple “no”. I have a daughter myself and I wouldn’t want her to undergo what Vicki and Katrina are going through.

Who is the real victim and who is the perpetrator? Either way, both have lost a lot already. Who’s rights have been trampled on? Most, if not all of us, know who got trampled the most. Who will win in the courts? A whole team of Mesothelioma lawyers is not enough to sway the court of public opinion. Who stands to benefit after all has been said and done?

If laws are given more teeth to protect women’s rights from being violated in whatever form, most especially in this digital age, then my daughter has a safer future ahead of her. If women will be wiser and more discerning in choosing who they will trust because of this incident then bravo to us. Hopefully, this case will not just be one of those fleeting sensational issues that are forgotten after it doesn’t make the headlines and sell the newspapers and magazines anymore… Hopefully, we won’t just watch from the sidelines and allow any woman to be treated less than how our Heavenly Father has created us… for our sakes and for the sake of all our daughters.


Ito ay isa sa pintuan papalabas sa tarmac ng Legazpi Airport sa Albay . Ito ay nakasarado at walang pasaherong makalabas sapagkat ang aming Cebu Pacific flight papuntang Maynila ay nadelay dahil sa masamang panahon. Kami ay naipit sa paliparan ng mahigit sa dalawa o tatlong oras yata sa kasagsagan ng promo ng Cebu Pacific na sila ang airline na “always on time”. Kamuntik na talaga kaming hindi makauwi ng di oras sapagkat pinahinto ang mga eroplanong papalabas ng Maynila. Akala ko ay magiging preso na kami sa airport. Habang naghihintay ay pinagpiyestahang kong kunan na lang ang Mayon na natatabunan ng ulap. Mabuti na lamang at mayroong eroplanong dumating at pinayagang magbiyahe pabalik ng Maynila. Hay salamat! Nakauwi din kaming mag-anak. Baka kung hindi ay gayahin ko si Bonifacio at maglabas na ako ng itak para punitin ang aking sedula, este tiket pala. 🙂

Hapi lp mga kapatid!

If you haven’t been in on it yet, you can still catch up and join Jessica Sprague’s birthday bash at Lots of fun challenges and daily freebies are in store for you. I finally had the guts to join in on the fun and guess what – my layout got featured in their blog! I joined the Movie Mania challenge and I used the Forrest Gump poster as inspiration. Here’s what I posted in the gallery :

credits : Amanda Taylor wordart – Composure add-on kit

You can read about it in Jessica’s blog:

(just look for the birthday bash 4 post)


LP – Dito Lang.

Dito lang sa isla ng Pan-ay matatagpuan ang pinakamalaking kampana sa Asya. Sa sobrang laki nya at sa sobrang kitid din ng kampanaryo ay di ko ito makunan nang buo. Mga bahagi lamang nya at ang mga salitang nakasulat sa bukana ng kampanaryo na nagsasaad na siya nga ang pinakamalaking kampana sa Asya. Ito ay mga kuha ko ng kami ay umuwi sa Capiz (probinsya ng pamilya ng aking kabiyak) noong isang taon.

Simbahan ng Pan-ay

sa harap ng simbahan

sa bukana ng kampanaryo

sideview ng kampana

pansinin nyo ang kalembang kumpara sa kampana sa likod

eto ang  isa pang view.

Makisali na sa mga litratistang Pinoy dito:

My kids were arguing with each other about some ridiculous nitpicky thing at breakfast today and it was getting out of hand. I sort of blew my fuse and put my foot down. I told them they had to write down 100 things to be grateful for and 100 things they were not happy about.  Halfway into it, my son told me that one whole sheet of paper was not enough to fit all that. He had written the things he was grateful for on one side and on the other, the ones he was not.

I thought it was a perfect teachable moment for him to choose how to view life. We all have our daily struggles in life, the weight of which depends relatively on how we see them. This is not to say that our struggles are negligible and the pain is not valid. I would surmise to think that it depends on how you see the big picture.

At this point, I told my son that this was what I wanted him to know. I told him that he could view life either half-empty and look at all the bad things, or he could also look at life half-full, where life is full of possibilities and hope. Even before I could finish my point he said it was just like being Squidward. I said yes. By this time he had already written down so many things to be grateful for and the argument at breakfast was a thing of the past. He had gone off to play with his sister again. Intermittently, they come back hugging me, giving me little “I love you, mom” notes and scribbles seemingly content with their little lives.

How about you, which Bikini Bottom character are you? Sponge Bob, Squidward or Patrick?

(warning : please be advised that there are graphic scenes)

The tragedy is increasing as we follow the events that are ongoing in Iran today. This video is heartbreaking to watch… My heart goes out to her family and relatives. We know an Iranian friend who has since left the country before all this began. This person wanted to stay for noble reasons but because of circumstances concerning safety and security, the family had to leave. We had been praying for this family and God saw them through. It makes me ponder the goodness of God upon them and how He spared them from all this. But what about the rest who are living in the country? We will continue to pray for them and may the will of God prevail upon their nation.

Mark 11:17
And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ” ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for ALL NATIONS

Please say a prayer for Iran. Have a blessed week everyone!