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The Daily Scrapper has a new look! Check out the new and improved TDS – cleaner, easier to navigate and more of  the TDS goodness that you love. Here are some of the layouts I’ve done for TDS. So grab a cup of coffee or snuggle up in your electric blanket and check out the latest and back issues of The Daily Scrapper for a good read. (Credits can be found at TDS)

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Thanks for looking, folks!

In honor of this special day, I came up with a few freebies to celebrate the life of my father. (downloads available right here) I was inspired by this desktop wallpaper typography tutorial  I found and tried it out myself. Here’s what it looked like originally:

here’s what I did:

(.png file opens in a new window. right-click and save as)

Here’s how I used it in my layout. I tweaked the quote a bit. :

(clockwise: Lola Lumen with daddy; at the Golden Gate in SFO; with me in Tacloban; joking around in Samar; Lolo with Kai in Cavite; posing beside someone’s car? in Canada 🙂 oops car insurance blogger  on the loose hahaha)

additional credit: storyboard by dodiesa, les brumes textures

I turned it into a quickpage:

(Large file alert: 56mb .png file opens in a new window. right-click and save as)

Comments appreciated… Enjoy!

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Haven’t shared a layout here in a long while so now is the best time to do so, don’t you think? Here’s what I did for the July Issue (part one – click the archives) of The Daily Scrapper. The Daily Scrapper comes out with two issues a month (one every two weeks) to give you more of the latest scrapbooking news, awesome products, awesome layouts, hybrid tutorials and online coupons from your favorite online scrapping stores. Shop in your pajamas or sip a cuppa joe while you browse through the different featured posts and while you’re there, grab the freebies as well!

Title: Sand between my toes

Product used: Along those lines vol. 1 by One Little Bird; Paint the Moon textures; Les Brumes textures

Thanks for looking folks!


I’m back!!! After a month or so of being away from my bloggie, it’s back to regular programming. I didn’t realize how long it’s been until I read that about the shops prepping up for iNSD and Mother’s Day.


As featured in the Products Highlights Section of The Daily Scrapper Lifestyle.

For the April 2010 Issue (read about it here)


(Kit Used: Spring Promenade by Kaye Winiecki and J Design)


(Kits Used: Sidekicks Pack No. 12 by Fizzy Pop Designs and Paislee Press Adorned Kit)

iNSD and Mother’s Day Freebie

Finally, since I’ve been away for so long here’s my comeback contribution to the celebration.  A FREEBIE! I know there will be a lot of freebie hunting out there so here’s one right here. (Much more fun than hunting for cheap auto insurance, eh?)

Download 1 (opens in new window, right click and save as) or

Download 2 (4shared) or

Simply click on the preview to download

Please leave a comment if you like it or share your creations using it.

Happy interNational Scrapbooking Day and Happy Mother’s Day to all. Let’s Celebrate!!!

in Creating Keepsakes Magazine!!!  After around six months of holding my tongue and after a couple of weeks into October and doubting whether it was really going to happen or not, I found out today in the Scrapbooks Exchange Forum/PS Forum that the ladies there spotted my layout in the October 2008 CK Issue. Woohoo! Actually, they are more fortunate than I, because I have not seen the mag for myself. I don’t really know how it looks like. boohoo  I’m supposed to get a copy from them but it hasn’t arrived yet, probably stuck in the P.O. aargh!

The layout I submitted was a really simple one, (digi of course) and it is one of my fave layouts because it was just one of those fluke things I did by accident and somehow it worked. I didn’t really submit it for publication. I just uploaded it to my online CK gallery and just left it there with no expectations at all. I don’t regularly do this but I just wanted to fill up my gallery there. Later on, CK emailed me and asked if the layout was available for publication. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was dreaming up to the day I submitted all the required documents. It was surreal! I still haven’t seen it to this day and hopefully somebody posts a pic of it. lol

I started scrapping almost 10 years ago and from day one I was just like the rest of the scrapping world, I wanted to get published. Somehow along the way, this desire died and I just went back to my basics and scrapped for my family and for my own pleasure. I did get close to being pubbed in CK years later for a layout I did and posted at CK’s online gallery and it got picked as Page of the Day (POTD). This was last year. It was a bitter sweet experience because it was the first time I had ever posted a layout online at CK and being picked as POTD didn’t sit well with some. So I withdrew from the site for almost a year and just started posting again this year this particular layout included.

It’s my first time ever in a print publication. It finally happened when I didn’t expect it anymore.
Hopefully, it’s not just a one-time hit. And for those of you who have dreamed of it, God keeps note of those little things you have given up on. Like a little girl, I probably had to let go so that He could be the one to give it to me. So for those who desire to get pubbed, don’t lose heart, it could be your turn next time.

Here’s a pic taken by fellow scrapper Craftski (Joan S.) of the layout as seen in the magazine. I haven’t seen it yet actually so I’m so thankful she posted this for me to see. Thanks, girl!

Lookie here:

Here’s the layout:

Of course, I had to use my real name for tax & documentation purposes so you won’t find it under the name ‘teys’. Think you can spot it? Let me know if you do. 😀

Btw, if you are subscribed to the Memory Makers Page Inspirations Newsletter, you might find a layout of mine somewhere in the 9/20 newsletter. 

Happy Scrapping Everyone!

thanks to the hubby for pitching in for me last post… had to pull him away from his books and ubuntu stuff just to post for me… hopefully my PC will be hiccup free soon.