Philippine E-Passport Renewal 2012

Finally, here it is! This is the most current post I have on PHILIPPINE PASSPORT RENEWAL procedures to date. Please take note that this post is  only about passport renewal and NOT for those applying for the first time. If you are a first-time applicant and you need a bit more detailed info about the requirements, check out my posts … Read More

teysPhilippine E-Passport Renewal 2012

How to Renew your Passport in 4 steps – DFA Aseana (with pics)

All passport applicants scheduled for appearance must appear physically at the DFA at the date and time of their scheduled personal appearance for data and image capturing. This applies to all passport applicants, aging from 0 years old onwards. DFA is strict about the personal appearance system, absolutely no chaperone allowed for passport applicants aging 18 years old onwards.

teysHow to Renew your Passport in 4 steps – DFA Aseana (with pics)

DFA passport renewal

Bumped off! I just learned today that we can’t renew our passports on June 30, it being declared a holiday. Ugh! DH got an email today from the DFA saying that our scheduled appointment will not push through. They did give us alternative schedules, though. I haven’t really set my mind on traveling because of the oh so many things … Read More

teysDFA passport renewal

Paypal Philippines for dummies…

… like me. I’ve been scarce online because I’ve been trying to get my documents in order like renewing my passport, id’s, clearances and stuff in aid of, (not legislation, which is the buzzword in politics right now) opening up a paypal account and boy, it’s been such an ordeal. It’s a bit frustrating how much bureaucratic red tape I … Read More

teysPaypal Philippines for dummies…