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heart tugger… made my eyes sweat, really.  Reminds me so much of my dad. Sigh. 96 years old. There’s just something right about the good old days. Wish I could head on out and check the king instruments at Guitar Center and grab a new set of strings for the guitar my kids got for me during redemption Sunday. Relive the good times all over again.

Rean here…

Our 12 year old son has been taking has been taking piano lessons since January this year under Prof. Perla D. Suaco of the UST Conservatory of Music. I am pleased that in a span of 4 months, he completed the Aaron Grade 1 book and he now works with the Czerny 299 and the Hanon books.  In a couple of weeks, he will be working on Bach.  I am just thankful for this.

Our 9 year old daughter is also beginning to demonstrate musically although we still have to determine which instrument she likes. At times she wants the violin, sometimes the flute and at times the guitar.  Buying a guitar would probably be good because she could share this instrument with her mom.  I’m reading that Charvel guitars have great acoustic sound and are quite rare.  Thinking that one day, I get one for for them so they can enjoy playing beautiful music together.

My son recently started his very first formal piano lesson (thru the kindness of good friend, Nathan G.) with probably one of the best piano teachers ever, Ms. Suaco. He was totally over the moon after the first lesson. Of course I knew he would enjoy it. He’s been tinkering with our old keylight keyboard at home which isn’t quite the same as your good old fashioned piano. Not a Steinway,  but for now, it will do. I could probably connect it to my computer and amp it up with something like this:

2BA-221 Tube Mic and Line Module

Summit Audio 2BA-221 Tube Mic and Line Module

Check out the specs:

The variable-impedence Summit 2BA-221 Tube Mic and Line Module is a microphone preamp that has individual controls to mix mic with Hi-Z or line inputs for variable vacuum tube output. You can mix them together through 12AX7A/ECC83 tube output or separately through individual solid state outputs. A stackable input design allows multiple 2BA-221s to be linked for a modular mixing device with individual outs, inserts per channel, and a final vacuum tube gain stage. Its swept high-pass filter, multiple simultaneous tube and solid state outputs, insert jack, and internal power supply makes the 2BA-221 a powerful tracking and mixing tool.


  • Variable mic input impedance from 100 ohms to 10K ohms
  • Variable high-pass filter
  • Hi-Z instrument, line, and mic level inputs
  • Hi-Z input and mic input available simultaneously with separate gain controls
  • Separate solid state and tube outputs
  • Insert jack
  • Stackable with more 2BA-221s
  • 1/2 rack size
  • 3 year warranty
  • XLR and 1/4″ I/O
  • 3 variable, independent gain stages
Cool, huh?
Today Chopsticks, tomorrow Czerny! 🙂