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I’ve always wanted to live in a sustainable home.  To build an Earthship is in my to do list. I’d like to use garbage for my walls and bamboo for my rafters.  I’d harness the sun for electricity and heat.  I’d reuse my sink gray water to grow my own food before sending it down the toilet as black water.  Perhaps, I’ll even use a Saniflo toilet so waste can be better decomposed in the exterior garden.  Oh how I wish I had the time and resources to do this now.

Yey, my first post! I’ll be contributing here starting today.  (clap) Here goes… – Camille

“I want a new flatscreen TV for Christmas,” I told my mom when we were out window shopping in a nearby mall. Our more-than-a-decade-old TV needed replacing.
As we were browsing in the appliances section, I noticed that most of them were LCD TVs. Only a few CRT-type TVs were around, and I wanted the CRT-type. One that fit on our TV stand. Well, most  of those LCD TVs don’t need TV stands anyway, as they can just be conveniently mounted on your wall. If only those LCD TVs weren’t that expensive and a nightmare to our electric bill.
My mom and I left the appliance store, sighing and semi-plotting to make my brother pay for a new TV.

Thanks for reading, folks! More to come!

I do a little bit of home-based printing on my printer and it can be very expensive even to print simple full-color pages in bulk. I usually run out of magenta ink. Stores usually run out of this color so I’m doing a little research on 108R00724 to see if I can use it as an alternative. I also converted one of our printers to CISS  (continuous ink supply system) but I haven’t been using it for months because it died on me a few months back. I have to bring it back to the guys who converted it and it’s a lot of hassle. I’ve been toying with the idea of switching to another system…maybe laser printing or one of those multi-function printers. There aren’t many choices available locally so I think I need to check the manufacturer’s websites to see what other options are available to me.

While most of us are in Manila are still hunting for the latest iPhone accessories, I recently came across a co-worker showing off his iPad.  This wonder of a product has not been officially released in the country nor has Apple announced any release date.  It was amazing how compact this thing was equipped with a touch screen monitor.  It is connectible to an lcd projector by means of a special dongle adapter. A feature I need for my work as a university lecturer.  The iPad has wifi capability and has a storage space of 16GB (at least the one I saw).  It is not capable of connection to an external HDD so users need to synch with an iMac with bigger space. The unit was purchased at PHP 30,000 during an exhibit in Glorietta.  Since it has not been officially launched no warranties are honored in the country.  Perhaps I should wait until Apple launches it before I make my purchase.

A friend asked me to calculate electric consumption of her ballet classes.  So here’s a simple way of doing it.

1.) Determine the type, wattage and number of light bulbs you use.  Let’s say you have 2 tube T8 flourescent light bulbs (32W each) and 5 9W compact flourescent lamps. These are the little tubes you can screw into a light socket. Check this out at Murray Feiss.

2.) Determine the number and capacities of airconditioning systems you use.  IF you have 2 3hp A/Cs( 2130W) this means you have a combined load of 4260W

3.) Add the load together and multiply with the hours of use.

For 2 hours usage

2 TFLs – 64W

5 CFLs -45W

2 A/Cs – 4260W

Total Load – 4369W

Total Energy use – 8738 Wh or 8.7kWh

4.) You can multiply this with retail electricity cost to get usage cost or with the local grid emission factor to get your carbon emissions

8.7kWh x PHP9.50 = P82.65

8.7kWh x 0.5 kgCO2/kWh = 4.35 kg

I think a lot of us can make a good estimate of our electricity consumption for this.

I was recently talking to a friend and colleague about strenghening the web presence of our group.  My point was that most of my recent inquiries in ballet were leads from the web.  It seems that a website is a good marketing collateral for our service.  She had some difficulty grasping web concepts so I used the simple analogy of a warehouse.  I told her that our website is a bunch of data that needs to be in stored in a data “warehouse”.  The warehouse space is allocated by the “warehouse” owner known as the hosting service.  Since we want people to visit our warehouse space, we need to put a physical address for people to easily find it.  This is what we call a URL or a domain name. A good one would be something like, because it tells the public outright who you are.   The space can be divided to public and private sections.  The private section can be where we can have secure collaboration among team members while the public storefront is where everyone can learn about or purchase your services.  The web isn’t really as mystical as people think.  Small business owners would really benefit from the web as it levels the playing field in a lot of scenarios.

My wife has mentioned previously an event where she saw digital images printed on canvas.  She was astonished at the price our friend paid for this product.  She mentioned that she could do the job if she had poster printing capability.  All she had to do was to print her art on poster size canvas to achieve to the look of the product she saw.  As she said, our friend would have gotten a better deal from her.  She might even have given one item away for free on our friend’s birthday.   A lot of times, it’s about being diligent in learning your craft and investing in the equipment you need.  A new printer is likely one of our next projects to augment Tes’ capability.

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Enjoy fast checkout and what’s so great about it is you don’t have to leave the house and worry about parking! I’ve a few items on my wishlist, I just have to figure a way to have it shipped to me without worrying about losing the goodies. I’m going to check out some promotional tote bags. I have a few projects that I’m working on and I think I’m going to be needing a few.

Happy shopping everyone!

The internet has revolutionized all of us. Our lifestyles have changed… from communicating, to doing business, recreation and even our way of shopping. Imagine yourself, sitting in the comfort of your home and shopping in your pajamas! Isn’t that awesome? Who would have thought of that five to ten years ago?

Five to ten years ago, I had to content myself with whatever the local malls had to offer. Online shopping was still fairly new and sometimes scary. Shipping was limited to certain countries. Credit cards were vulnerable to hackers and there was very little or no means of paying in currencies other than the currency used where the store was located. Fast-forward to today. Online shopping is as normal as buying from your local sari-sari store. Convenience at your fingertips! What’s more if you have a broadband connection, checkout takes just a few seconds. No more waiting in line.

A few months back, I remember doing research on desktop computers because I needed a new one desperately. I was considering whether to get a Mac or a PC and I scoured the net for info and data so that I could compare notes on which one among the two was the better purchase. Value for money, so to speak. I’m a pretty thorough person and I don’t leave any stone unturned till I am fully satisfied with the results. I think I spent hours just doing research and going back and forth between tabs to find the best deal out there. I wish I had found Shopwiki back then. It could have saved me a lot of time and effort because a lot of the information I needed was already there in one place. They have this handy buying guide that helps you compare product information at a glance. That could have been a real time-saver for me back then. Oh well, if you are planning to purchase anything in the future, maybe you should check them out. Who knows, it might make your online shopping more convenient than ever!

Happy 4th of July to all in the US! It’s one of those days that I looked forward to whenever we were in the US because it’s bargain season galore! If you are out hunting for a bargain then check out these wholesale ipods available in these yummy colors. I’m sure they would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas, don’t you think? You can find them at Liquidation dot com if you are interested.

I think this one’s cute… fresh as a granny smith apple don’t you think? 🙂

Check them out. You might end up getting them at a lower price because it’s the 4th of July. Happy hunting everyone! Freeeedooooom! lol

I’d like to say thanks to Kate Hadfield who dropped by my blog and brought to my attention that my comments section was not working. I recently updated my wordpress version and doing so necessitates one deactivating ALL wordpress plugins and reactivating after the upgrade. I think I made a mistake reactivating one comment plugin that made the site a little wonky. I fixed it up and hopefully all’s well with my site.

On to other things, I was chatting with my niece the other day (actually, graveyard time) and she wanted my opinion regarding a few cell phone models she was looking at. I liked one in particular because of the high memory capacity (it included a micro sd external memory aside from the phone memory) and it also had a usb slot which can be quite helpful when downloading stuff on your phone. I don’t know if she has decided already but hopefully she will find a unit that matchers her needs.

Another thing that I did was update my odesk account and I took a couple of tests as well. Thankfully, I was happy with the results. Check out my little badges below. Pretty neat, huh?  I haven’t gotten any jobs over there yet but hopefully I will in the near future.

Be back for more in a bit!

oDesk Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert

oDesk Certified English Spelling (U.S. Version) Professional

It’s finally done! The songs have been sung, the judges have said their pieces, and now,  it’s up to the texters to decide who they want as the next American Idol. Come to think of it, in the end, it’s really not about the Idol contestants. The bottom line is it’s all about the TEXTER! Who cares if Kris or Glambert sang the song well or either one of them displayed great artistry. People will vote for the ones they like and they will text like crazy to make their voices heard even if they overload the phone company’s cell tower just to get their votes through. So much power literally in one’s hand, eh? We’re all at the edge of our seats wondering who’s it gonna be. Who won the The Battle of the Texters? Well, in a few hours or so we’ll find out soon enough. As for me, well my vote doesn’t count – I’m out of coverage area. hahaha I wonder what would happen if they allowed internet voting and the whole world could vote online… hmmm interesting, don’t you think? LOL

Idol watching…..

The part few days have been hectic for us.  Tes is working on a layouting project.  I’ve been teaching ballet while working on my applications to teach physics in universities.   To complicate things, my mother and sister-in-law are on vacation from overseas.  One has to struggle just to meet this balancing act.  Pay insurance online.  Stock-up on cooked food.   Re-schedule some activities.Write down appointments.  The important thing is to have a frequent assessment of the importance, urgency and economics of every effort.  At the end of the day, we have to question ourselves, “Did we accomplish something towards our longterm goals?”

In the past few days, we have been considering getting new phones.  We intend to get the services of Sun cellular on a prepaid basis.  One of the strategies we considered was to get a new phone under our existing SMART plan and use the old phone for sun.  We  already requested for our free Nokia 6120 and are just awaiting for its arrival.  We would have chosen an N77 for free but we couldn’t find any use of the required myTV subscription.  Anyway, the 6120 seems to meet our needs.  This 3G phone appears to have the reliable basics with expandable memory.  We might buy a 4gb micro sd though the phone can expand up to 8gb.  We are looking forward to getting this phone.