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Taking my dance photography to the next level with this awesome photo slideshow.

School’s probably started for our friends in the US and Canada but here are some great back to school printables I found on the net. Quite useful for homeschooling families too. Check them out and leave some love for those who generously share their gifts. Enjoy!

From Creative Mamma

back to school kit

weekly planner, note cards and book plates

From Catch My Party

back to school theme party invitations

From Frog Prince Paperie

lunch box love notes

From Martha Stewart

notebook labels

From Classic Play

lunch box menus

I guess that’s it for this round up. Don’t forget to say thanks when you do download. Till next!

I love design. In fact, I even put up another blog ages ago just to compile all the design finds I discover on the Internet. Unfortunately, I rarely get to update it because of a million and one things. Anyway, I figured now is a good time to refresh my design cravings with these cute and absolutely free printable Save the Date cards: (click on the images to go to the download page)

Here’s one from Merriment Design – Inspired by the book  The Giving Tree

Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcements free printable save-the-date for Fall

From The Pretty Blog – handy bookmarks

From Ruffled – Envelope and Card – cute!

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

From the Wedding Chicks – I love ampersands

From Minted – This one is not free but absolutely a fave!!!  🙂

Visage Save The Date Minibooks

Craving-> fixed! Don’t forget to leave a little love if you do download. Enjoy!

Rean here…

I’ve always wanted to live in a sustainable home.  To build an Earthship is in my to do list. I’d like to use garbage for my walls and bamboo for my rafters.  I’d harness the sun for electricity and heat.  I’d reuse my sink gray water to grow my own food before sending it down the toilet as black water.  Perhaps, I’ll even use a Saniflo toilet so waste can be better decomposed in the exterior garden.  Oh how I wish I had the time and resources to do this now.

The Daily Scrapper has a new look! Check out the new and improved TDS – cleaner, easier to navigate and more of  the TDS goodness that you love. Here are some of the layouts I’ve done for TDS. So grab a cup of coffee or snuggle up in your electric blanket and check out the latest and back issues of The Daily Scrapper for a good read. (Credits can be found at TDS)

LO Share

Thanks for looking, folks!


Tes has been working diligently on a  couple of invitation projects lately. The challenge of invitations is the management of  key logistical information to included in the document.  Clients often forget titles of people, dates, times or even venues.  The layout artist/printer has to ensure the client verifies the data before committing anything to print. It’s definitely much easier to do post card printing than to do invitations.

Haven’t shared a layout here in a long while so now is the best time to do so, don’t you think? Here’s what I did for the July Issue (part one – click the archives) of The Daily Scrapper. The Daily Scrapper comes out with two issues a month (one every two weeks) to give you more of the latest scrapbooking news, awesome products, awesome layouts, hybrid tutorials and online coupons from your favorite online scrapping stores. Shop in your pajamas or sip a cuppa joe while you browse through the different featured posts and while you’re there, grab the freebies as well!

Title: Sand between my toes

Product used: Along those lines vol. 1 by One Little Bird; Paint the Moon textures; Les Brumes textures

Thanks for looking folks!

We had the opportunity to display some of our Everything Ballet products at the CCP Lobby last month. I found a lot of inspiration online on how to set up our display table. I wanted to do a little shabby chic inspired tablescape much like this one from Such Pretty Things.

Here’s our version of her lovely table:

Everything Ballet cupcakes

Everything Ballet cookies

We displayed a lot of products on our table aside from the pastries above. We had bags, cards, stationery and anything and everything ballet-related. It was a fun experience and hopefully we can plan a better setup next year. I think I’m going to look into those point of purchase displays to see how we can step it up a notch next time. Thank you to all who purchased from our table. Until next time!


I’m back!!! After a month or so of being away from my bloggie, it’s back to regular programming. I didn’t realize how long it’s been until I read that about the shops prepping up for iNSD and Mother’s Day.


As featured in the Products Highlights Section of The Daily Scrapper Lifestyle.

For the April 2010 Issue (read about it here)


(Kit Used: Spring Promenade by Kaye Winiecki and J Design)


(Kits Used: Sidekicks Pack No. 12 by Fizzy Pop Designs and Paislee Press Adorned Kit)

iNSD and Mother’s Day Freebie

Finally, since I’ve been away for so long here’s my comeback contribution to the celebration.  A FREEBIE! I know there will be a lot of freebie hunting out there so here’s one right here. (Much more fun than hunting for cheap auto insurance, eh?)

Download 1 (opens in new window, right click and save as) or

Download 2 (4shared) or

Simply click on the preview to download

Please leave a comment if you like it or share your creations using it.

Happy interNational Scrapbooking Day and Happy Mother’s Day to all. Let’s Celebrate!!!

Tes was out today for a photo shoot.  She does the post production aspects of the team (i.e. editing and layouts).    Since the activies started quite early, she had to stay overnight at a good friend’s house close to the shoot location.  In her rush, she almost left her things last night.  Just imagine if she left home without her clothes, dental care items, day cream, etc. Oh my…what a nightmare would it have been for her.  She would have come home to me very grumpy.  Good thing she remembered her things.  The photo shoot went very well also.

We took our kids to CCP today to watch Philippine Ballet Theater’s adaptation of La Fille Mal Gardeé and of course because we wanted to support Acts Manila (Teacher Chelo B. Gemina’s ballet company). We also brought with us 3 of the husband’s ballet students and crammed all of them in our car. Imagine 5 kids all talking at the same time at the top of their lungs non-stop! Teriblé! But it was still worth it. It turned out to be like a mini field trip for two of them because it was their first time to watch a performance in CCP. I’m glad they enjoyed the show and that they weren’t bored with it. I think it’s rare to find kids nowadays who appreciate theatre performances. What with psp’s, xbox’s, wii’s and video games, not to mention pre-occupation with teen stuff online chatter on friendster and multiply, instant acne treatments and remedies for those unwanted zits that pop up during the most-awaited gimik day, fashionista talk – how many have time to sit down for two hours and watch a classical ballet performance? Sadly, not too many. That’s why even if we were squished like sardines in our car and even if the noise level was beyond the allowable decibels the human ear can handle, it was still worth all the effort because I know that the children left the theatre inspired and challenged.

I missed watching UZ last night. Tsk, tsk… I completely forgot. I like watching that show because I learn a lot about home designing and I get to see a lot of very talented Pinoy architects and designers. One particular episode that I’d like to see again was the one featuring an eco-friendly house somewhere in Antipolo. I’m not quite sure about the details of the show and I even forgot who the lady architect was but of course I remembered the house. It was a modern house, clean, minimalist, maximum use of natural light (although I think there was a lighting fixture there that was interesting…), well placed ventilation systems…very well thought of. Pinag-isipan, in short. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Even the back of the refrigerator was put to good use by placing a closet behind it to dry umbrellas etc. – captured energy indeed. I’m still a long way from my ideal home but it’s nice to see that it already exists here in the Philippines.

My parents arrived today from Davao.  Mom will be attending a meeting of the Girl Scout’s Central board.  With this, they decided to spend more time with us after the holidays.  After resting, we drove off to Tagaytay from some groceries and dinner. On the way, we passed by Nuvali.  This again reminded us  of our desire to have a home in this place.  What also encouraged it was my Dad relating the  warming of a friend’s beautifully designed house. On the way back, they were talking about another friend’s house converted to a restaurant cum bed and breakfast.

What do we look for in a house? It has to be energy efficient…Where effort in operations is minimal…Utilizes most of the natural resources of the surrounding environment. It has to be natural. It has to be have nice intrinsically clean bath rooms ( with Kohler sinks). The overall look must be zen. It has to consider the needs of the very young and very old. In short it has to be a place for people rather than things.

Why do we desire Nuvali? Because we believe that it offers the community infrastructure for a sustainable lifestyle.  The developer Ayala Land, engaged WWF to help in integrating the concepts of sustainability in their designs. I remember working with them on a “force field” analysis in a workshop as part of my role as Climate and Energy Officer for WWF Philippines.  Later on, my colleague worked closely with them in the design process.   The property has things like a double piping system which allows the recycling of water for  “non-contact” purposes.

If you advocate an earth friendly lifestyle, Nuvali would likely be the place of your next home.