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Hi, I’m Tes Pedrosa-Tirol, a CPA by profession, a prima ballerina in my dreams, a frustrated journalist and radio announcer wannabee, a contributing writer in my younger days, proud to be Filipino with roots in Luzon and Visayas,and most important of all, a wife to my husband, a mother to my two homeschooled kids and last but not least, a little lost sheep found.

So why teys? Remember when you were young and your siblings or your playmates couldn’t say your name properly? Well, that’s what happened to me. I was supposed to be called marites but somehow that got lost in the translation and I ended up being called ‘unteys’ by my brothers and sisters which I later shortened to teys.

I’ve always dreamed of being published or writing a regular column in a broadsheet but thank God for the web that dream is slowly unfolding. So relax and browse around who knows what little trinket of a thought you might find that would brighten your day. TFL!

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