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I recently had an embarassing episode with my phone.  I was very much pleased with my Alcatel One Touch as it was fast and had the things I wanted in a phone.  It ran on Android 4.1 Jellybean.  A couple of days ago, I decided to bring it with me in the bathroom.  Before going to the shower, I put in on a rack when the unthinkable happened.  My precious phone when through the racks wire slats and into the toilet bowl.  I could see the battery draining fast because of the shorting that was happening. I immediately grabbed the phone and took out the battery.  When I reinserted the battery, it had an error which was understandable for a device with shorted terminals. After drying I thought my troubles were over only to learn that the phone would hang upon boot up.  Should I exchange my phone with one of those unlocked blackberry cell phones?  Perhaps I should try to get my Alcatel repaired.


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