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It’s Christmas once again and people in the Philippines are running around trying to get their best Noche Buena out. In about an hour, families will gather around their dinner tables to have a feast to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus who saved us from our sins. Presents will then be given. Some will get the coolest toys and video games, others will get pandora beads, still other will get the latest Rick Riordan book. The most important gift we get, is the of eternal life that Jesus offers to those who receive it. Merry Christmas.

I found Tes working on a business card design yesterday. At first I found it too plain, only to realize a subtle logo watermark later on. This design was light years compared to the old calling cards of the client which were very traditional and dated. It just shows that design sensibilities are a function of time as the old calling cards were in about 30 years ago. Who knows what the next design thing for calling cards would be? Metal business cards anyone?

Just yesterday, my son’s friend said he was not going with my son on their next scheduled Friday afternoon piano lesson. I wondered why. Later on I learned that he was going on an earlier slot to be able to watch the Hobbit in the afternoon. Oh the memories of the dwarves with their tool belts making their way into Smaug’s lair and that of Bilbo discovering the Ring in Gollum’s domain. The family will definitely watch this movie during the holidays.