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This is just fascinating! I was doing a bit of research on how swans actually die after watching Maya Plisetskaya dance the Dying Swan when I stumbled upon this video on swan courtship. Swans actually do partner for life. Really! I thought that  heart-shaped swans were just a cliche for anything romantic. What’s amazing is  they really do form a heart shape  during swan courtship. What a truly awesome God we have!


If you enjoyed this, there’s more to learn on BBC UK. It’s definitely a great resource especially for teaching kids. While I’m on research mode, I think I’m going check if there is anything on compost tumbler online.

I’m quite sure you’ve seen this picture already. It is actually a great idea, isn’t it?  Bunk beds have been around for ages but this  just makes you wish you were young again. I’m sure my kids would have so much fun here. The clamor for sleepovers would definitely be endless. But there is one thing though, no more jumping on the foam mattress! Unless the kids don’t mind a few bumps on their heads. 🙂