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Rean here…


I recently went home to Davao, on the occasion of my Mom’s birthday.  This is her first Anniversaire after my Dad went home to be with the Lord. I’d say it was a good time for me to have gone home as she was sick for a few days. Despite her illness, Mom went on showing old stuff that were my Dad’s.  On one instance, she showed me their coin collection which she wanted to be passed on to the kids. It probably contains custom challenge coins.  Sometime in the recent past, a German visitor mentioned that some of their European coins were now highly prized in Numismatists’ circles. Perhaps I should hunt down a coin expert to help us on of these days.

Rean here…

I’ve been working with my son on GED practice tests in the last few days.  Our intent is to accelerate his schooling to skip a few years of high school right into college.  He may take his college online so he can continue his ballet training.  It also gives him the chance to pursue his degree without sacrificing things he really loves. He may be skipping high school graduation invitations but he will likely to have lived his life to the fullest.



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