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Rean here…

Last Sunday, the family went shopping for clothes as we were going to a special occasion.  I was helping my 8 year old daughter fit a dress she liked. It was an elegant black, knee length dress   It took quite a while as the rfid tag was in the way of the button.  Thankfully I was  able to get the button through.  So we ended up buying the dress.  The things a father has to go through for a fashionista daughter.

Rean here…

Last week, my cousin showed me his HTC Android phone.  Pretty cool, I have to admit though I lean more towards Samsung.    I guess the important thing for me is that it performs reliably, has enough memory space and long battery life.  Perhaps I should consider an HTC buy online.  Who knows…it may be a better deal than a Samsung.

Rean here…

I’m currently studying how to develop our family property in Davao.  A key feature of the lot is an  tunnel dug by the Japanese during the 2nd world war.  On top of that, the property is the probably the last vestige of rainforest in the immediate area.  I’m leaning towards building underground shelters ala Earthship to educate the public about a planet friendly lifestyle

Rean here…

A few days ago, I found our church maintenance man peeling off the carpet tiles in some of our church class rooms.  I asked him the reason for this and he said that a bad smell lingered in the room because of the carpets. Despite the use of steamers and shampoo. In the absence of carpet cleaning raleigh nc, they decided to strip the tiles off.  A key factor in this phenomenon would also be the ventilation in the room where the tiles are installed.

School’s probably started for our friends in the US and Canada but here are some great back to school printables I found on the net. Quite useful for homeschooling families too. Check them out and leave some love for those who generously share their gifts. Enjoy!

From Creative Mamma

back to school kit

weekly planner, note cards and book plates

From Catch My Party

back to school theme party invitations

From Frog Prince Paperie

lunch box love notes

From Martha Stewart

notebook labels

From Classic Play

lunch box menus

I guess that’s it for this round up. Don’t forget to say thanks when you do download. Till next!

Rean here…

A few weeks ago, I watched Wall-e with my kids.  I remember a scene where Wall-e gets an engagement ring in a box as he rummages through the garbage.  Upon seeing it, he throws the ring away and keeps the box.  Don’t know if the previous owner  had  engagement ring insurance but the scene tells us that a lot of things we value may not be valuable in the future.  I guess that’s why the Lord told us to work for things that “moth and rust cannot destroy”.  What really is precious for you today?

Rean here…

Getting new tires last weekend was an interesting experience.   I usually get my tires at S and R Alabang where they have all sorts of imported car stuff. (Wouldn’t be surprised if the had dodge challenger custom floor mats)  Here they offer free lifetime tire services such as fixing punctures.  I was postured to replace a punctured tire when the clerk said it could still be fixed.  I saved a lot of money that day.  Thank God for great customer service!

Rean here…

As I got back from Davao,  after mourning my Dad’s demise, I realized that my pants were a bit tighter.   I also noticed shortness of breath after climbing the stairs.  Hmmm…must have been all the Durian, Empanada, Vindaloo and the assortment of special dishes prepared during the wake.  My Dad was loved by a lot of people, so it’s no wonder that food would overflow.  I guess I’ll just have so get some fat burners going.