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Rean here…

In the past few days, I have been based at our family home in DAvao.  Walking around our home, brings back memories.   I remember running around our lawn.  There were times we would play some softball or kickball.  Looking at certain open areas in our property, makes me want to get horse riding apparel at

Rean here…

Having been out of town for the last few days presented some challenges. For one, I miss my desktop.  I have to use a netbook which is quite a challenge for my big fingers.  Perhaps if I had a ps3 keyboard, this would be a better experience.  However, lugging a big keyboard will defeat the purpose of a compact netbook.  I guess, I’ll have to purchase a fullsize laptop instead.

Rean here…

On Aug 6, around 5:30 am, my father Ramon Tirol transitioned into eternity.  His pilgrimage on this planet was a full 87s years.  It was a life lived making the lives of others better.  As the Sr. Vice President for the 1971 constitutional convention, he worked hard so that the we would have the economic freedom we enjoy in our country today.  As a key leader in the Jaycee and Rotary movements, he demonstrated what socio-civic activism was by pushing for projects to build communities.  As Philippine Ambassador to Brunei, he made sure that our people would be treated fairly as well as opening key trade links in the East ASEAN Growth Area.

While he had his accomplishments, I knew him as the guy who went out at night to check if the right lights were on or off.  The one who sat at the head of the table and held the steering wheel every morning.  Today he would probably check out WeGotPumps industrial pumps to replace our existing pump in his drive to reduce our electricity consumption.

Dad you will surely be missed. Thank you for being my predecessory.

I love design. In fact, I even put up another blog ages ago just to compile all the design finds I discover on the Internet. Unfortunately, I rarely get to update it because of a million and one things. Anyway, I figured now is a good time to refresh my design cravings with these cute and absolutely free printable Save the Date cards: (click on the images to go to the download page)

Here’s one from Merriment Design – Inspired by the book  The Giving Tree

Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcements free printable save-the-date for Fall

From The Pretty Blog – handy bookmarks

From Ruffled – Envelope and Card – cute!

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

From the Wedding Chicks – I love ampersands

From Minted – This one is not free but absolutely a fave!!!  🙂

Visage Save The Date Minibooks

Craving-> fixed! Don’t forget to leave a little love if you do download. Enjoy!