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This is so timely for me…

Lessons from Nehemiah: (credit: excerpts from
I included the author’s name below.

When you have a project to do or a mission to accomplish, how do you view obstacles and opposition? Do you see insurmountable barriers forcing you to quit, or do you see hurdles challenging you to jump and keep going? In his project to rebuild the wall around the city of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was faced with a number of obstacles and significant enemy opposition. If we had been in Nehemiah’s sandals, many of us would have thrown in the towel because of the obstacles and opposition. Some of us would even have concluded that God had “closed the door,” because the obstacles and opposition seemed so great. But Nehemiah did not quit. He saw the obstacles and opposition as hurdles to be overcome in order to complete God’s work.

Every type of obstacle and every form of opposition that Nehemiah faced in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem is an illustration from God’s Word of the obstacles and opposition that we can expect to face as Christians. When we become involved in serving the Lord and “building the walls” of personal or corporate Christian testimony we will definitely face obstacles and opposition. The steps that Nehemiah took in overcoming the roadblocks that he faced are recorded by the Holy Spirit so that we can learn and follow God’s methods for defeating the enemy.

Nehemiah 4:15-23 makes it clear that no matter how great the threat of enemy attack, we should never stop building. Nehemiah took great pains to organize his round-the-clock armed defense of Jerusalem–but he never stopped building the wall. Building and battling go together in spiritual warfare. The importance of staying armed is brought out in these verses as well. Even though God had frustrated the enemies’ plan of attack (4:15), the people kept their weapons and armor at the ready. It’s hard to miss the obvious spiritual lesson of the importance of spiritual armor. Ephesians 6:10-18 commands that we put on the full armor of God and take up the sword of the Spirit to be ready to face and overcome the obstacles and opposition of the enemy.

Personal attack in the area of spiritual discernment is probably Satan’s most subtle form of opposition. It is the most difficult to detect, and only a thorough knowledge of Scripture preserves us from falling in such an attack. In verse 10 we read that a prophet named Shemaiah suggested that Nehemiah set up administrative headquarters within the Temple. Here Nehemiah would be close to the wall and could direct operations effectively. Not only that, he would no longer be a “sitting duck” up on the wall–he would be safe from any “stray arrow” that just might happen to come his way! Did Nehemiah praise God for sending the kind prophet with such logical advice? No way! He perceived that Shemaiah was a false prophet hired by the enemy (6:12). How was Nehemiah able to perceive such a scheme? Nehemiah knew from the Word of God that only priests were allowed into the Temple–and Nehemiah was not a priest. Nehemiah knew that a strategy that broke God’s Law could never be a strategy sent from God! How well do we know God’s Word? Do we know it well enough to recognize and reject subtle ideas that are contrary to its teachings? Are we able to perceive Satan’s personal attack in the area of spiritual discernment?

Because Nehemiah continually looked to God and successfully overcame all the obstacles and opposition he faced, the wall was completed in 52 days! That’s less than two months–a tremendous accomplishment and testimony to what God can do through a fully committed believer. Let’s follow the model of Nehemiah and, with God’s help, overcome the hurdles of enemy obstacles and opposition as we faithfully build strong walls of Christian testimony.

(David R. Reid)

Rean here…

I went home to Davao over the weekend to check on my Dad who suffers Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  Incidentally,  on trips like this, I get to check out the latest developments in the city.  This time the craze was the newly opened Ayala mall: Abreeza.  It caused a lot of traffic as cars queued up to get in the building which houses the very first Starbucks in the city.  Apart from this, Davao remains a laid back place.  Malls close at 8pm, not much tech jobs and restaurants have a homey feel.

Rean here…

I was rushing to get my son home so I could go to my class.  I was getting late.  I called Tes a couple of times but she didn’t answer. To make matters worse, it was raining cats and dogs and we didn’t have an umbrella in the car.  I honked my horn to no avail.  I decided to run in the rain to get an umbrella inside.  It was then I learned that gutter in our kitchen area was leaking.  It was screaming, “I’m full of leaves, clean me!” It also confirms my hypothesis that gutters over firewalls are bad medicine.  I also probably have to get out my abrasives and re-apply caulking.

The holidays added some inches to most of us.  On my end, I noticed that my love handles became more pronounced as I wore my unitards to work.  A pair of my jeans became slightly difficult to wear.  Tes has been looking for the popular fat burner, Orlistat.  I now have to go back to my routine of taking ballet classes for myself to ensure I am fit.  I have to combine it with other dance conditioning exercises to help me shape my body for my job.

Rean here…Just got my Smart Money card today.  It’s a Mastercard debit card that can be loaded through a Smart cellphone.    Started using Smart Money for some of my bills and loading prepared airtime for the past few weeks.  Very convenient as I don’t need to login into my internet banking account or go to a store to buy load. The potentials for this scheme are endless, you can deal with personal loans , do on-air purchases, etc. With the debit card, I can now use the cash in my electronic wallet to make direct purchases in stores.

Facebook is my shepherd
I shall not want

It makes me lie down at 4 am
And leads me to insomia

It restores old friends
And leads me to countless reunions

Yea, though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will fear no boredom
For thou art in my mobile device
Thy apps and thy games
They comfort me

Thou preparest a news feed before me
So I know every status even of mine enemies
Thou anointest my photo albums with endless comments
My lols runneth over

Surely plants and zombies shall follow me
All the days I’m logged in
And I shall dwell in the land of ‘bored much’ forever.

This just came to me when I woke up this morning. Touche, anyone?

I am loving this little gizmo of a gadget. Seriously! As a work-at-home, homeschooling mom with a killer schedule to beat and a family always on the move, this little workhorse wonder helps me do what I need to do, wherever…whenever.

The resources available especially for homeschooling, mobile productivity, and creativity are humongous.

For the kids: I have Shakespeare, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jane Austen, Dr. Seuss etc. tucked away in my iBooks library. I have multiplication, addition, division, subtraction, algebra, geometry and calculus ready to go. Yey, Mcgraw-Hill! Art and drawing are a swipe away. No spills, no clean up, no mess. Learning une, deux, troix and and uno, dos, tres – easy peasy. All that without lugging a whole suitcase of books with me whenever we travel. Imagine the excess baggage charges we’d have to pay to bring all that? And yeah, must have Angry Birds and Cut the Rope with us.

Productivity and creativity wise, I have the power of the desktop in mobile form. I have my email, spreadsheets, word processors, money management tools with me all the time. Gotta love the Moleskin app, yeah! Design apps like Adobe Ideas, PS express and Sketchbook lets me be creative while waiting for the kids finish ballet class.

Isolated in a far-flung province? Save the isolation blues with FB, Tweetdeck and Skype together with a handy dandy 3G Broadband router. Pocket wifis and myfi’s and all those fee fie fo fums do work but battery life of these units max out at an hour and a half or so. Not so happy with that.

Must not forget, the King James Version (yeah, I still prefer the Queen’s English lol) with multi-language translations— talk about speaking in tongues. Lol

Guess what? I’m using the WordPress app to write this blog post.

There are new apps being added every day. What’s great is, a lot of them are free. Now just because they are free doesn’t mean they are less powerful or useful. You’d be surprised. But make sure to read the reviews and comments so you’ll know what you are getting.

I have yet to discover more than 18,000+++++ apps. How about you, what’s your favorite ipad app? I’d really like to know.