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What is greatness? Do we wear it like lapel pins on our collars and parade it around for all to recognize? or is it something the inner soul recognizes and cannot help but respond in awe and reverence?

The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary gives us this definition of greatness:


GREATNESS, n. Largeness of bulk, dimensions, number or quantity; as the greatness of a mountain, of an edifice, of a multitude, or of a sum of money. With reference to solid bodies, however, we more generally use bulk, size, extent or magnitude than greatness; as the bulk or size of the body; the extent of the ocean; the magnitude of the sun or of the earth.

1. Large amount; extent; as the greatness of a reward.
2. High degree; as the greatness of virtue or vice.
3. High rank or place; elevation; dignity; distinction; eminence; power; command.
4. Swelling pride; affected state.
5. Magnanimity; elevation of sentiment; nobleness; as greatness of mind. ex.Virtue is the only solid basis of greatness.
6. Strength or extent of intellectual faculties; as the greatness of genius.
7. Large extent or variety; as the greatness of a man’s acquisitions.
8. Grandeur; pomp; magnificence. ex. Greatness with Timon dwells in such a draught, As brings all Brobdignag before your thought.
9. Force; intensity; as the greatness of sound, of passion, heat, &c.

A great singer, a great song, a truly Great God… watch and enjoy:

Rean here…

Summer has come once again and parents are scrambling to get their kids into new things.  Its the perfect time to get our little ones into ballet shoes.  Who know’s they could be the next Prima Ballerina or Premier Danseur?  This summer I offer lessons/workshops in my regular Laguna locations: Sta. Rosa, Binan and San Pedro.  In addition, I have an ongoing workshop at Mary Help of Christians School, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna.  Schedules and addresses listed as follows:

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Venue: 21st-22nd Bldg (blue bldg.) Rodeo Drive, Laguna BelAir 2.  Schedule: Wed,Fri 5-6pm  (until May 20)

Binan, Laguna

Venue: Alpha Angelicum Academy, Golden Meadows Subd., San Antonio. Schedule: Wed,Sat  1:30 – 2:30pm (until May 21)

San Pedro, Laguna

Venue: Jesus the Risen Savior School, Sampaguita Ave, Sampaguita Village, San Pedro. Schedule:   Tues 2:30-3:30pm, Sat 9-10am (until May 21)

Calamba, Laguna

Venue: Mary Help of  Christians School, Canlubang, Calamba. Schedule: Mon, Wed 9-10am.

You can reach me at (049)8316288, (0908)3020319, (0922)8108396. Please state which location you are interested in and the age of the child/person interested in ballet.

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