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Last Friday, while waiting for a meeting at my kids ballet school.  I saw the cafeteria concessionaire selling some shakes.  What was special about these was that they had Herbalife in them.  I remember this supplement as not being tasty.  I checked it out and ordered a few cups.  It was a pleasant surprise to find them tasty and affordable (an 8oz cup for P35 ) . Can’t wait to order my next cup.

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Acts  Manila ballet schools ( are gearing up for our recital on May 25 at the CCP main theatre.  Directors and Teachers are working on choreographies while managing the payment of fees. We are also working on upcoming pictorials and school year culminating activities of our schools.   Sensa reviews are irrelevant at this point as the flurry of activities keep us in tip top shape.   Thankfully my 1st choreography for my Sta.Rosa, Binan and San Pedro schools are almost  done.  Now gearing up for pictorials this weekend.

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Ever since I became a Christian, I had the desire to use my body to honor God through movement.  Even as I child, there was an inner beat within me that would surface in my movement as music was played.   As I came into the prophetic season of my life, the reality of God restoring the “fallen tent of David” came to prominence in my devotions.   In 1992, I had to opportunity to train under Chelo Borromeo Gemina and Chotto Borromeo Go for classical ballet.  These ladies also had a heart to use ballet to reach the world for Christ so I followed their lead.   While this art may be one the best fat burners, I was in it for the vision.   A couple of years later I quit ballet to pursue a career in industry.   I never dreamed that 15 years later, God would bring be back to ballet to teach kids this craft I love as well as disciple them to be lovers of God.  I am now an Artistic Associate for Chelo Borromeo Gemina’s Acts Manila.  You’ll find me teaching ballet at Laguna Bel Air 2, Alpha Angelicum School in Binan and Jesus the Risen Savior School San Pedro, all in Laguna. You can visit for details.

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In 1992 as I was working on my Master in Physics (not to be a Maritime Lawyer!)  at De La Salle University, I came across co-faculty members who were Christians and  were into the Prophetic move of God.  What impressed me what their desire to know God in an intimate way.  They were not content with just singing songs or hearing a preacher, they wanted to hear the voice of God.  At first it was intimidating but later on, I realized that God wanted to speak to us more than we want to hear him.  I didn’t realize that God had a lot of plans for me until I received my first prophecy.  It catapulted me into a higher level in my walk with God.

F? on0>H!ird because they were so committed to follow God, they didn’t want to have any romantic relationships until God told them to.   The methods may have been harsh but the heart was definitely in the right place.   I wanted to make an impact in my generation so I joined this bunch as God took them through a process to make them what is now known as Victory Christian Fellowship/Every Nation Ministries.

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In 1988, A few months after I came to know Christ, I went to Manila to enter De La Salle University. It was tough trying to find a Christian group I could belong too.  After hopping between two churches (commuting often maybe a fat burner that works!)  every Sunday for a few months, I met a group of Christians with a commitment to see campuses changed for God.  They then called themselves Maranatha Christian Fellowship.  A lot of people found them weird because they were so committed to follow God, they didn’t want to have any romantic relationships until God told them to.   The methods may have been harsh but the heart was definitely in the right place.   I wanted to make an impact in my generation so I joined this bunch as God took them through a process to make them what is now known as Victory Christian Fellowship/Every Nation Ministries.

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1987 was a time of uncertainty in the Philippines as the country was moving from a dictatorship to  democracy. It was during this time of transition that thousands of people turned to God.  The born again Christian and Catholic Charismatic movements came into the forefront as droves of people sought Divine aid for their plight. It was during this time that I had my spiritual encounter with the living Christ that led to my conversion into true Biblical Christianity.  In the midst of an encounter between the Communist NPA and the Philippine Armed forces happening a kilometer away from my home, I opened my Gideon’s KJV new testament and prayed the sinners prayer at the back.  Thanks to a couple of guys who had been telling me about the eternal relationship I could have with the Eternal Jesus.   Since then a new assurance came into my life that God cared for me and was always with me.  The floor would no longer be simply glass tiles but the place to encounter God.

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The transition into the administration of the late President Corazon Aquino was not a smooth one.  People who had little competence running the national government found themselves directing the fate of 70 million people.  Contending factions and opposing ideologies had to be appeased in order to lay the ground work for development.  This time in our history was marked by Coup de etats  and brownouts as systemic and physical infrastructure had to be upgraded to face new realities.  It was like dealing with Fedora hat wearing gangsters to keep off your store.

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Feb 25 is regarded as a special day by a lot of Filipinos.  On this day in 1986, as a people, we stood against a dictator who established his rule by cunning and guile.  By God’s grace, our stand led to the ruler’s change of heart leading to his exile.  This day marks the end of what we call the martial law era at the latter part of our fourth republic.  It was a time when our Bill of Rights was nothing more than words on paper.  Arrests could be made without justification. Assets could be seized without due process of law.  As a boy of 14, instead of thinking about acne products I remember our jubilation when the oppressive regime was no more.  It was like New Year ’s Day in late February.

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One of the interesting features of our new home is that it has a mini-driveway.  This gives us the ability of park our car closer to the house.  Our previous home didn’t have this so I had to park on the sidewalk.  This resulted to my car being hit once by a turning vehicle.

Our driveway, does have a set back.  When it rains the boundary between the yard and the driveway becomes inundated.  Frustration made me at one time consider implementing a brick patio design for  our whole front.  This would likely eliminate the muddy spots my daughter steps on when getting down from the car.  I do however love the idea of a grass lawn, so I’m still thinking of a solution for the boundary. Perhaps, I should just lay out some bricks into the flooded portion just enough to keep it from being muddied while the rest of the yard remains grassy.  I think this would meet both my needs.

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My folks recently came over from Davao.  So we asked a friend to rent out his condo at Bellagio in the Global City, Taguig.    He had an excellent flat on the 6th floor of the said building.  He furnished it with an oriental theme.  While there, my father who suffer from Parkinson’s disease had to be moved while sitting on a chair. As we were doing this, his caregiver attempted to lift the chair Dad was sitting on, pulling off an arm rest and breaking the backrest as a result.  While it was relatively minor, just couldn’t help thinking if something more serious happened.

It’s really good practice to have apartment renters insurance although the practice isn’t that popular in this country.  I remember that in the US, insurance was offered to us in the apartment complex we were staying.  It covered stuff such as damage because of accidental sprinkler activation etc. Fortunately, the company I was working for  had it’s own risk management solutions for us on assignment, thus eliminating the need for insurance.  Anyway, I think it would be a good time to look for local renters insurance if you intend to rent an apartment.

It’s close to a month since we moved in to our new house. Although   its a few houses away from our old one,  there’s a whole new atmosphere in our surroundings.  For one it seems quieter.  The neighbors seem to be more modulated in their conversations.  We have wider, cleaner yard with minimal mosquitoes.  The view is so much better that it makes one think of installing a cellular window.

Air flow within the home allows more passive cooling and frequent air changes.  This would eliminate the build up of mildew and fungi we previously had in our old home.  An extension at the back enables eating and cooking in this area, freeing the main house from food related mess.    We now have space to work, play and eat in this home.  It’s quite ironic because this house is smaller than the previous one.

We are truly grateful for this new home.

This is a repost of one of our encounters with Sec. Angelo Reyes. Some people knew him for many other things. We knew him as an Advocate for the environment. Your jokes will surely be missed, Sir.

Not two but three birds with one stone
It’s been busy this whole week especially the latter part of my weekend. I was asked to do another dance photo shoot by my friend last Thursday and then my family and I had to leave early Friday for a tree planting event hosted by the Green Army at the Angat Dam Watershed were hubby was invited to participate. Since we are a homeschooling family we really wanted to bring our kids to have this experience. We thought it would be a good opportunity to teach them about being responsible for their environment and how they can help in their own little way. The event was a joint effort by the Department of Energy, the Task Force on Climate Change and the National Power Corporation (Napocor) with participation from various NGOs like WWF (where hubby works) and Green Army.

This actually ranks as one of the best things I have ever done so far and more importantly, we got to do something socially relevant as a family. Together with our kids, Kairos, 8 and Aemu, 5 and some other team members we were tasked to prepare 500 seedlings out of a target 10,000 seedlings for the watershed nursery.  It was no longer about me and hubby doing all the work but we sort of did it assembly line style with the two kids packing the soil into the potting bags and hubby and I putting in the seedlings and doing quality control. My kids were unstoppable. It was tiring but it was a good reason to get tired.

Hitting not two but three birds with one stone, this is then my long delayed answer to Jan’s coffee break question about fond memories with my family and memorable mommy moments. I definitely have a lot of memories with my family too many to mention and I am anticipating there will be many more to come. For now, it would be this – when we spent our weekend at the Angat Water Dam Watershed as warriors for nature helping our environment one tree at a time with my kids making a statement as the youngest participants in the almost 500 volunteers, this is one weekend to remember in my scrapbooks. Definitely  worth more than baseball trophies. This just makes me one tootin’ proud mama.


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Went frantic today looking for a way to activate our iPad’s 3g capability. We’ll be out in the next few days, so Tes has to keep online in a mobile manner. So I phone my friend from Globe, Bong Gonzalez as he’s doing his workout in Makati. I ask him what he thinks is the best solution considering microsims are hard to find. He suggests getting a MyFi device instead. This lets you use a regular sim and you have the option to go prepaid. I think we’ll be checking this out tomorrow.