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Frustration gripped me as I walked in the department store…I went to the men’s section…then to the ladies section…finally to the kids section…I couldn’t find it!  In the men’s section I only found loose pants, copy cats of originals designed for America’s obese.   In the ladies section,  I only found substitutes in blues and grays.  I finally found it in the kids section only to realize it was small and black! I wished I spent more time searching for it in front of my ACER Aspire.  Didn’t Nacho Libre say “there comes a point in life when a man must wear TIGHTS”!!!  ARGGHHH!  I finally decided on white boxers instead.

Rean here…

October is about to end and Christmas is fast approaching.  The twinkling of Parols are once again commonplace in the streets.  Artificial Christmas trees reclaim their prominence in homes and offices nationwide.   In the coming days, the hordes of shoppers will invade season bazaars and market places like Divisoria.  Urban arteries will suffer the annual congestion of conveyance.  Oh! The joys of Christmas!  It’s my hope that the focus this season will be to give to people rather than to get.

Rean here…

Since my childhood, dance has always been a part of my life.  There would often be an inner beat that I could follow to express myself through my body.  There were times when I was so conscious about my technical abilities as a dancer similar to a teenager’s perusing of   There were other times when I was bothered about what people would say if I did something lyrical like jazz or ballet.  Through all these times, one truth has remained, I dance for God.   It is the vehicle through which I declare the goodness of my Creator and Savior.  It is the pulpit on which I stand.   While I continue to hone my skill as a teacher and dancer, it is the Spirit of God that makes me effective in my mission.

Rean here

The last couple of days have been very exciting for me. After so many years, I joined a contemporary dance workshop conducted by Compania Artemis Danza. What was even more delightful was the nature of the technique taught: Post-modern influenced by Aikido. SUPER! I was flushed with adrenalin that I started doing the leaps and bounds. I seemed oblivious to the fact that I’m in my late 30’s. A reality check came as I hit my face on the floor as landed from a leap. It wasn’t the best acne treatment, but it sure gave me the grounding I needed. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Camille here with a little Pet Talk 🙂

We missed the “free rabies shots for parishioners’ dogs” event a few weeks back. We look forward to those because it’s the only way our little (not really) Juniper Joe gets her shots. But my mom mentioned that even if we knew of that event, we wouldn’t be able to take our dachshund there. “She’s too heavy. I can’t carry her by myself,” my mom stated.
You might think, “What? It’s just a dachshund!” but the truth is, our dog is overweight, and therefore, heavy. She doesn’t get any exercise (no one walks her) and she just sleeps all day (just like most people in our household, hahaha). I am aware of the health risks she faces, but she’s a real big eater. She’ll probably hate us if we put her on a diet.
Think diet pills work on dogs? Kidding. I guess if her owners themselves won’t diet, I suppose she won’t either.

Camille here again with one of my Me and my MOMents teehee 🙂

“Look, excess baggage.” My mom complained as she stood in front of the mirror holding onto her saddlebags which were noticeable in the tight shirt (mine) she was wearing. Her tummy wasn’t that big before. It’s because she kept going to her old high school classmates’ get-togethers and eating too much, I said.
“Hmph. I’ll just use the slimming wrap your aunt gave me,” she huffed.
A final brush of her hair and some last-minute instructions, she left for another one of those reunion thingies. I asked her to bring home doughnuts.

Camille here again! woot woot!
I need a new pair of jeans. Most of my old ones barely fit me anymore. And jeans shopping is absolute torture for me. I can’t seem to find ones that fit my body type (small waist, broad hips). I absolutely don’t like skinny jeans, which unfortunately are the ones most stores seem to offer. “It’s because your hips are too big. You should try to lose weight,” my mom once commented. I refused to give up food for dieting, and even with the option of having the safest diet pills that work, I still won’t do it. I don’t look good skinny.
Maybe I should try looking at skirts now..

Yey, my first post! I’ll be contributing here starting today.  (clap) Here goes… – Camille

“I want a new flatscreen TV for Christmas,” I told my mom when we were out window shopping in a nearby mall. Our more-than-a-decade-old TV needed replacing.
As we were browsing in the appliances section, I noticed that most of them were LCD TVs. Only a few CRT-type TVs were around, and I wanted the CRT-type. One that fit on our TV stand. Well, most  of those LCD TVs don’t need TV stands anyway, as they can just be conveniently mounted on your wall. If only those LCD TVs weren’t that expensive and a nightmare to our electric bill.
My mom and I left the appliance store, sighing and semi-plotting to make my brother pay for a new TV.

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Watch out for guest bloggers coming up pretty soon! Can’t wait, woohoo!

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Today, October 15, is Blog Action Day. It’s an annual event  where bloggers all over the world post about the same issue on the same day  to spark a global discussion about that issue and move people to action. This year, it’s all about water. Right now, the timing couldn’t be any better in this part of the world because  the weather bureau just issued a typhoon warning re a storm that is about to enter the country. With Ondoy still fresh in our memories, the threat of another massive flood has triggered (in a good way) awareness and therefore local officials are prepared, hopefully, more than ever. Images of cars floating in flood waters and malls and steel buildings submerged to the rooftops still linger in our memory. No one person can do the job alone. It takes a collective conscious effort on all of us to make a difference. If you want to make a difference in your part of the world, bloggers unite! It is BLOG ACTION DAY today!

I recently attended a teleconference and met my new teammates in a new project I’m working on. We introduced ourselves to each other and it’s funny how a lot of us are working in jobs that don’t match our college degrees. I think the workplace has significantly changed over the last five years where it is no longer strange to flourish in a career other than what you earned a degree for. Nine-to-five careers like banking jobs or office work are optional. The emergence of the home office and remote access is now commonplace. I personally, prefer that because it contributes to reducing our carbon footprints all across the globe. How about you? Are you working in a job that  you really like? or would you rather be doing something else?

Really! I don’t know how many times I’ve moved houses already but it is sooooooo not easy. If you are single and bedspacing, I guess it’s not as hard. But if you are married with young children, it really is a difficult task. Right now, we are in the process of uprooting ourselves from our present abode and planting ourselves a few houses down the road. Just looking at the baby stuff we accumulated through the years makes my head spin. I’ve lost track of books, toys, clothes and household stuff we’ve given away  and still, it’s like a bottomless well of STUFF! But no matter how hard it is… the bottomline is, when the cloud moves, better get packing and go. Makes me think if we should just do what the Israelites did… have donkey…will move. 🙂 I badly need U-Haul right now. hahaha

Seriously, it really isn’t so bad… difficult but not bad. I like the thought that it’s like having a new house every X number of years. It’s an excuse to go to our local surplus supply warehouse and see if we can find a good bargain.. maybe find some Kichler lighting or some previously loved retro chair that’s really worth a fortune. I told dh it’s like getting married and starting all over again. After a while, I realized that you don’t even have to own a house when you get married. Renting is fine because so many things happen along the way as you raise a family. Needs change, occupations change, locations change, dreams change and because change is constant…you need to be flexible. I’ve learned to embrace this constant…that change is permanent. What made it easier to accept is the thought that my life and my family are in the hands of an unchanging constant – God. What is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal. To me, having a permanent home address (that which is seen) does not equal security nor stability anymore. Sure, I may never realize my dream house in my lifetime but the faithfulness and unchanging nature of God (what is unseen) assures me that whenever He says stay or He says move, this is always the best place to be in at any given time anywhere in the world.

Now, back to my packing. 🙂

Rean here…

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