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Rean here…

SALE! SALE! SALE!  These words stir up mixed emotions in me.  While the thrill of good buys are exciting, the stress of the traffic along the way is part and parcel of the package.   Seeing these words on a sign yesterday,  made me rethink my plans for a certain weekend.  The same emotions hit me at times as I browse Christmas party invitations.  Celebrating the coming of the Saviour can be nerve wrecking as people stampede  on the road this time of year.    God was indeed right to scatter our ancestors from Babel.  His mandate for us is to spread over the earth, take good care of it and live from it.   Think of the common social, economic and ecological problems we could eliminate if we moved out of cities.   It may not be easy for a lot of us, but it would definitely be more beneficial in the long run.

Ito ang makapal na froth sa kape na inorder ng aking kaibigan nung kami ay nagtagpo halos 9 na buwan nang nakalipas. Ako ay hindi palainom ng kape subalit pag ako ay nakakakita ng ganito para bang napakasarap syang inumin… Mainit…Matamis… at May kasamang Masarap na kwentuhan. Hay! Kape-kape muna tayo, mga kalitratista?

Nowadays, there is so much emphasis on physical beauty and appearance. Looking young, feeling young – the common selling line of most beauty products bombard us everywhere. Every woman would be thrilled to hear someone say to her  that she doesn’t look her age or that she looks ten years or more  younger than her true age. I’d be lying through my teeth, if I said I wouldn’t be happy to hear someone say that to me. But , there’s more to beauty than skin that’s been pampered with face wrinkle cream. Take the case of Lindsay Lohan. My kids loved her in “Parent Trap”. She was a smart, spunky, vivacious little girl with lots of personality and innocence at that time. To me, she was a really pretty kid, red hair, freckles and all.  It’s sad to see what has happened to her today. I’m not privy to her personal circumstances so I have no way to make conclusions as to why she is where she is right now. The fame, the signature clothes and bags and the glittery stuff she is surrounded with everyday cannot mask the disarray that’s within her heart. Her once beautiful, innocent face and sparkly eyes cannot hide the distorted image she has of herself on the inside. Beauty is beyond skin deep. It is more than just what is visually evident. As a parent, my job is to make sure my little girl is not pressured to look a certain way just to feel pretty. She needs to see herself the way God sees her no matter what fashion dictates around her. Beauty that exudes from a heart that worships God, is like a pleasing fragrance that fills the room and mesmerizes those who come in contact with it.

A happy heart can make any face pretty but a troubled heart can make even the prettiest face ugly.

I just finished my executive check up last weekend and it was a real eye-opener. Generally, the results were okay except for a few hiccups here and there. Doctor said my liver was good, pancreas and other internal organs were fine. I did pass the stress test on the treadmill but boy, oh boy I need to burn off a lot of love handles. Ugh! Looking at myself in the mirror was not a pleasant thing to do at all. I mean, I’m so tempted to look up those quick weight loss diets but I know nothing beats good old-fashioned fat-burning exercise. So I stepped it up a bit yesterday…put on my sweat pants and danced while no one was looking. hahaha Sweat, baby, sweat and Burn, baby, burn! Here’s to losing 25 lbs. y’all!

Maraming dahilan kung bakit binabalik- balikan ang isang bagay, lugar o tao. Kadalasan ito ay dahil sa mga magagandang  alaala at karanasan na karugtong sa mga ito.  Katulad ng dalawang malaking pula na sapatos na ito na matatagpuan sa isang fast-food sa tabi ng Lasalle-Taft. Mahaba-habang panahon din ang nakalipas bago ako nakabalik sa lugar na ito kung saan ko kinunan ang mga sapatos na ito. Maraming alaalang nagbalik sa akin… mga tagpo ng pakikipag-kwentuhan sa aking matalik na kaibigan habang sinasawsaw ang mga maninipis na patatas sa malamig na sorbetes na may matamis na tsokolate sa ibabaw.  Dito rin sa lugar na ito nagtapat ang aking asawa sa akin ng kanyang saloobin patungkol sa akin. Nag bago na ng kaunti ang lugar na ito katulad namin ng aking kaibigan at ng aking  asawa. Nagbago na ang aming mga timbang. Unti-unti nang nagbabago ang kulay ng aming buhok (para sa aking asawa, medyo dumadami na ang mukha nya hehehe). Subalit ang mga alaala na paulit-ulit kong sasariwain patungkol sa lugar na ito ay di magbabago at bahagi na ng mga kwentong isasalaysay ko sa mga anak ko.

Salamat, mga sapatos na pula.

Sa mga gustong makisali sa lingguhang pagbabahagi ng mga litrato, halina’t sumali sa LP. Isa rin ito sa mga bagay na babalik-balikan mo pag ito ay naranasan mo na. Sali na!

Part of our home school exercises today featuring the original poetry of my kids, Kai (grade 5) and Aemu (grade 2).  Their poems are unedited and are published as is. Haiku has other related forms such as the senryu, renku, tanka, haibun and haiga. In haiku, it is about  man within the world while in senryu, it is the world within the man.


From Kai:

… the soul expressing

transforming into stories

wonderful and vague…

charged with emotion

that which words cannot portray

bringing us to tears…

From Aemu:

… dancing with no one

in an empty pink chamber

dancing all alone…

dancing in a room

in an empty pink chamber

dancing for Mother…

More to come in the future! Thanks for reading.


A bit of nostalgia hit me upon seeing a couple of ladies in red nursing scrubs as I was parking my car tonight. I remember the days when these uniforms didn’t come in many colors or designs.  My initiation to antiseptic high fashion was when I was hospitalized as a kid in Denver, Colorado.  The pain of my broken arm became a little bearable as I saw the balloon filled  scrubs  of my nurses.

Decades later, I now have nephews and nieces who are posing to join the ranks of Florence Nightingale.   It would be nice if they had the same therapeutic effect my nurses had on me.    Good thing I found  While they don’t have the balloon filled scrub tops,  they have an elegant line that portrays the competence and confidence of the caregiver inside.  The closest thing to my childhood experience, is the line of scrub caps  that have whimsical designs intended to cheer-up the most gloomy of patients.   I sure hope somehow that these items will help my nephews and nieces be the best nurses they can be.


The kids bug me from time to time about buying a Toy Story 3 video.  They really ask for a blu ray DVD, they just want to watch the movie.  I then go on my spiel telling them that the video isn’t out yet.  While they can be quite annoying,  I have to admit that they teach me a lesson about trust and persistence.  At times we approach God as grown ups when He desires us to draw near with the trust and persistence of little kids. As he said, it is to these that He gives the Kingdom,


The traffic along the Tagaytay-Balibago road in the past few days have encouraged us to enter SLEX via Eton city.  It is quite remarkable that this company ambitiously intends to develop a project much like the UAE’s Palm or like NC Outer Banks homes.  What concerns me, however, is the amount of water needed to maintain such a development.  Where will the water be sourced, considering nearby creeks require rehabilitation?  How about the displacement of the farmer communities nearby?  These question need to be answered in any development project  that is initiated.


Tes has been working diligently on a  couple of invitation projects lately. The challenge of invitations is the management of  key logistical information to included in the document.  Clients often forget titles of people, dates, times or even venues.  The layout artist/printer has to ensure the client verifies the data before committing anything to print. It’s definitely much easier to do post card printing than to do invitations.

Space  has always been a challenge in our home.  We may think that we need to have new modern office furniture,  but most of the time problems like these are solved by organization.  We have a lot of things we have not used in years.  So I guess the first step is to get rid of stuff we never use and give it to those who can use them.  Next is to put things we don’t use frequently in a centralized repository while those that are often utilized are to be located near the point of use.  Having done all this,  we should set aside time to constantly restore items to their newly assigned locations after use.  Being orderly should help gain space in the least cost possible.

Rean (again!!!)

After more than 10 years, Tes took her 1st ballet class last Friday.    This intermediate level modern ballet session forced her to do splits, jetes and rolls she hasn’t done in ages.  It was quite understandable that my dear wife  was sore all over during the 2 days that followed.  As this is only a temporary setback, I  expect her to reap the long term benefits of this activity.  The total body work out will definitely keep her fit as a fiddle.  Perhaps it’s time for us to shop around for new clothes.

Once more Rean…

We are a happy for our friends who recently got paid by their pre-need insurance  company as part of a settlement.  What we found odd, however, was that they were paid in a USD check.  So we asked a banker friend why this was so.  His reply was that our PHP is doing  well in  forex charts that local companies have to put their disbursements in USD to cut costs. It is encouraging to see our economy boosted by the optimism of  a new administration.

Rean again…

I recently discovered the fascinating concept of Church Health. Apparently, people in the US go around assessing churches to see if they adhere to best practices  ensuring sustainable growth.   The churches undergo audits in different areas of community life such as finances, ministry, etc.  The thoroughness of these criteria is demonstrated in its approach to physical facilities.  In this category, a church must demonstrate parishioner satisfaction, safety and security.  Here, auditors and consultants look at the position of clocks, fire exits, the presence of an exit alarm and the like.  I guess this is an area where one cannot overdo caution considering incident lawsuits that could happen in the US.  It would be a shame for a thriving spiritual community to close down because of neglect litigations.

Rean here…

For the last few days, Tes and I have been eagerly anticipating her upcoming executive check-up in Las Pinas Doctor’s Hospital. Hospital stockholders like us  enjoy free rooms, free professional fee and significant discounts on laboratory procedures.  We’re expecting a battery of tests on critical systems like the cardiovascular.  Gyne tests would also be of interest to us.  Not that we’ll  rush to the drugstore to buy prenexa but merely just to be aware of any abnormalities in the system.   Our check-up is slated on Sept 10-11.