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50 Languages. 1 Song. An Amazing Aussie. A Multitude of Worshipers. ONE AMAZING GOD.

It was exactly a week ago to-date when I witnessed one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. A foretaste of a heavenly vision. EN2010 was the buzz word around town. MOA was filled to the rafters with delegates from approximately 50+ nations and a Guinness Book of World Records attempt was made.

It was a wonderful and yet solemn moment. So awesome that when I think about it, it’s kinda hard to wrap my brain around it. I felt like John witnessing the book of Revelation unfold before my eyes. Every tribe… every nation (almost) worshiping God. I lost it when Luchie Huang sang in our native tongue. Unbelievable.

Darlene Zschech (Hillsongs Worship – Australia), spoke about worship prior to that. She shared so many things about worship but one of the most distinct things I remember about her was that she exuded the Presence of God. Amazing Aussie indeed. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from her during the conference:

Worship is the sound of a REDEEMED HEART expressing thanksgiving to an Eternal God. – Darlene Z.

I have my own little snippet of the goodness of God to me. I wasn’t there to attend the conference (can you believe that?!). I wasn’t registered at all and I only had a production pass for the ACTS Manila dance numbers which meant I didn’t have access after the performances. DH texted me to register since I was there anyway and so I inquired if there were any seats left in Level 1 because I didn’t want to be in the “Upper Room”. It was too far away from the production tent backstage and I’d probably need a binocular just to see the speaker way out there on stage because all the prime seats were probably taken already.  At the registration, I saw an old friend manning the registration area and he encouraged me to go ahead cuz additional seating was made available and there were still good seats  in Level 1. I went ahead smiled at the girls at the Reg Table and asked them if they could give me a nice seat. By this time, I was just too happy to find any seat in Level 1. Lo and behold,  I got a front row seat stage left!!! I knew I didn’t deserve that because all my friends fell in line just to get good seats for the conference and here I was registering on the second day of the conference and yet I got one of the best seats in the house.  I think it was just God’s way of showing me that with Him nothing is impossible. AMAZING GOD indeed.

I am still in awe and trying to digest all that transpired. I have an EN2010 hangover and it’s already been 1 week! hahaha Anyway, I’ll probably post other thoughts about it in the future.

Catch ya later, folks!

Haven’t had this in a long while. 😀

After dropping off a friend… right after Sunday service, along Tagaytay Road:

ds: Dad, I’m hungry, can we have lunch at that Japanese restaurant Ippon Yari?
dd: Me too, I’m hungry! Hey how about PruLife UK? There it is… close to Ippon Yari…
Me: Are you sure PruLife’s a restaurant? What kind of food do you think they serve?
dd: Chinese!
ds: aw, Aemu that’s not a Chinese restaurant! Can’t you see??? It says UK, it’s British!

uh, duh…

Foodie Post!

A bit late but better late than… well, you know that line. 😛 We had a chance to eat at the Solenad in Nuvali last summer and this time we chose Pig Out! My in-laws flew over to watch the ballet recital of my kids and whenever they come visit, one of the many things we do when they are here is eat out. So lunch it was at Pig Out.

We Pigged Out on:

(sorry no pics of the food – it was a spur of the moment thing hahaha)

  1. Mung Bean Soup – per recommendation of the one who attended to us; Pig Out’s version of a staple in many Pinoy households; love the crispy bits of chicharon that end up in my spoon – adds another layer of texture to this comfort food dish.
  2. Grilled Tuna Belly – ample portion good enough for 3?; if you love spicy then you will like this one – it’s spicy with a kick and loaded with chillies on top.
  3. Country Style Chicken – for the kids of course; didn’t eat much of this one so it’s not as memorable to me
  4. Crispy Pata  – presentation was good but personally I needed more “Crispy” on the Pata; I grew up with memories of the crunchiest crispy pata  bought from the local neighborhood beer joint so all the crispy patas out there have yet to match that crunchy “pulutan” I remember.
  5. Beef Ribs Spicy Seoul Style – loved this dish! Beef was tender and the sauce was just the way I like sweet, sour and spicy to be. Glad we had a little bit left over which we ate at home.
  6. Drinks – old folks had the usual Coke Zero split in two; dh and I had the cranberry juice while the kids had orange juice and calamansi juice.

What’s not on the plate:

Interiors: for a young family or for the barkada crowd, the picnic style table set up is fine and gives you that informal atmosphere in the middle of a “fine dining” set up so you can Pig Out even in your fashionista get up. Unfortunately, for senior citizens who need chairs with back support, this set up is not too “elderly friendly”. BUT kudos to the staff who were sensitive to our needs as they immediately provided chairs for my in-laws. I did suggest to them if they could somehow work out something for senior citizens in the future and they were very nice  about it and sincerely open to my suggestion. Pig Out points for that! I have kids and when we eat out I always appreciate it when the restaurant provides crayons and those disposable placemats with games to amuse the kids to get their minds off their hunger. LOL Pig Out has that so brownie points for that too. Another thing I noticed was their unique way of getting rid of pesky flies that find their way into the restaurant somehow. The attendant lit two candles on both ends of the table and I was surprised why she did thinking  we really didn’t need that ambiance lighting in broad daylight. Of course I asked her what it was for. She told me they were citronella candles and that they use those candles to shoo the flies away. Hmmm, decorative and functional at the same time. We like that. hahaha

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience.  So if you happen to be looking for an out of town foodie trip you might want to check them out at the Solenad in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

All this talk about food is making me gain weight, I need to make sure I find weight loss pills that work virtually hahaha. Until the next foodie trip post!

SYTYCD Season 7 front runner and former Miami City Ballet Principal Soloist, Alex Wong got injured during rehearsals and reports say that he might have ruptured his Achilles tendon. Sad. Among all of the contestants this season, Alex is my fave. He is not only technically good because of his ballet training but he has that inner quality that sets him apart from all the rest. I became a fan from the first routine he did on SYTYCD. The Sonya Tayeh choreography of  “Hallelujah”  he danced with Allison was just amazing. The second routine he did with Twitch was just off the charts. Talk about quick weight loss in under 3 minutes! Amazing how he incorporates his ballet training into the hip hop routine. Of course kudos to Napoleon and Tabitha for the awesome choreography. BRAVO! Check out this video. I promise you’ll want to watch it over and over again!

I was looking forward to seeing him do other styles but more than that I wish a speedy recovery for him. Can’t wait to see him dance again!

A little boy’s tale at the time of Typhoon Basyang. I was oblivious to the fact that there was a typhoon. I thought it was one of those typical rainy days that happen once in a while, messing up my laundry schedule every now and then. Apparently, it was not. The wind howled all through the night. The trees bent their thick branches. Some attempted to confront their unseen opponent and proudly stood high and mighty. Others won. Some sadly suffered an uprooting.

In the middle of all that, a typical consequence wasn’t far away. BROWNOUT. In our case it lasted 18 hours or so. So what do you do when all technology comes to a halt? When you are at the last bar of your latest and greatest gadget’s battery…? What do you do when you realize that all you really need in this world is food and water? STOP! That’s not my ‘kwento’. I’m not going to go into the philosophical analysis of all that.  Not in this post anyway. hahaha I just want to tell you a little story about what my 10-year old son and I did during the brownout. WE SIMPLY TALKED. Nothing earth-shaking. Nothing about saving the country or the world from the ravaging effects of climate change. I simply listened while my son talked. I listened to what he said and more intently on what he did not say.

It’s been a long way since that time when he was still in my tummy and the biggest decision I had back then was choosing which best prenatal vitamin to take. Ten years later. It’s not that simple anymore.  We had a discussion about TRUST. I gave my son a hypothetical situation. I asked him “Son, if I asked you to jump from the top of the stairs and I told you I would catch you, would you?” I sensed his hesitation and that told me that there was a TRUST issue involved. With a little more probing and a lot of questions and patient waiting for answers, he admitted he had a lot of FEARS. He said he was afraid of the height of the stairs, or that I wouldn’t be able to catch him etc. etc. And then he opened up some more about his other fears like the Annoying Orange videos, bad dreams and sad consequences of children in stories he has read.  I explained to him in words that he could understand that the only FEAR that he needs to have in this whole world is THE FEAR OF THE LORD. Some kids can stand the annoying orange and not be affected. If he can’t then he shouldn’t allow these things that affect him enter his life and affect his heart.  After ministering to him and praying with him and for him about his fears and letting God’s word enlighten his many questions, I asked him the question again, “Son, if I ask you to jump from the top of the stairs right now, would you?” This time he said yes. I told him to jump. We were both in bed during this time and so I just told him to pretend we were on the stairs. He jumped into my arms and I “caught” him and hugged him. I asked him if he felt safe. He said yes. I told him to never forget that feeling ever again because that’s what it’s like when God catches us. Now, he comes up to me at odd times asking me if he could ‘jump’ so I could catch him…of course I let him. So that’s what we did during the brownout.  The End. 🙂

Yes, m’ladies. 4 steps. I didn’t say fast. I didn’t say easy. I just mean 4 steps with lots of little sub steps in between. This is a follow-up  to my original post  How to Renew Your Passport so I guess this contains the latest information and updates. I’ve taken some pictures to give you a visual so that you know what to expect when you go to the DFA. If you  left a comment or question under the original  post that was unanswered, perhaps your queries might be answered in this latest post. I’m not a travel agent nor do I claim to be an expert in this area nor am I a DFA employee. My aim is simply to consolidate all the bits and pieces of information about renewing your passport all into one post. Hopefully, someone will find the information useful.

Here’s how our regular passports have evolved.

Above: MAROON Passport (left), GREEN Passport (right) – issue discontinued, will expire as scheduled on their original expiration dates, some countries may deny entry to holders of the green, handwritten passports;

Machine Readable Passport or MRP. (left)  (I have this one right now.) The MRP is no longer shown as an option on the sidebar of the DFA website. My guess is that they are slowly phasing it out and all renewals will be the ePass type. I intend to convert mine to an ePass even before the scheduled expiration date. Electronic Passport, Biometric or better known as  ePass. (right) This is the current type of passport being issued by the DFA right now. The little rectangle  below the word “Pasaporte” differentiates it from the MRP.

A little note about the ePass:

The ePassport takes the MRP to the next higher level and standard in travel documents:  an embedded microchip containing the following: Data essential in verifying the passport holder’s identity, including the holder’s personal data, biometrics and digital signature. This chip is interoperable, that is to say, it can be read by any standard passport machine reader in border controls worldwide.

  • A complex laminate that protects the data page against tampering;
  • Customized invisible images on every page; and
  • A hidden and coded technology that allows the encoding of the holder’s name and passport number on the passport photo.

source: DFA – Speech of Dr. Alberto Romulo  (my note: ‘next higher level‘ sounds kinda redundant…)

Before I get into the steps to renewing your passport, check out this list:

4 Steps  you need to take BEFORE going to the DFA:


  • SET AN APPOINTMENT. By CALLING (02)737-1000 or by APPLYING ONLINE at If you call, a Customer Care Officer will assist you in setting your appointment. He/She will ask you to provide your personal info and will advise you on the applicable requirements you need to bring on your scheduled appointment. If you apply online, you have two types of appointments to choose from – INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY. You need to FILL UP an online form based on the type of appointment you choose and CHOOSE an appointment DATE and TIME. Allot enough time to process your passport and the time of your travel. We set our appointment early May 2010 and we were scheduled June 30, 2010. If you are in a hurry, you might not be able to leave according to your schedule. Anyway, if you do have the time, these are how the online forms look like:

Did You Know?

ALL passport applicants scheduled for appearance must appear physically at the DFA at the date and time of their scheduled personal appearance for data and image capturing. This applies ALL to  passport applicants, aging from 0 years old onwards. DFA is strict about the personal appearance system, absolutely no chaperone allowed for passport applicants aging 18 years old onwards.


  • DOWNLOAD, PRINT and FILL OUT the passport application forms completely with the appointment reference numbers. WRITE DOWN the reference number given to you because it will be used to cross-check your appointment once you get to the DFA. We were not able to print out the forms because my dh’s laptop crashed. It was actually a blessing in disguise because we found out a glitch in the online appointment system. We contacted Customer Service and discovered that dh was not included in the appointment list even though he applied for himself and our two kids. The system only reflected  our kids’ appointment and his could not be found. It’s a good thing that he had a copy of the appointment reference number so they were able to trace the appointment. Thank God!


  • ASSEMBLE all your requirements. PHOTOCOPY all necessary documents. Applicants will not be admitted at the entrance gate without valid appointment and application forms. For a detailed listing of passport renewal requirements you can check out my previous post How to Renew Your Passport or DFA.


  • ARRIVE EARLY. You must be at the DFA Consular Office 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Early/Late comers will not be entertained. By experience, our June 30 schedule got bumped off because it was declared a holiday. We were given the option to choose which day and what time to go so they were a bit more lenient because of that. Otherwise, as with any other appointment, don’t arrive on time. Arrive before the time. On your appointment date, proceed to the DFA Consular Office located at ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City (see map below).

Location Map

Here’s a pic I took on our way to the DFA.

Did You Know?

The DFA Passport Appointment System by Internet is currently available ONLY for the DFA Passport in Manila. It is important that all the needed details (i.e. full name, date of birth, place of birth, latest passport number and date of issuance) are provided when you make the request for appointment.

So you’ve done Steps 1 through 4 and finally, you’re all set to go to the DFA. Here’s what you need to do now.

How to Renew your Passport in 4 steps (DFA Aseana)

STEP 1 – Processing

  • PRESENT your printed application form and supporting documents to the Appointment Counter. You will find them immediately as you enter Gate 2 of DFA Aseana. The assigned personnel will verify your papers and your reference number. Once completed, they will direct you to GET your queue number at the Information Counter and then WAIT for your turn inside the Processing Area. Your queue number will appear on the monitor indicating what processing window you will go to.

Here’s what the Processing Area looks like. There are 23 windows (not all are open) available.

Here’s where we sat while waiting for our turn. Wish we had patio cushions but it was kinda fast so it was fine. It was a bit like playing musical chairs.

After the shortest wait in the whole process here’s what happens next. Submit all your documents to the person behind the counter for verification and inform them the type of processing you want – Regular or Rush (Expedited). They will ask you to sign some forms re receiving your canceled passport and you will be directed to the next step.

Did You Know?

Passport Fees

Regular Processing: Php 950.00 (20 working days)

Rush Processing: Php 1,200.00 (10 working days)

An additional fee of Php 200.00 will be charged for processing of Lost Passports if it is still valid.

STEP 2 – Payment

  • Hooray, you survived Step 1 so now it’s on to Step 2. GO TO THE SECOND FLOOR and look for the Passport Enrollment Center. You won’t miss it. Go inside this room and PAY your passport fees at the CASHIER.  After that, go a little further into the room and GET another number and wait for it to be flashed onscreen. Once you see your number, proceed to your assigned enrollment booth.  Step 2’s a fairly easy step, depending on how long the line is. You’ll be done with this one within tolerable time.

Here are a few more pics to show you how it looks like.

The Passport Enrollment Center. Note: the spelling looks a bit weird and shows up in my spell check so I’m sticking to the old spelling.

This is how it looks like inside. You can see where the cashier windows are.

Don’t forget to get your number at Number 3 or else they won’t process your enrollment.

STEP 3 – Enrollment

  • Step 3 is where it get’s a bit tricky. This is the part where they do all the biometric stuff. They encode all the data in your application form, get your thumbmarks (left and right) and they take your picture against a light blue background. No need to bring pictures that get rejected after you’ve done all the queuing and waiting. Since that’s a lot to do just for one application, how much more if you’re a family. So this is the longest part of the whole process. The number we picked was 2500 so we had to wait for a looooooong while before it became our turn.

Here are more pics to give you an idea of what it’s like.

Check out the numbers on the screen. We picked 2500 so you can imagine how looooooooooooooong we had to wait for our turn.

This is what happens when you become bored from waiting. A poor paparazzi shot of Benjie Paras (the one in stripes) who was there that day.

On the wall near the escalator…going up to the 2nd floor.

The holding area (the view from outside)… where people inside waited… and waited… and waited…

Can you tell how bored I am…

FINALLY!!! Our turn…

Data Encoding. Check. Fingerprints. Check. Signatures. Check. Snapshot. Check. Hallelujah!!! It’s almost  5 0’clock…whew! We made it!

STEP 4 – Delivery

  • Finally, the long wait is over and you’ve done Steps 1 through 3. You now have the option of claiming your passport personally or have it delivered to your doorstep via courier. We opted for the latter since we didn’t want to go back to the DFA.

After 2 weeks… and a day earlier… TADA!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Ü lol


Did You Know?

ePassport is now available in 19 RCOs Nationwide.

As of June 18, 2010, the Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of Consular Affairs encourages the public to avail of the passport processing and/or renewal in any of the 19 Regional Consular Offices (RCOs) located nationwide.

The RCOs are located in:

  • Clarkfield, Pampanga
  • San Fernando, Pampanga
  • Baguio
  • La Union
  • Tuguegarao
  • Batangas
  • Lucena
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Legazpi
  • Iloilo
  • Bacolod
  • Tacloban
  • Cebu
  • Cagayan de Oro
  • Davao
  • Zamboanga
  • Butuan
  • General Santos
  • Cotabato


DFA Main Office: Board of Foreign Service Examinations, Department of Foreign Affairs, DFA Building, 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City ° Tel. (02) 834-3080/ 3083 ° Fax (02) 551-5976

DFA RCO Baguio: Don Monsylito Building, 16 Legarda Road, Baguio City ° Tel (074) 424-3358, 442-2258 ° Fax (074) 442-2255

DFA RCO La Union: Pasado Building, Pagdalagan Norte, San Fernando, La Union ° Tel (072) 888-3733, 888-3107 ° Fax (072) 888-5484 ° Email: ,

DFA RCO Tuguegarao: Municipal Building, Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley ° Tel (078) 846-4813, 846-1482 ° Fax (078) 846-2310 ° Email:

DFA RCO Clark Field: Balikbayan Shopping Mall, Claro M. Recto Avenue, Clarkfield, Angeles, Pampanga ° Tels. (045) 599-7777 ° Fax No. (045) 599-6555 ° Email:

DFA RCO Lucena: 3rd Floor, Pacific Mall, M.L. Tagarao St., Barangay III, Lucena City ° Tel. (042) 710-4526, 373-1898 ° Email:

DFA RCO Puerto Princesa: 2nd Floor, Puerto Princesa City Coliseum, National Highway, Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City

DFA RCO Legazpi: 4/F, LCC Expressmart Building, Rizal St., Legazpi City ° Tel. (052) 480-3000, 820-3396 ° Fax (052) 480-1773 ° Email: dfa_

DFA RCO Iloilo: Yulo Street, Iloilo City ° Tel. (033) 336-1737, (02) 487-3041 ° Fax (033) 335-0221 ° Email:

DFA RCO Bacolod: 2nd Floor, East Block Square, Circumferential Road, Barangay Villa Monte, Bacolod City ° Tel. (034) 434-8338

DFA RCO Cebu: Causing Lozada Building, Osmena Blvd. cor Lapu-lapu Street, Cebu City ° Tel. (032) 256-3193, 253-6798 ° Fax (032) 256-0624 ° Email: ,

DFA RCO Tacloban: Leyte SMED Center, Capitol Site, Sn. Enage, Tacloban City ° Tel. (053) 321-8233, (053) 321-8237 ° Fax (053) 321-8237 ° Email: ,

DFA RCO Zamboanga: Go-Velayo Building, Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City ° Tel. (062) 991-4398, (062) 991-2202 ° Fax (062) 991-7958 ° Email:

DFA RCO Cagayan de Oro: Geleng Building, Lapasan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City ° Tel. (08822) 724-309, (088) 857-2175 ° Fax (08822) 726-578 ° Email: ,

DFA RCO Davao City: Ebro-Pelayo Building, E. Jacinto Street, Davao City ° Tel. (082) 227-3900, 224-4885, 227-0713 ° Fax (082) 221-4552, 227-0712 ° Email: ,

DFA RCO Butuan: CESIA Building, Montilla Boulevard, Butuan City ° Tel. (085) 342-7822 ° Fax (085) 342-5700 ° Email:

DFA RCO General Santos: Gaisano Complex, J. Catolico St. Lagao, General Santos City ° Tel. (083) 553-8380, 826-9089 ° Email:

DFA RCO Cotabato: People’s Palace,City Hall, Cotabato City ° Tel. (064) 421-3478 ° Fax (064) 421-3495

ETA: (edited to add)

DFA RCO Pampanga

City Central TrTerminal (CCTT)
Lazatin Blvd., Corner Olongapo-Gapan Road
San Juan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Tel. No: (045) 961-6175
Email add:

More RCOs will be opened this year and in the future to further enhance the issuance of passports to all Filipinos travelling overseas.

The Philippine ePassport is also now being issued by the following Foreign Service Posts (FSPs), namely: Agana, Brunei Darussalam, Chicago, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Osaka, Ottawa, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington D.C.

Other FSPs are expected to issue the ePassport in due course.

The Philippine passport is also widely accepted by most commercial establishment as a valid government-issued identity document.
(source: DFA Public Advisory)
Thanks for reading this far. It’s been a looong post but I hope you find it useful. If you find it helpful, comments are highly appreciated. Shameless plug – if you want to stay up to date with the latest on my blog – follow me on twitter.

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Today I was watching a rehearsal of a ballet company.  While most teens are preoccupied with the latest pronexin review, these girls are worrying about how to keep their bourrees nice and tight.  They work hard to ensure their arabesques are high and that they  can execute their dances with character.  Girls  nowadays consider beauty a high priority but these young ladies also concern themselves with grace.  Beauty and grace together release the charm in our daughters.

As men grow older, a lot of  us  feel insecurities creeping in.  We look at the mirror and see our thinning hair, our receding hairline and our increasing waistline.  We also find ourselves doing a lot of research to answer the important question: ” does Extenze work?” We do struggle with these in one way of the other. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were young again.  While I would look better, I would not have the wisdom and experience I now have.  I wouldn’t exchange the painful lessons learned in the past for a rewind.  In the end, it is the Lord who orders our steps.  Let’s be grateful for it.

July is my blog anniversary month and I’ve decided to update my blog’s look. Still getting used to it but I’m looooovin’ this new interface and my new theme. Yey! I got rid of a lot of old plugins like a bad back acne treatment and installed new ones. Hello, streamlining! Please ignore the kinks while I figure out where to put what. Check out my new header. Cooooool! Thanks to Lawrence Chan for this super cool theme. Can’t wait to tweak some more. Ü

Blog in the process of being updated… if you are experiencing glitches…please bear with us. We shall return to normal shortly