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I’m back!!! After a month or so of being away from my bloggie, it’s back to regular programming. I didn’t realize how long it’s been until I read that about the shops prepping up for iNSD and Mother’s Day.


As featured in the Products Highlights Section of The Daily Scrapper Lifestyle.

For the April 2010 Issue (read about it here)


(Kit Used: Spring Promenade by Kaye Winiecki and J Design)


(Kits Used: Sidekicks Pack No. 12 by Fizzy Pop Designs and Paislee Press Adorned Kit)

iNSD and Mother’s Day Freebie

Finally, since I’ve been away for so long here’s my comeback contribution to the celebration.  A FREEBIE! I know there will be a lot of freebie hunting out there so here’s one right here. (Much more fun than hunting for cheap auto insurance, eh?)

Download 1 (opens in new window, right click and save as) or

Download 2 (4shared) or

Simply click on the preview to download

Please leave a comment if you like it or share your creations using it.

Happy interNational Scrapbooking Day and Happy Mother’s Day to all. Let’s Celebrate!!!

Our hopes for a new maid this month were somewhat dashed today when our prospective candidate backed out. We were really expecting her to come in the next few days as our workload has been increasing. Had to work on 2 weeks worth of laundry to make up for last week. Perhaps its good to get wrinkle creams considering the exposure to detergent. In the Philippines it is common to have a helper at home. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of the processes in maintaining a home in this part of the world is manual. Most people who get into this job are those seeking opportunities in the bigger cities. Some of them get a good deal by being apprenticed into their employers trade or sent to school. While it may appear a degrading line work, it has been a ladder for some to climb to higher stations of society.

The stress level at home has been quite high recently. My wife rushing to meet deadlines for a major project and merchandise. Times like these call for natural vitamins to keep our body chemistry below stress levels. It is also necessitates prayer allowing one’s spirit to relieve the pressures on the soul. Otherwise, we often find ourselves indulging in carnal pleasures that give temporary stress relief, at best, replacing it with bigger problems. In the end, its our connection to God that allows us to weather the storms of life.

I can’t get used to the idea of eight year olds putting on make-up just for the fun of it. Most of these make up products were designed for older people. Little girls and teens are then exposed to harsh chemical agents that accelerate skin aging . They experience skin dryness or would require earlier blackhead treatment as a result of their experimentation with beauty products. Make up was invented to make people look young and beautiful. If you already are, why do you need it?

Yesterday, I encountered an interesting show on Discover Travel and Living. It was a show on the 10 Greenest Homes. One home had radical idea of doing away with stone bathroom floors, bathtubs or walk in bathtubs. It simply had a wooden floor in a shower area! Wow! The owners said that the wood was specially treated so that it wouldn’t rot quickly. Aside from the environment al benefit of the design, they also enjoyed the safety it gives to their little children when they use the shower. I think it would be a good design for elderly folks as well.

In the past few days, I needed to travel daily from my Sta. Rosa, Laguna home to Metro Manila.  Taking the SLEX has been quite an experience.  Traffic clogs up at the via duct sometimes reaching Susana Heights.  This is mainly due to the rush construction for the Skyway phase 2 project.  Here are ways to manage this going to Manila to this part of the SLEX.

1.) Travel early. I notice that going before 7am keeps you from the high vehicular volume.

2.) Take the west service road.  Problem is that there are portions between Sucat and Bicutan where one lane is closed.  This is due to road repairs as evidenced by the debris floating around.  (Don’t think you need Mesothelioma treatment! ) This option is probably good if you just want to travel to Sucat. You may want to re-enter SLEX at this point

3.) Take the east service road.  You may also want to re-enter SLEX at this point.

Hope this helps. Happy driving

Its summer in the Philippines and people are travelling left and right to take advantage of their children’s school break. Some take long drives to Northern Luzon to get some nice weather (get your life insurance quotes handy!). Others fly to the beaches in the Visayas or take adventures in Mindanao. Still others go out of the country to see some sights. Wherever you go, the important thing is to have the family together. Everyone must have a bit of fun. It must be a time of making memories together. In the end, its not the souvenirs you buy that make your vacation special but the sheer delight of remembering your love ones in those special places 10, 20, 30 years from now. Quite priceless!

Recently a lot of the youth graduated from College. For them its a relief. “No more school, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks” as Bugs Bunny would put it. But is it really an easy life from here onward? Sad to say, life has just begun. The first challenge would be to get a job. Whether you plan to go up the corporate ladder or have your own business, it’s usually good practice to start with a job. Below is a simple process to hunt of a good job:

  1. Prepare your resume. And other legal documents necessary for employment.
  2. Search for you job in the internet. Kids today are fortunate to have or In some cities, they have local employment sites like jobs philly. You go to these sites and search for a job you like.
  3. Apply for your job online or correspond with the listed contacts in the website. You may need to tweak your resume demonstrate your fit to the job request.
  4. While waiting for interview, prepare for it. Talk to people you know and ask for possible interview questions. Try to get a mentor or former teacher go through a mock interview with you.
  5. On interview day, dress in conservative business attire and do your best.
  6. Know your market value and prepare for a salary negotiation once you get through the interview.

If you pass the selection process, it means you are the best fit to the job requirement. If not, then it means there may be a mismatch to what the company is looking for. In the longterm, it is to your best interest that you are not taken. I’ve been in my share of jobs where I thought I matched but latter had trouble with job expectations. In any event, we should be thankful for the experience and trust that God will lead us to the right job for us.

Holy week in the Philippines is indeed a special time. People usually go out either to participate in a religious tradition or just to unwind at the beach. Businesses go through preparations very similar to funeral planning. As I drove past SM Bicutan today, I saw the doors of this normally busy mall closed. Traffic was also faster because of the significantly low volume of automobiles. This observance,  marks that the Philippines adheres to  Christian tradition.  While it is a notable mark, Filipinos need to remember that it is the work of the Cross and a living relationship with the Christ that truly makes us Christian.