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It’s been just three days here in Davao and we are stuffed to our ears. The eating has been non-stop. The parties and festivities go on and on every day and the kids have been eating to their hearts’ content. Of course, this only happens once a year during Christmas with the grandparents. The rest of the year, they make do with what the husband and I can dish out which is nothing compared to what they have right now. Thank God it’s only once a year though because if it was like this everyday, we might be needing an implant dentist Plano en punto! There’s still a lot more eating ahead of us and a little adventure as well. I’m looking forward to doing that zip cord thing in Kapatagan in a few days. I’ve seen it in Sports Unlimited on TV so I hope I’m brave enough to try it. LOL

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bummer…Most of us have caught the cold. Our son was struggling with fever last night.  Today, Tes had a swollen throat.  Could it be HAVC filters that need cleaning?  Could it be the hot-cold extremes we experience in this part of the world during this season? Could it be the stress from Metro-Manila traffic (GRR!!!)Probably.  But it could likely be in tandem with our hectic schedule and our lack of rest.  Oh I wish that we could be over with the activities and parties and  finally have our holiday!

Its this time of the year when our calendars are clogged with Christmas party appointments.  We then scramble to get our exchange gifts items. We receive gifts and  pig out with the delicious food.  The next day we think about taking a slimming pill.

Today, I witnessed a different kind of Christmas party.  All the kids were asked to bring candies.  During the party they were asked to put candies of the  same kind in piles. These piles were next to one another, forming a line.  The kids were then given bags and asked to take one candy from each pile.  After going through the line, the kids went on another round until all the candy was in bags.   The bags were then tied up and given to the kids.  Were they supposed to have these?  NO!  The kids were supposed to give the bags to the first few street kids that knock on their car doors! WOW!  That’s Christmas!

Today was our daughter’s 7th birthday.  This took the family to the Manila Ocean Park as we acquiesced to our little one’s request. The last time we were hear was in September last year, for my son’s birthday.

We had an interesting time looking at the sharks and reef fishes that abound in the oceanarium’s tanks.  It was pleasing to look at the reef sharks ( white and black tips) and sting rays. My wife and daughter loved looking at the garden eels that looked as if they sprang out of the tank floor.

While it still a great place to be in, my wife felt that the place became smaller.   An area at the rear of the shark tunnel, enabled her to take nice shots of the fish without the tunnel’s distortion.  This has been cordoned off  for their new attraction,  the Mermaid show. While we were there we encountered a horde of school kids queuing up for the show . These tots likely just tackled their exam tables and had this treat as a year end reward.

Other changes we noticed.

1.) More food choices  A new asian food museum was operational. More food outlets at the entrance. If you don’t like to eat the fare at Oceano, this is good news!

2.) More shops.  Little souvenir kiosks and a few boutique outlets were open.

3.) No trash in the surrounding waters!!!

4.) Live crocs

5.) Marshals were now around to guide you and ensure your safety.

I guess for P400 per head, a visit would still be worth it.

Its almost the year-end so its crunch time for Tes and I.  We’re busy finishing up projects with year-end deadlines.  (Makes me wish I were taking florida vacations!) With all this year-end rush, it’s no wonder why traffic jams are common this season.  Just imagine if everyone was rushing to buy supplies! So, naturally, streets would be crowded.  The other day, we were scheduled to go to the mother of all markets, Divisoria.  We opted not to go in the last minute because our bodies were taxed with our activities.  If we did we probably would have been squished by the droves of people trying to get the best bargains in the country.  It’s amazing what you find in this place. You get nice stuff that sell for 2-3x the price in the malls.  If you’re fortunate you get export overruns.  If you get the same thing who would ever know that you didn’t buy it from some fancy mall?

Last Tuesday I was tasked to teach an old dance by ACTS manila to its new company members.  So for days I viewed the video again and again and put down my observations and analysis in Benesh dance notation.  Maybe its just my inexperience with dance notation, but it seemed that a lot of information was slipping through the cracks.  A lot of contemporary positions were difficult to render.  When it came to the time I was teaching the stuff, I ended up referring the video again and again.  I wished there some plasma mounts were in the studio so I’d have a bigger screen to view the dance from.  I had to work with a computer lying on the floor. Another thing I wished was to have taken some time to learn Laban notation and put in my notes in that format  instead.

Our Daughter lost her 2 front teeth just in time for her to sing “All I want for Christmas” appropriately.  A few months prior, we had 4 bottom teeth extracted so as to avoid visits to an Orange NJ invisalign in the future.  Thank God that she has not experienced any feeling of shame because of her missing teeth.  I’d like to believe that we have consistently demonstrated to her that she is pretty in our eyes with or with out the teeth.

I guess the security of a child really comes from the affirmation that his or her parents give.  In a normal school setting, peer affirmation is significant because of the higher amount of time of peer exposure. A lot of times, there exists pressure to look and dress in a certain way.  If not managed or balance, kids will grow up being subdued by the tyranny of the many.  True liberty is achieved when youngsters have the moral freedom to stand on their convictions.  Kids need to be trained to be their own person regardless of what others think.

I was watching ” So you think you can dance” today and noticed the that dancers had fit and lean bodies.  They didn’t have the bodies you get by lifting a Kettlebell or a barbel.  They had scuplted bodies as a result of dance conditioning.  Dance drives the dancer to explore different ways of movement.  As you go through the training process, you end up with a greater ability to control your body.  This is a far cry from the canned exercises of the gym.   So do you think you can dance?

I haven’t written in this blog for month’s now.  Recently, I lost more than 20 pounds and have come within my normal body fat index range.  It wasn’t because of an appetite suppressant but rather due to an increase in physical activity.  I got back to Ballet !!!

For months I have been teaching ballet in Laguna Bel Air, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.  In order to refresh my skills, I took classes together with my kids. Later I began taking advance (level IV) classes.  As I did this, the fat just melted away.

For those of you interested in getting your kids or yourself into ballet, contact me at 09083020319.  I teach using the Russian Based syllabus or the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet syllabus.