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It’s been a loooong while since I’ve blogged and I miss it. I’ve been busy the past several weeks finishing up a project that I took on. I’ve been doing the ballet souvenir program for my friend’s recital and we are now at the homestretch – finishing up the proofreading, editing and all that stuff before it goes to the press. I must say that I have learned a lot about preparing files for offset printing and all the other the technical stuff that one needs to learn during the whole process. I am not a graphic artist by profession – I took up accounting  at the Uni and I never imagined myself doing this all because of scrapbooking. I’ll be blogging more often now and share whatever techie stuff I learned while the hubby and I switch places as he will be busier as soon as the school year starts. For those of you who have been reading the hubby’s stuff, he’ll still be around to co-blog with me while I get back into the groove. 😀

Catch y’all later, folks!

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