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I bumped  into a former co-worker from intel this afternoon.  The first thing I asked him was about where he was connected.  Intel Philippines will be ending its operation by April 30 this year ending 34 years of operation in the country.  I asked him about his package and also about what his next move would be.  I asked him if he was looking for another job or going into business ( a franchise maybe?).  He said he was looking for another job while investing his savings in mutual funds.

I remember my own transition out of Intel in 2006 when I asked the question “what on earth am I here for?”.  It was then that I transitioned out of the semiconductor industry and into energy by means of solar manufacturing, then into the NGO world and now as a freelance energy consultant.  As the years go by, I crave for more freedom.  While I’ve had to tighten my belt at times because of cash flow and collection issues, the freedom I now experience is all worth it.

At this point, I am beginning to realize that the challenge of financial freedom really lies in finding something simple but returns a lot of money.  Why bleed yourself over  complex projects when you can earn a lot doing something like  servicing laundry, teaching kids, etc. I remember another Intel co-worker who sought a highly technical job only to get a poor appraisal later on.  A strong financial base will be the foundation for personal pursuits and advocacies later on. In the end, its really about being practical.

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