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As Tes mentioned in her last article, eating at Kanin Club is an experience. Their menu states that their Aligue rice makes the extra hours in the gym worth it!  Wow! These guys are serious in stuffing you up.  If you decide to be a regular “member” of Kanin Club, then you better start reading Hydroxycut reviews!

Anyway, KC is just one of the excellent restaurants in the vicinity of Paseo de Sta Rosa.  Another place to check out would be Ippon Yari.  The ebi tempura is reminiscent of the ones I tried in Nagoya, where my hosts advised me not to dip the prawns in the sauce so I can experience the chef’s tempura making skill.  Ippon Yari is in this calibre.  While its quite pricey ( Ebi Bento at P490), it does have  a lot of value. The rice bowl is large.  Everyone gets a free salad in a large bowl.  Kids get Japanese toys. All these on top of the excellent flavor.  We also tried California Maki that was superb with fresh fish roe.  This definitely is another place in Sta. Rosa that can break your diet.

It’s a Friday night and usually we don’t cook on Fridays because after the kids are done with Kumon (they go to the last batch for the day) we usually have roasted chicken and barbecue or grilled porkchop from Jimanji, the local village store. But tonight, instead of our usual ‘Jimanji’ chicken and barbecue dinner we had to look for an alternative because the hubby arrived late and missed the 6:30 pm window to place our order. Oddly though, they only cook  a maximum of two roasted chickens a day so if you don’t place your order early, chances are you won’t get any. And so we did. We missed the ‘cluck’ – get it ‘cluck’? Nah, nevermind. LOL

So off we go to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to check out our options. Of course, the kids knew what they wanted. Kanin Club!!! Well, we were doubtful we could do that because the hubby and I knew that it’s usually full and bursting at the seams especially during peak hours. True enough there were groups of families waiting to be seated. But the kids have spoken and value for money wise, it was still the best choice plus you can’t beat the taste, that’s for sure. So wait we did until it was our turn to be seated. 

Now what do you order when you are in Kanin Club? Everything! Well, not in one sitting though. You have to keep coming back to try everything on the menu. Of course, the kids have their “walang kamatayang” crispy tadyang while we tried something else. Normally, we would order the Thai green mango salad, crispy tadyang, sinigang na bangus. Tonight, I wanted something different – I wanted the kare-kare! The hubby went for the lemon chicken and brown rice while the kids, well, you know what they had. So ‘galit-galit muna’. 🙂

We don’t normally order dessert but because we were seated at a table where we saw all the food that was coming out of the kitchen, when the hubby saw the ‘turon ala mode’ sitting on the counter waiting for the waiter to serve it to one soon to be very happy customer he turned to us and told us that we were having dessert. I said “huh?” Oh well, I’m not going to argue about that, no sir. The hubby asked for the menu again and ordered our dessert. As soon as it arrived the ube ice cream parted into four directions and the turon was divided among the four of us. Fortunately for the hubby, the kids weren’t that taken with the turon, he was just so glad to relieve them of their predicament. hahaha

And so the meal ended with a smile on our faces and on our tummies too. On our way out the hubby stopped by the door and called me to check out the sign posted on the door. I took a closer look and what I saw put a smile on my face. It was a certificate given by The Miele Guide, purported to be the first, authoritative and truly independent guide to Asia’s finest restaurants, stating that Kanin Club was  recognized as one of the finest restaurants in Asia for 2008-2009. Isn’t that amazing? and what’s more fun is that it’s just a 5-minute tricycle ride away from where we live. I think diet pills would be a sellout here if Kanin Club was my next-door neighbor… then I wouldn’t have to worry if I ate there every single day.

Here’s to Kanin Club! Cheers!


I know there are a lot of Kanin club fans out there – why not leave a comment and share your favorite dish right here. I’d love to know why you like it and why I should try it. Really!


Matagal tagal na ding panahon mula nang ako’y huling lumahok sa lingguhang pagbabahagi ng mga larawan sa LP. May iba-iba kasing panahon at kulay ang buhay ng tao. Nag-iiba ang mga nakagawian at may mga pagbabagong hindi maiiwasan. Bagamat sa aking pakiramdam ako ay naging prodigal pansamantala, may mga araw na iniisip ko kung kailan ako magkakapanahon na makalahok na muli dahil ito ay naging bahagi na ng aking buhay. Kaya mga kapatid kong ka-LP pipilitin kong makabawi sa mga “homework” ngayong taong ito. Pasensya na lamang po mga klasmeyt pero kahit naman po ako’y absent di ko naman po inalis ang aking LP id dito sa aking tahanan sa internet.  Kung inyo pong mamarapatin, narito po ang aking mga lahok – para sa linggong ito at para na din sa nakaraan. Ito ay ilan sa mga eksena sa makulay kong daigdig.

Narito ang aking mga lahok para sa mga nakaraang linggo:


Ito marahil ang pinakasikat na pula sa buong mundo. Kahit saan, kahit kailan kasama sa mga pagsasalo, saksi sa mga kabanata ng ating buhay, malungkot man o masaya. Nakakadagdag buhay daw ito, ika nga. Pero sa aking sariling pagkakaalam, ito ay tunay na nakakadagdag balakang.

(kuha sa Sampaguita Gardens sa Aklan kung saan makikita ang Precious Moments na mga manika)


Ang kulay asul karaniwan ay sumisimbolo ng kapayapaan, kahinahunan at katahimikan. Subalit pag ito ay nahaluan ng kulay itim ito ay nagiging madilim at maaring magpahiwatig ng kalungkutan o nagbabadyang bagyo. 

(kuha sa Boracay  noong nakaraang Oktubre 2008)

at para sa linggong ito narito ang aking lahok


Ang paglubog ng araw ay sumisimbolo ng pagtatapos o pagwawakas, pamamaalam at pagpapahinga mula sa isang araw ng gawain. Minsan malungkot isipin ang pagtatapos subalit mayroon din syang angking kakaibang kagandahan na nagbibigay kapayapaan sa kalooban… ang unti-unting paglaho ng araw ay nagbibigay daan para ang liwanag naman ng buwan ang syang maging tanglaw sa dilim. Kung hindi lulubog ang araw, hindi mo makikita ang buwan at ang mga bituin, di ba?

(kuha sa Boracay noong Oktubre 2008)

Pasensya na mga ka-LP ha, pero sana tuloy-tuloy na ulit ako sa pagsali linggo- linggo.

Para sa mga nais lumahok sa lingguhang pagbabahagi ng mga larawan at mga piling akda sa sarili nating wika sumali na kayo sa Litratong Pinoy. 

Last year, I was invited to join a free Photography course sponsored by Isuzu (IADI). It was held at the Isuzu Alabang Showroom along Zapote and the course was taught by photographer Toni Cuesta. It was my first formal lesson in photography and I really appreciate what I learned because I now can shoot more intelligently and be more technically correct instead of just winging it. I didn’t know a lot about technique before the class and although I’ve read and am still reading about photography, there are some things that the books don’t teach you. More caught than taught, I would say. 

One of our first few assignments was about aperture settings. We were supposed to submit our work and upload it to flickr and teacher Toni C. would check it online.  I didn’t have much time to go hunting for a shot so I just looked around our house for something interesting to take and I ended up taking a pic of the tree outside our house. Flowering trees are not my specialty but this one is one of the original trees that we had planted when we first moved in.  I love the purple flowers that cascade down the branches of this tree. Now I’m not much of a green thumb and I’ve killed a lot of rose bushes already but at least this one survived. Thanks to our once a month gardener. LOL

You can see more of my homework in my flickr account. I’m not an expert peeps so be kind. Anyway, the culminating activity of the course was a contest. We were supposed to  submit at least 3 photos that fit the theme – Me and My Isuzu and these entries would be displayed in the Isuzu showrooms in Alabang, Pasig and Cavite so that people could vote for their favorites. I don’t particularly like popularity contests because I don’t think I can ever win one anyway. Last December, I think right before my birthday, this was while we were in Davao, I received a phone call from Isuzu telling me my entry had won 2nd place. I couldn’t believe it! There were more experienced and technically better photographers in the class and for my entry to win…it just blew me away. It wasn’t exactly my first time to win in a photo contest ( I also had a winning entry in the first Hershey’s Happiness Contest a few years ago) but it still is a wonderful feeling. I know I still have so much to learn in photography and I know that I’m not in the league of the pros yet but God has a way of assuring me of His grace, His love and His approval of me no matter how little I think of myself. I felt it was His and my dad’s birthday present to me. I just wish I could hug them both…

So here’s the photo that won Second Place in Isuzu’s “Me and My Isuzu

Title:  Their Safety Our Priority

This shot was taken at the Isuzu Showroom in Alabang. Those are my kids inside that brand new Isuzu monster of a car. LOL  No, I did not win the car, I got a trophy and gift checks. hee hee ^_^

Thanks for looking everyone!

After almost a year of earning by blogging, the verdict is – it is absolutely TRUE. Yes peeps, it is true. I was one of those skeptic and wary bloggers who couldn’t believe that you could really earn from blogging until I finally caught the blogging fever from one of the forums I belong to.  It opened my eyes to the endless possibilities you can find online. It sounds so simple a lot of people find it unbelievable. There are a lot of resources out there to help you get started and for those who have been doing this for quite a while this information is actually quite basic but for those who are starting out I hope this proves helpful.

How does it work?

Well, first of all it starts with a blog. Your blog. You see, one cannot underestimate the power of the internet and a lot of people have used its ability to reach the widest number of people in a matter of seconds. Think about how fast news circulates around the globe as soon  it breaks. Unheard of 20 years ago, right? Today, as soon as your favorite celebrity gets caught in an ugly situation or a certain product gets blacklisted because of its harmful effects on consumers, news spreads faster than you can get it printed in tomorrow’s daily. And who does the spreading around? It’s folks like us who blog about it and who have become part of this online community in the blogosphere.

Advertisers recognize the power of this tool and see it as an opportunity to get the word out there about their products. Enter, the blogger. What used to be a simple online journal for a lot of people has turned into an additional or for some, an alternative source of income. Some do it leisurely while others have eventually turned pro and lease out “real estate” space on their websites. Nifty eh?

Where do I start?

So the next question you probably have is how do I do it? Where do I start? I have encouraged a lot of my friends to try this thing out and like myself, not knowing what to do or wondering whether I’m doing it the right way or the most important question I think they have on their mind is – Is this a scam? Hopefully after you read this post you’ll be a little more armed with information.

The first thing you really need is a blog and of course blog content. I started blogging online because I find it convenient to access my thoughts wherever I am and whenever I want. Convenience, that’s what it meant to me. I try to aim for useful quality content as opposed to just chatter in my posts as much as I can. Well, if not always, most of the time I do try. Take note, some paid blogging sites have specific requirements re how long you should have been blogging before they approve your blog. Most of them require your blog to be at least between 3 to 6 mos. old. Just so you’d know okay?

Next thing you need to look for is a tested and credible site that offers pay for blog posts. I have enrolled in more than a few and most of them I have found through feedback from other bloggers as well. Some of them have proved to be scammers but the ones I am part of right now I’m quite happy with. One of the more recent sites that I have found is I’m fairly new to this site and I still have to get my feet wet with them but so far it looks promising. They have a nice fresh look and the interfaces look simple enough to navigate around. They offer a lot of paid blogging opportunities that you can choose from. You might want to check them out.

The Bottomline

One thing that I have always said to my family and friends is that, if you are already spending  time on the internet surfing, chatting, googling around or just watching videos, why not make a little money on the side as well. You might as well earn back what you pay your internet service provider , right?

If you find this post useful and helpful and you would like to learn more in future posts, leave a comment and what you would like to know and I’ll try my best to post something worth reading.

Ciao for now!

Yup, the first TDS issue for the year 2009 is out and now I can finally post the layout I did for TDS here in my little bloggie. I sorta have a project 365 of my own but it’s not about photos for me. I’m going to attempt to make 365 layouts this year. Take note: not one layout a day but 365 layouts altogether for the whole year. Hmmm, 365 divided by 20 pages in each photobook would yield around 18 photobooks, right? Is my math correct? Anyway, I’ve already done two so that leaves me with 363 more to go. LOL

Without much ado here they are:

1/365 – Look Up (as featured in TDS 01/16/09)

(credits can be found a few posts below)

and here’s the second one:

2/365 – First Ballet Class (image is linked to credits)

Oh yeah, that feels good. So now that you’ve seen my layouts, grab a cuppa joe and hop on over to TDS and check out the new look. For a good news read about scrapping and a lot more make TDS your regular habit. Scoot peeps!

Ciao y’all!

Before the end of the year, I completed a trainer’s course for financial stewardship.  This was offered by Crown Financial Ministries, a faith based organization that focuses on educating people about the proper handling of money.  I never thought that I could  be a good money manager until I got this course.  First we were taught that the real owner of our cash is God and we are mere stewards of it.  I consider this stewardship principle as universal regardless of beliefs.  We were also taught practical ways of tracking and managing money such us using envelopes to allocate money every 7-8 days. Proper perspectives on investments (stocks, term life insurance, etc.) were also discussed.   I still have a lot of work to do in the area of finances but I did learn a lot of helpful stuff in this course.  I look forward to sharing this with others who also struggle financially as we do.

I recently came across you tube videos of a guy in New Zealand who converted a mitsubishi tredia into an EV.  It was quite an experience.  1st he had to remove the engine and the fuel system.  Then he installed a special electric motor together with its control units. He then mounted the batteries and the charging system.  After 8 months of work, it all paid off.  He began driving a cool car without worrying for Ferrari parts.  The video showed him running at about 40kph with a very silent motor.  You could hear his wife say it sounded like a spaceship when he would slow down or start the car.

WOW! This is definitely one thing on my to do list.  I think I’ll convert a VW beetle for Tes.

My parents arrived today from Davao.  Mom will be attending a meeting of the Girl Scout’s Central board.  With this, they decided to spend more time with us after the holidays.  After resting, we drove off to Tagaytay from some groceries and dinner. On the way, we passed by Nuvali.  This again reminded us  of our desire to have a home in this place.  What also encouraged it was my Dad relating the  warming of a friend’s beautifully designed house. On the way back, they were talking about another friend’s house converted to a restaurant cum bed and breakfast.

What do we look for in a house? It has to be energy efficient…Where effort in operations is minimal…Utilizes most of the natural resources of the surrounding environment. It has to be natural. It has to be have nice intrinsically clean bath rooms ( with Kohler sinks). The overall look must be zen. It has to consider the needs of the very young and very old. In short it has to be a place for people rather than things.

Why do we desire Nuvali? Because we believe that it offers the community infrastructure for a sustainable lifestyle.  The developer Ayala Land, engaged WWF to help in integrating the concepts of sustainability in their designs. I remember working with them on a “force field” analysis in a workshop as part of my role as Climate and Energy Officer for WWF Philippines.  Later on, my colleague worked closely with them in the design process.   The property has things like a double piping system which allows the recycling of water for  “non-contact” purposes.

If you advocate an earth friendly lifestyle, Nuvali would likely be the place of your next home.

Happy New Year Everyone! We just got back from Davao a few days ago and we’re slowly getting back into the groove of things. I’ve been reading a lot about Project 365 and all that and I’m kinda thinking if I can do it. Well, at least I’ll try to do 365 layouts hopefully… gulp! So here’s my first layout for the year. 364 more to go!!!! 

[ oops, got too excited there for a minute, you’ll get to see it once the new TDS 2009 Mag comes out on Jan 16. ]

Title: Always look up


Times are slowly changing and  

both of you are beginning to find your niche. 

My hope and prayers for you this year is 

that no matter how hard your challenges are, 

you will always… always find courage and 

strength as long as you remember to always 

look up. When you do, you will find 

what you need. I love you.


Credits: Everything from Cinzia Loosemore’s My Journey Kit



Through the holidays, the family was in Davao.  There we had a belated bash for DD.  Experienced the local version of black friday.  Close family gatherings for Christmas and New Year.  It was quite frustrating not to have good internet connection in the family home.  We had to rely on gprs connectivity which was very slow.  We surely missed our cable internet and wifi connection.  Before leaving, I arranged for my cousin to work on DSL connectivity for our next trip.

Sure glad to be back home, writing this blog.