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At times I catch my DD squinting. She does it while  reading or watching videos.  We ask her if she does this because she can’t read or because she’s trying to figure something out. She most often says its the latter.  Nevertheless, that appointment to the opthalmologist is in our to do list.

In the meantime, I search out the web and encounter  Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses.  Booyah!  Glasses in the Philippines would be about $40! This site got me really interested.  I go through their catalog and find a frame DD would like, if she was prescribed correctives.  This one was priced at $12.95


I did more research and found that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! The segment did show that, if you have simple requirements and you know what you need, purchasing from them would be OK. The Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni include elegant rectangular full rims that my DH wants me to wear.

Never dreamed shopping prescription eye wear could be this convenient.  Let’s hope this works for me.

DD started having asthma when she was 3.  We just came home to the Philippines from CA.  One night she gets a high fever.  She had difficulty breathing and her heart was beating so fast! We didn’t have a car then so DH had to go to the village clubhouse and get the ambulance. He ended up driving because the ambulance driver wasn’t around.  After getting  to two hospitals, competent medical care was finally given.  They gave her steroids and analgesics, eventually she was sent home.

We were wondering, what caused this? Was it genetics? Was it some chemical at home?  Was it molds or mildew? Did we need a dehumidifier?  All these questions raced our minds. It was only recently, 2 years after, that we found the likely answer.  A picture in CA, prior to the incident showed DD having some difficulty breathing in the NASA exhibit at the Ames Reseach center.   We then remembered the room we stayed in was dusty because of an aging carpet. The dust wasn’t that visible but it definitely triggered a reaction to poor dd. Hopefully, she outgrows it later on as she grows older. As for carpets in the home, I’d rather have hardwood or laminated floors.

Our family goes around in a 2006 Chevy Optra Wagon.  Purchased under a corporate car loan , the vehicle has run close to 40,000 km with no major breakdown (thank God!!!). This is inspite of DH’s not religiously following the maintaince schedule.   At times I stress the point that I also own the car and it is not his sole property .  I remind him (short of nagging) to have the car cleaned and check the tires.  I tell him that the airconditioner is  not as cold as before and that the air filter might need cleaning. ( According to a friend, air filter can affect the performance of the a/c compressor). I tell him that oil needs to replaced. Its quite frustrating!!!

Lately, however, he attended this church seminar on stewardship.  I’m beginning to see some seeds of change (fingers crossed).  The recent death of his computer appears to have made him appreciative of the value of his things.  On Wed, he’ll be bringing the car to the shop.  Yippee! Maybe I’ll see more things around the house given up for dead resurrected one day. Who knows?

Riding along the highways of Manila, you see all these endorsements about pills, shampoos, treatments, etc.   It’s just a fact that all these companies want to increase market share by targetting women like me.  You see names like Xenical, Orlistat, Belo, Calayan, Marie France, etc.  It gets overwhelming and confusing at times.  You definitely need to read diet pill reviews or treatment reviews to ensure you’re not risking your body to permanent damage.

While these treatments may have proven a high level of effectiveness in many aspects, they  remain very mechanical or chemical in nature.  By themselves, these don’t give a wholistic approach towards health and beauty. DW and I recently discovered Ki-Eki Jutsu ( aka The King Method or TKM) which uses the interaction of bioelectric impulses to keep your body healthy.   By simply touching specific areas in the body, one can restore electric flow and assist your body heal itself.  A touch to the hip bone, resolves knee problems.  A touch to the base of the skull clears the sinus.   It appears to be simpler than the meridian system of acupuncturists. It also has points to balance emotions, which indirectly affects beauty. When any physical problem is approached mechanically, chemically and electrically complete healing, beauty and wellness is ensured.

in Creating Keepsakes Magazine!!!  After around six months of holding my tongue and after a couple of weeks into October and doubting whether it was really going to happen or not, I found out today in the Scrapbooks Exchange Forum/PS Forum that the ladies there spotted my layout in the October 2008 CK Issue. Woohoo! Actually, they are more fortunate than I, because I have not seen the mag for myself. I don’t really know how it looks like. boohoo  I’m supposed to get a copy from them but it hasn’t arrived yet, probably stuck in the P.O. aargh!

The layout I submitted was a really simple one, (digi of course) and it is one of my fave layouts because it was just one of those fluke things I did by accident and somehow it worked. I didn’t really submit it for publication. I just uploaded it to my online CK gallery and just left it there with no expectations at all. I don’t regularly do this but I just wanted to fill up my gallery there. Later on, CK emailed me and asked if the layout was available for publication. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was dreaming up to the day I submitted all the required documents. It was surreal! I still haven’t seen it to this day and hopefully somebody posts a pic of it. lol

I started scrapping almost 10 years ago and from day one I was just like the rest of the scrapping world, I wanted to get published. Somehow along the way, this desire died and I just went back to my basics and scrapped for my family and for my own pleasure. I did get close to being pubbed in CK years later for a layout I did and posted at CK’s online gallery and it got picked as Page of the Day (POTD). This was last year. It was a bitter sweet experience because it was the first time I had ever posted a layout online at CK and being picked as POTD didn’t sit well with some. So I withdrew from the site for almost a year and just started posting again this year this particular layout included.

It’s my first time ever in a print publication. It finally happened when I didn’t expect it anymore.
Hopefully, it’s not just a one-time hit. And for those of you who have dreamed of it, God keeps note of those little things you have given up on. Like a little girl, I probably had to let go so that He could be the one to give it to me. So for those who desire to get pubbed, don’t lose heart, it could be your turn next time.

Here’s a pic taken by fellow scrapper Craftski (Joan S.) of the layout as seen in the magazine. I haven’t seen it yet actually so I’m so thankful she posted this for me to see. Thanks, girl!

Lookie here:

Here’s the layout:

Of course, I had to use my real name for tax & documentation purposes so you won’t find it under the name ‘teys’. Think you can spot it? Let me know if you do. 😀

Btw, if you are subscribed to the Memory Makers Page Inspirations Newsletter, you might find a layout of mine somewhere in the 9/20 newsletter. 

Happy Scrapping Everyone!

thanks to the hubby for pitching in for me last post… had to pull him away from his books and ubuntu stuff just to post for me… hopefully my PC will be hiccup free soon.


Hi Everyone…I’m a guest blogger in this site. I’m filling in for my wife who is currently working on the recovery of her crashed pc.  My presence on the web is at and

My wife and I both had our PCs crashing recently, thanks to automatic XP SP3 updates.  My laptop was much worse than her desktop because it also had motherboard issues.  So I decided to purchase a new PC. (Actually, its a surplus PC… one more thing taken out of landfills!)  I set up my new PC with two partitions, one for XP and the other for linux.  I wanted to try linux because I like to experience the freedom of open source.    I got ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron and install it.  Immediately I fall in love with the look and feel of the desktop (i.e. characters that don’t pixelate, etc.).  I went a step further, I got the Ubuntu Studio upgrade to Hardy Heron and got a grungy, artsy look to my PC.  I’m also loaded with open source multi-media tools such as GIMP and Blender.

You can download all the installers for free at  In the site you will learn about the different flavors of Ubuntu (i.e. Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio) The site has documentation, fora and even merchandise. You can check out the shirts, caps and promotional pens.

I’m pushing my wife to move to GIMP after hearing all the hullabaloo about Photoshop CS4.  She says that GIMP doesn’t have all the capabilities that Photoshop CS3 have.  For her, its something between Photoshop elements and CS3.  I guess its high time for users like her to be involved in developing the open source alternative.  Since its open source, users  have better chances of getting  their ideas included in the software.  You can check out for details.

The essence of open source is captured in an ubuntu video.  It features Nelson Mandela explaining that Ubuntu is about humans getting humanity from sharing and community.   I guess that’s why they call their product “linux for humans”.  Its definitely time to get software for humans.

Here’s that video, enjoy…

This is Rean signing off for

I just bookmarked Microsoft’s page on installing XP SP3and just skimmed thru it to find out what to expect when I decide to install the SP3 update.  I don’t normally go hunting around for XP updates and I think they should have included a notice to check their website before actually installing this particular auto update. Anyway, for those who have issues with SP3 like me, here’s the link to Microsoft’s page. A lot of items are in red and I haven’t had time to go thru the issues one by one to see which ones apply to me. I’ll be doing that later on.

You can find the steps here. Hope that helps!

What an ordeal it has been. When it rains it really pours, I guess. I had set my PC on Windows auto update and got this reminder that it was downloading the SP3 update. Of course, I thought it was just like those usual updates until a few minutes later. It had finished installing the update and  just like a little girl scout, I followed the prompt to restart. At first, I kinda noticed that it wasn’t booting properly so I restarted several times until it finally got through. Then things started slowing down. After a few minutes I got another notice that it had downloaded a subsequent update and had to restart again. So I clicked that little button that said “restart now” and BAM! On the restart, the screen just went blank and wouldn’t budge from there. Talk about major bummer! I had just installed a trial version of Trend Micro and was trying to find out if I had a nasty little virus that wouldn’t go away and it all went kaput! I don’t mind losing everything else except for family pictures and scrapbook layouts. The rest can all hang for all I care but to for it to happen all over again is not funny at all.  Good thing hubby just finished a certification course on CPR as my stress level had hit the roof that would not even register on a pulse oximeter. Well, just in case, waaah!

Imagine if you only had one computer at home and no way of knowing how to troubleshoot your PC or not even having a back up system for all your data files. Que horror! Good thing that I had backed up all that mattered –  a painful lesson I learned one laptop ago that cost me my kids’ pics when they were still young. Having been down that road before, the hubby and I just decided to reinstall the OS again. I am not a true blue computer geek as this is not what I was trained for but I have been forced to be one out of necessity. Crash course, literally. 

Lesson learned, turn off automatic updates and manually check each update before you decide to install it. Next, always back up your files on an EHD or burn it or save immediately onto a disc. Better “saved”  than sorry.

But every cloud has a silver lining and although this has been one major extended headache that’s been going on for a few days now, I discovered a neat little store that has become my favorite already. Hubby brought me to HMR Envirocycle Surplus shop here in Sta. Rosa and it had all these “garage” sale finds like laptops, desktops, tech gadgets etc. where we were able to buy an LCD Monitor and a 40gig laptop at half the price of what it costs in the regular store. Plus of all things to find, I found a Raspberry Polka Dot AMM Tote-ally Cool Tote with matching Mini-Tote sitting all lonely by itself waiting to be brought home and loved by me! lol Almost $40.00 worth altogether that I got for just P900 pesos. How cool is that?  Who says shopping isn’t therapeutic? huh?

So, if you guys were wondering where I’ve been, that’s the story. Now I have to go back to tweaking my PC and I’ll catch you all later. Let’s all have a great week, y’all!


How’s about some bloopies to cheer you up today? Here are a couple that made the hubby and I smile.

Scene 1:

One afternoon after Sunday worship, we passed thru a grassy area while we were going to our parked car. I found some makahiya or “shy grass”  (that closes its leaves when it’s touched) growing between the crab grass. So I called the kids to take a look at it. Actually, I also enjoy watching those little leaves fold up and I thought it would be fun for them to see that. They were so amazed! So they went scouting for more “shy grass or shy flowers” as they called it and I left them to explore. When it was time to leave, they were so excited to tell me what had happened. They said;

Kai :  Mama, that was so much fun!

Aemu:  Yeah, they’re so beautiful (she said so sweetly). 

Kai:    Oh, but one of them didn’t close up its leaves. 

Mama:   (finally I had the chance to say something lol) Why do you think it didn’t close its leaves?

Aemu:   Well, probably it’s not shy.


Scene 2:

One Sunday after church again, we came out of the building and the gloomy rain clouds had gone and the sun came out and it was just so beautiful we took our time passing thru the small park to where our car was.

Here’s what happened:

Mama:    Wow, that’s a nice sky right there. 

Daddy:   Okay, hold on. I’m going to take a picture.

Aemu:   Yeah, isn’t it beautiful. What a great day for parking!

The hubby and I looked at each other to see if we heard right. It was only later that we realized that what she meant was walking thru the park not parking the car. ROFL!

Okay, folks. That’s it for now coz I need to be moving boxes to make room for some scrapbook goodies I’m picking up tomorrow. Yup, I’m gonna try and see if  I can get back into the paper scrapping groove – I can’t wait to try them out. Later y’all!