Memory Makers Idea Gallery toot!

written by teys on August 16, 2008 in Uncategorized with no comments

I’ve been offline most of the day today, cleaning up the old desktop, scanning and defragging cause I think I got infected with something from hubby’s usb. grrr! Anyway, I just checked MM’s Idea Gallery and this just made my day. sigh! Another LO featured in the gallery! Different layouts are featured every day at Memory Makers and seeing this one at this time after stressing over the ‘puter is a sight for (literally) sore eyes. So here’s a snapshot of the layout as seen in MM :

and here’s a link to see it up close:

I think I’m going take a break from the computer to watch something else. I’m tired watching the defrag screen so maybe I’ll watch a bit of the Olympics. I wonder when the equestrienne competition will be shown? Actually, I just love the equestrian clothing part. Reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. So I’ll check in later while you check out my layout. 😀


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