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coffee break ver. 1.33

Sorry folks if my previous posts have seem hurried, but reality bites while one is dreaming. Anyway, I’ll try to catch up on IOU tags and whatnots and I’ll start with Jan’s coffee break question for this week.

What to do????

Drum your fingers.

Roll your eyes.

Kill the drivers next to you with your stares.

Count how many celebrities are splattered on billboards all over the expressway either in sexy swimwear or underwear or make a note to self to confirm if so and so politician promoting skin care products really has flawless skin.

If commuting, catch up on much needed sleep lost due to the previous night’s gimick.

And so much more…

This might come as a surprise but sometimes (actually, a lot of times) I enjoy being in traffic jams especially when I commute. It becomes a pocket of time where I can find sanctuary from the cares of everyday life. No one tugging at me, calling me for this and that, asking me to do so many things all at the same time.

Basically, I am a creature of solitude and in order for me to function well I need to have those specific times where no one disturbs me at all and I can have the opportunity to process things thoroughly. I turn it into a moment to imagine, dream, reflect and take stock of life and be thankful. Deep noh? Well, having two homeschooled kids, no househelp, work at home deadlines etc., I crave for those moments of silence.

I actually have fond memories of the time when I got caught in a traffic jam years ago while I was riding a bus and no one offered me a seat. I distinctly remember that scene where I was holding on to the rail above and enumerating in my head all the things God had given me like peace in my heart, His unconditional acceptance of who I am, the blessings I had even if times were hard so much so that I was already smiling I think to the bewilderment of the other passengers who must have thought I was nuts. I remember that to this day and it still shields me from the frustration of being stuck in a place where I am not in control.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I know I prepare early and do everything not to be late for an appointment and something out of the blue happens to prevent that, I find out later that the other party wasn’t available at all or was also late etc for reasons beyond our control. I have also learned that most of the time, when I fret and rant about not being able to get to a place I’m supposed to be at and I have diligently tried my best to be on time but the circumstances prevented me from doing so, most of the time it was because God was ordering my steps and orchestrating things to work out something special not just for me but for other people as well.

So I have learned to choose to be calm and spare myself the wrinkles from the unnecessary freaking out and just use that pocket of time to watch how the shadows fall on the ground, look up at the sky and check out if it has any fancy formations, read the ridiculous and often funny business sign boards typically Pinoy, observe the expressions on the faces of the people passing by and wonder what their story is all about and how to capture their moments in picture or in words. When all these things fill my heart and my mind it leads me to sing a silent song of worship in my heart as I thoughtfully consider all these things He has made.

I do a lot when I’m in a traffic jam and sooner than I think, I’m already where I need to be.

Those are my thoughts for now. Dinnertime beckons me and I must heed the call of the mundane. Later y’all!.


My nephew who passed the ECE board exam (you can read about it in an earlier post : grin and bare it) early this year is finally in the workforce. He landed a job somewhere in Ortigas and is living in the ‘real world’. Bye-bye school books, hello paycheck! I still owe him a salon treatment but life in the ‘real world’ is quite hectic and chaotic so I never got the chance to give him the treat. Maybe I’ll just buy him an acne treatment cream straight from the drugstore… cheap eh? LOL Anyway, he also owes me a foodie treat as well from his first earnings so we’ll just wait each other out since we live on opposite sides of the archipelago. Look out world, here comes VAIN BOY!

A Haiku about my life at this moment…

Spinning… swirling… me                                                                                                                         in my ordered disorder…                                                                                                                       random and yet not…

Absence of chaos…                                                                                                                            or absolute disorder…                                                                                                                         can they reconcile…                                                                                                                               

Pushing and pulling…                                                                                                                          giving and seldom getting…                                                                                                               yet filled to the brim…                                                                                                                        

I lift up my hands…                                                                                                                               in childlike surrender be                                                                                                               still in my chaos…              

Cocooned in His palm…                                                                                                                    wrapped in His blanket of peace…                                                                                                      still… silent… knowing…              

  He is God… He is…                                                                                                                              be still my heart and listen…                                                                                                           He is God… He is.                        

– teys 8/25/08

There are a lot of things to be thankful for right now. I didn’t get to sleep much last night cause the kids were sick but now all is quiet in the house and everyone’s asleep except me. The kiddos have improved a lot since yesterday, thank God. No homework for now and the hubby let them watch a few videos in our “vid” room, get it “vid” room as in bedroom?  I think I caught a bad joke virus from my son. LOL  The kiddos just huddled around the tiny dvd player today (nah! no fancy schmanzy home theater seating thing folks, although I wish it were) to watch Indiana Jones and Evan Almighty. The nice part about the whole thing today was they weren’t coughing that much anymore and as the little girl said, “I don’t have to take all those “drugs” anymore, right daddy?” Yup, no more taking “dr-ughs” during my night shift.  😀   Thank God!  My eyes are getting droopy now so I’m signing off for the night.





Just checking in to update my blog. Our house has been a war zone these past few days because the kids are sick. The young ‘un started out with tummy trouble and has been to the ER twice. Now she’s caught her brother’s cough and colds and hopefully we can stop it from progressing into a full asthma situation. So we are all under house arrest, well sorta… cause we are stuck at home and it feels like a hospital ward with hubby and I taking turns doing the midnight rounds for the kids’ medications. Too bad they’ll miss their cousin’s birthday party tomorrow. Hopefully, they recover fast for my son’s birthday in a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t want him to spend it in bed. Catch y’all later folks,!

Have a safe and healthy weekend!


I’ve been having computer issues for the past few days because of a suspected spyware/malware that got into my HD from hubby’s usb. It keeps turning on the brightness/contrast option as if it were sending and using my connection as a portal. So I’ve been trying to limit my online time to test it out. I checked my ZoneAlarm list and I found this: Au_.exe – a file I’ve never seen before. grrr! I’ve googled and read about it a bit and I ‘killed’ it using ZoneAlarm and so far the brightness/contrast screen hasn’t popped up ever since. I still have to do a complete scan all over again and make sure I wipe it out completely.  I’m going to scour the net for a reliable virus scan budget software or not just to get rid of this thing. I can’t afford to lose all the data I have in this one. I’ll be back, folks.

I’ve been offline most of the day today, cleaning up the old desktop, scanning and defragging cause I think I got infected with something from hubby’s usb. grrr! Anyway, I just checked MM’s Idea Gallery and this just made my day. sigh! Another LO featured in the gallery! Different layouts are featured every day at Memory Makers and seeing this one at this time after stressing over the ‘puter is a sight for (literally) sore eyes. So here’s a snapshot of the layout as seen in MM :

and here’s a link to see it up close:

I think I’m going take a break from the computer to watch something else. I’m tired watching the defrag screen so maybe I’ll watch a bit of the Olympics. I wonder when the equestrienne competition will be shown? Actually, I just love the equestrian clothing part. Reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. So I’ll check in later while you check out my layout. 😀


Tamang-tama po ang temang ito sapagkat ito po ang dahilan kung bakit ako nawala nang pansamantala. Ako po ay nag-liwaliw ng konti kasama ang aking pamilya at ng aking mga biyenan at kami ay kung saan saan napadpad sa Maynila at Makati gaya nang makikita sa mga sumusunod na larawan. Dahil ako po ay taga-probinsya, sa siyudad naman kami naglagalag.

Ito ang tanawin sa tapat ng aming condotel na tinirahan sa Taft Ave. At ang nasa larawan ay ang baseball diamond ng La Salle – Taft. 😀 Ganda ng view di po ba? 😛

Eto ang ebidensya na ito po ay La Salle.

Dahil ako ay taga-probinsya, wala pong ganitong gusali na matatanaw sa gabi kaya sinamantala ko nang kumuha ng litrato sa gabi. First-timer lang po ako sa ganitong uri ng kuha at wala din po akong tripod (nakasandal lang po ako sa pader he he) kaya medyo ganyan ang naging resulta.

Eto naman po ang tanawin pag tumingin naman ako sa gawing kanan ng gusali. Ang Manila Sunset na di ko makita ang sun.

Ito naman po ay kuha sa siyudad ng Makati sa labas po ng Shangrila Hotel.

At ang pangwakas na tagpo sa dalawang linggo ng aming pagliliwaliw ay ang ‘curtain call’ sa palabas na “Cinderella” na tinanghal sa CCP.

Makigulo na sa mga lagalag na blogistang litratista sa Litratong Pinoy!


coffee break ver. 1.30

After a long hiatus from Jan’s coffee break, I’m slowly getting back to my blogging groove. I really like this week’s topic because it’s a topic close to our tummies. However, it’s a bit difficult to narrow the foodie choices down to just three so I’ll choose three categories – high end,  middle of the road and  ‘pocket’ friendly dining places.


CIRCLES at the Shangri-la Makati :

If you are a buffet and eat all you can type of foodie then one of the best places to pig out is at the Circles located at the Shangri-la Hotel in Makati. International cuisine is their strength so there are numerous choices to satisfy whatever craving you have. Indian, Japanese, Chinese, a lot of Western dishes and desserts that keep calling your name to fill up your plate over and over again. It was our second time to dine there last week and fortunately the service was much better than the first time. As far as cleanliness is concerned, the proof is in the bathroom and so far I have no issues with them. When it comes to the price however, you better go there really hungry because it will set you back at approximately P1,600 ++ per person. Fortunately for us, somebody footed the bill so all we had to do is relish each mouthful with gusto. But if you’re planning for a really special occasion then, hey, go ahead. You can always hit the treadmill the next day.

The Manila Peninsula 

One of my all time favorite hotels is the Manila Pen. I actually felt so bad when it got wrecked during the Trillanes takeover last year because I really like Manila Pen. We haven’t been able to dine there for years already but my most unforgettable memory about them is their “Baked Alaska” which I tasted more than ten years ago. I don’t know if they still serve it today but I still have to find one as yummy as the one I had years ago. Unforgettable. Really.


Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa or Westgate Alabang

If you prefer Filipino cuisine with that home-cooked appeal then Kanin Club is a must. Their signature ‘crispy tadyang’ is our favorite aside from their yummy gourmet ‘turon’ and practically everything on the menu is a must-try. The first time we ate there, I felt like a judge on Iron chef tasting and savoring every dish they served. The servings are generous, enough for a family to share and the price is just right.  Don’t forget to try their Thai green mango salad!

SONYA’S GARDEN in Tagaytay

If you like it light and healthy, then Sonya’s Garden is where it’s at. Freshly picked greens from her garden sprinkled with edible flowers is a romantic, yummy treat to try. They usually serve a set menu at approximately P500 to P600 per person. I love their dalandan drink. If you go during the day, you can also snap some shots around her lovely garden.


MAX’s Fried Chicken

Now here’s an ever reliable place to dine, affordable and always yummy. Their chicken is true to form “sarap to the bones” talaga plus the price is absolutely pocket-friendly. Sulit sa bulsa.

Chow King

You can’t beat P39 Chao Fan anytime. Busog kaayo!


I have so many more but I’m getting hungry already so I’ll leave you with those choices to drool over. I need to grab a bite, hubby just came in with our village’s Jimanji roasted chicken.



We had the opportunity to watch Lea Salonga as Cinderella at the CCP just recently. A close family friend was so generous and kind enough to get us front row (actually second row from the front) orchestra tickets at the very last minute and so we got to enjoy the show right in front of our very noses. We got to drive up the ramp and use the main entrance instead of the side stairs through the Little Theatre. We were greeted at the lobby with a couple of  booths that were selling souvenir items like souvenir programs, glass slipper pendants, company logo shirts, the soundtrack album etc. etc.

When we got inside I was in awe of the set. It was so beautiful… especially the pumpkin carriage. Amazing! The sound was good, the costumes were great, the orchestra flawless and of course, Lea and the whole cast were excellent. Another Pinoy to be proud of. Sitting in the front row I also got to observe what was happening in the wings and I have to say it was really professional – no stray cast members waiting for their cue. None of the props were in sight until it was time for them to be pulled onstage and the backstage crew were really pro – the transitions between scenes were seamless.  Excellent! 

I never really expected that we could watch the show. I wanted to but it wasn’t in our budget but God is good. He makes even silly wishes come true. I leave you with this SOOC shots I took during the curtain call. 

Ballet is one of my all-time loves. I’m no longer in it as a dancer but it still is very much a part of what I do and who I am and I think I might have imparted this ‘addiction’ to my little girl. Of course like most little girls who love pink and purple, she loves anything and everything ballet. Hopefully, when the time is right we can be able to send her to a ballet school one of these days. Earlier this year, a friend of mine who owns her own ballet school and teaches in several schools as well had a despedida for one of her dancers – Sarah J. Lee. We sent her off to New York to audition for the top ballet schools in the Big Apple. She auditioned for NYCB, ABT and Joffrey Ballet and she passed them all but she settled for Joffrey Ballet School in the end because she was granted a full scholarship with them. We are so proud of her achievements.  

Hopefully, when my little girl reaches Sarah’s age and she is still determined to pursue this path, dh and I would be able to uproot ourselves from wherever we are, transplant our whole family and get those New York movers to help us settle us somewhere in the City that doesn’t sleep for the sake of a little girl’s dream. 

Sarah’s (kneeling, bottom row, right) piece for the NAMCYA competition last year was as Odette from Swan Lake.


It’s quite late now and I still have to pack our stuff cause we are finally going home tomorrow. I had been staying up late prior to this trip, sometimes even up to 4 o’clock in the morning. My skin was already breaking out with mild acne because of all the late nights I spent preparing the house while we were in the city and now is the only time that I have been awake this long since then. So as soon as I’m done with this I’ll be packing up our suitcases and be getting some sleep soon. Yey! We’re going home! There’s no place like home, talaga! 

Finally, I get to update my blog, whew! It’s been an event packed week and a half or so and I’m trying to catch up on a lot of stuff but it has been quite a fruitful time for us. (Thank you to all those who visited my blog, I’ll do my updating when we get back home :D)One of the best things hubby and I discovered was the unexplored benefits of living in a condotel. We were scheduled to stay at the Charter House in Makati originally until we started looking for alternative places to stay. That’s when we discovered the condotel. We were not aware that there were places like these in the city – serviced condominium units that were being rented complete with a living room, kitchen and cooking utensils at a more reasonable price compared to staying in a hotel. Had we known this sooner we would have chosen this instead of booking in a hotel.

One such place that we got invited to stay at was the Fraser Place in Makati located at Paseo de Roxas and Valero close to Citibank. We got to meet up with family friends whom we haven’t seen for quite some time (more on that later). One of the first things hubby and I checked out was the gym. We had been dying to go to the gym because of all the “pigging out” we’ve been doing and we were so happy to find that there was a gym available with no additional fees. Not only that, there were two treadmills we could use at the same time among the other equipment they had. We were so happy that at least we could burn off some of the “guilt” we had from eating too much. Yey! I had always wondered what it was like to live in a serviced residence and it actually is quite convenient especially here at the Fraser Place. I think the condotel is one of the best kept things that we’ve discovered and will be our first priority whenever we need a place in the city next time around. Definitely.