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It’s been a busy week and I haven’t posted my kids’ bloopies in a while so here are a few:

Scene : Preparing for bedtime.

Me : Okay, Aemu. It’s time to clean up now. Clear your dining space and brush your teeth.

Aemu: Yes, Mom.

Me: Are you done, Aemu?

Aemu: Yes, Mom.

Me: Okay, get your sleeping clothes, it’s time to clean up now.

Aemu: But Mom…

Me: C’mon now Aemu, go up and get your sleeping clothes.

Aemu: But Mom, they’re gonna be awake if I disturb them!

Me: Duh!  

I’ll be out for the rest of the week to spend time with the in-laws… do some window shopping, maybe surprise hubby with bodybuilding supplements and most likely bring out the cam to practice. I’ll leave you with one more bloopie :

Scene: One fine homeschool day while the kids were doing their seat work.

Out of the blue…

Aemu: Mom I don’t want you to grow old.

Me: Why?

Aemu: Because old people die.

Me: Aemu, I’m not that old. I won’t die yet.

Aemu: But I’m afraid if you grow old you’ll die.

Kuya: (listening in to our conversation and teary-eyed) I don’t want you to die too, Mom.

Me: Kids, I won’t die until it’s time for me to go and until I’m done with what God wants me to do.

Aemu: Yeah, kuya. God will not take you if you’re not done with your homework!



Ever wonder what HDMI is all about? I learned a lot more about it at the How stuff works website and here’s what I found;

If you’ve shopped for an HDTV, a PlayStation 3, or an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player, you’ve probably heard about HDMI. It can seem like just one of many connections on televisions or home-theater receivers. But HDMI is more than a port on the back of a TV (and the often expensive cable that fits inside). It’s a set of rules for allowing high-definition electronic devices to communicate.

…. the HDMI standard is a set of guidelines for creating high-bandwidth connections between digital devices. With the right setup, HDMI can make a significant difference in a home-theater system. The current standard can carry 1080p high-definition signals, and it supports eight channels of uncompressed audio, enough for a 7.1 surround-sound system. HDMI can cut down on the number of cables required to connect components, and it can even reduce the number of remote controls needed to watch a movie.

But there’s a catch. In order to take advantage of everything HDMI has to offer, all of the components of a home theater have to be compatible with them. Some of the features HDMI touts also don’t yet exist in the consumer marketplace. In addition, there’s a limit to how long an HDMI cable can be, and some users complain that the limit is too short to support convenient setups.

Now I know a bit more about HDMI and how it can enhance even a home theatre system – well we don’t have one yet but who knows, eh? If you want to learn more about how other things work aside from the above check out the How stuff Works website, it is quite fun.

… yes, we are, hubby and I. (deep sigh) Why? because my son’s Kumon teacher told us that he was starting to enjoy talking to this little girl in his class. Of course, hubby was up in arms and told them not to tease our son because he genuinely has no idea what having crushes is all about. He’s basically good natured and since his constant playmate is his sister, he’s more comfortable being around girls and so we are not surprised if girls are comfortable around him. He truly has no malice at all. Anyway, hubby and I keep asking each other if we felt sad that our little boy is starting to grow up (boo- hooo —> that’s me). So now, I can’t shake off this sentimental feeling in me – I think I’m the one suffering from separation anxiety. 😛 It wasn’t long ago that he was sleeping with me and using my arm as his pillow with hubby’s crib bedding that my MIL passed on to me. Hay, buhay! I’m missing my son already….

… somewhere else in your body, is that possible? Methinks that this is true. Case in point, hubby. Since he started becoming more “health” conscious (not “weight” obsessed LOL) he started swimming as regularly as possible. But one of the things that I noticed is that although his waistline was noticeably getting smaller ( hello, ‘ga :D) his chest area was expanding and his weight was still not decreasing. So while he was losing fat in certain places it was being replaced by muscles in other areas. I’m not a nutritionist or a health professional and I can’t say if my observations are absolutely valid but if you are somehow wondering why you seem to be gaining weight even if you are on a regular exercise program, it’s probably because you are gaining muscle – which is actually good. Even the best diet pills, no matter how much you take them cannot produce a single muscle in your body except through regular exercise. So don’t despair if you step on the scales and throw it out the window because you think it’s lying to you about your weight. You might have gained some muscles after all.

Now streeeetch!

Magtanim ay di biro

Maghapong nakayuko

Di naman makatayo

Di naman makaupo

Lalo na kung gubat

Ang gusto mong itanim 😛

Ito ay isa sa mahigit 10,000 punla na naitanim namin nung kami ay mag-tree planting nung nakaraan. 9,999 ang di ko nakunan 😀

Makigulo at makisali sa mga blogistang litratista sa LP. Baka umabot tayo sa mahigit 10,000 din di ba? Klik mo na ang kamera sa ibaba – dali!


Yen handed me this one. I know I won’t ever win a Ms. Universe title but this is so much better. Thanks,sis!

Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”
Maraming salamat… :)

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Now, I’m passing this on to these certified bloggistas 🙂

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Who needs diet pills to look like Ms. Universe when you can have friends like these right?


My ka-LP groupie Chinois972 tagged me with these Random Qs.  Thanks Pinky! ;)

The rules are simple.  At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Prepping for our wedding around this time. :)

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today? 

  • bring the kids to Kumon after homeschool
  • accompany hubby to Waltermart to buy a “thingamajig” to fix the water closet in our bathroom
  • buy rice
  • finish my online assignments
  • blog, scrap, gallery hop, blog hop and sana catch up on watching “yo soy bea” the Spanish version of Betty la fea on Youtube hehe kasi maganda na sya 😛

3. Snacks I enjoy: sago at gulaman, turon and banana cue, fish balls, lugaw tokwa, Potong!

4. Places where I lived: Meycauayan, Vito Cruz, Trece Martirez, Arizona, California, and finally Sta. Rosa Laguna with an occasional Davao in between :D.

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:

  • Give away the 90% and live on the 10% and hopefully with the 10% I can:
  • Travel the world with my whole family
  • Build my Eco-friendly Smart house with a built in studio (photog, scrap, ballet)
  • Build a Cultural Center in the South to house a ballet company and other artsy stuff
  • Support any dream my kids want for their future

6. People I want to know more are BetchayBu-geKomskiIskaJan andThess.

If you like reading newspapers and you are hooked on CNN, BBC News, Fox News etc for the latest world news, check out The Daily Scrapper – your online source for the latest scrapping news. Grab a cup of coffee and read featured articles and writeups, go through the classifieds and check out the latest sales, CT calls and of course the oh so yummy freebies by your favorite designers all in one spot. It’s published and headed by “super lady” Ms. Alice Koh and for now it comes out every 2 weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak at the front page to get you started:

Here’s a little toot…toot too. While you are there you can check out some bargain QPs for sale by the talented TDS Layout Artists, and TADA! mine are also included in the store. Im now a TDS Layout Artist and QP Designer! Here’s my first set ever:

(click image to go to store)

And here are a few LOs I did using the QPs:

Credits : everything from Krystal Hartley’s Moody Hues Energetic Kit. Check out TDS QP Central and quick scrap those photos, PRONTO! 

Happy Scrapping!

Okay, more ballet stuff. I obviously love ballet and everything that has to do with it and I’ve been eyeing this little cutie for quite a while. Isn’t it adorable? All it needs is a gold chain to go around my neck …( hmmm, on second thought my little girl’s neck) and it would be the perfect gift I think any girl would love to receive. Would you believe this charm alone without the necklace costs £145.00 already?  Oh, for the love of ballet, talaga. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish… now na!

Pink Ballet Shoe Gold Charm Pendant

I give this oh so adorable little charm 4 Got tEys.T smacks:

I remember many pounds ago when I did a little ballet, we attended a summer dance workshop held in Baguio and one of the classes that was taught was basic Pilates. Did you know that one of the forms of therapy for injured dancers is to do Pilates? 

Pilates trainer Sarah Aimsworth, a Pilates instructor at the Joffrey Ballet School, has tried various therapeutic systems and concluded that Pilates, with its stress on minimal repetitions, is right for her dancers, and not just physically. Pilates, she believes, is designed to keep the mind active while activating muscles without injuring them.

“You do something three times and you do it right. Repetition is mindless and goes against ballet, which is so mindful.” She also says that she finds that Pilates irons out her dancers’ physical problems.

Now, I’m no longer in dancing form, mind you, but I’m slowly trying to make up for lost time ( I wish it were pounds 😛 ) not really to dance again but for the long haul. I want to enjoy my kids for as long as I can and still have the endurance that Joseph Pilates had even when he was already in his eighties. Having said that I need to stretch my “pakpak” again. 

I woke up this morning with a sort of “stiff” arm. I think I had ignored my not so ergonomic computer workspace for so long and now my joints are giving me away (take note: i didn’t say age LOL). So I asked hubby if he could give me his own version of Thai massage mixed in with a little bit of Pilates to relieve my aching “pakpak”. Who would have thought that exercising with your spouse could be fun, eh? I was trying to do a little bit of rowing exercises on my own but when hubby helped me do it (well, he was kinda pulling my arms out of the sockets for a while… aguy!) and we did it together using the other one’s weight as resistance, it was surprisingly effective. I had my very own “human” exercise equipment for free – with free massage to boot right in my own home! Isn’t that a bargain? Cheap ko noh? lol

I started out as a traditional or paper scrapbooker years ago until I switched to digiscrapping when the kids came along. It was difficult to do paper scrapping while the kids  were still toddling around because we have a tiny house and the chances that I would find them swimming in a pile full of scrapping what-nots and tools was 100%. I usually scrapped on the sofa or on the bed and it was a bit tiring to put them away everytime someone wants to use it. Now that they are a little older I think I can finally catch up on my years of scrapping backlog. I know I won’t stop digiscrapping because it’s so much easier but I think I’m leaning on trying to do a bit of hybrid so I won’t waste all the stuff I accumulated years before. I’ve ordered a few tools already and I’m just waiting for them to arrive. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on personalized pens, journals, minibooks, etc. I can’t wait to try them. I think I can even get the kids to do it as their art project as well.  I think I wouldn’t mind them swimming through my stuff this time. LOL

Sa linggong ito ang aking lahok ay may kasamang kwentong walang kwenta kasi kalokohan lang. Ito ay isang maikling kwento sa isang araw sa buhay ni TingTing.

Ito si Tingting. Pangarap niyang maging isang sikat na ballerina balang araw kaya’t pilit nyang pinapanatili na magaang ang kanyang timbang. Kahit sya ay nasa handaan namimili sya ng kanyang kinakain para lang hindi sya tumaba kaya hayan ang mga braso tuloy nya parang alambre at ang kanyang mga binti ay parang lapis.

Isang araw naimbitahan si Tingting sa isang handaan at sya’y pinalibutan ng sangkatutak na pagkain. Sa sobrang tagal na nyang pagtitipid sa pagkain di na nya napigilan ang kanyang sarili at inubos nya ang mga banyera ng pagkaing nakapalibot sa kanya. Palihim lang sya ngumuya para hindi sya mahalata at mahuli. Madalas na nyang istilo ito pag sya’y naiimbitahan sa handaan pero sa pagkakataong ito nahuli sya sa akto. Di nya kasi alam may paparazzo sa tabi nya at huling-huli syang may hawak na pagkain. 


Mula noon, nagpagawa sya ng paldang malapad na may mga bulsa sa ilalim na may mga maliliit na supot sa bawat bulsa. Doon ay pasimple nyang sinisilid ang mga handang hindi nya mapagpiyestahan ng lantaran at inuuwi na lang nya sa bahay para doon kainin. Take-out na lang di ba?


Marami pang nakakaaliw na lahok dito. Iklik mo lang ang kamera sa ibaba at makipaparazzi ka na din!



Last summer, I got the chance to chat with a few mommies while we were waiting for our kids at Kumon and we got to talk about the cost of sending kids to school. I had a little bit of an idea on how much sending kids to school costs nowadays but I didn’t realize that even preschool, kinder or even daycare would cost as much sometimes more (gasp!) than the older kids. One mom was sending her little girl to an authentic Japanese school at the Fort in Taguig even if they lived in Sta. Rosa because the father who was Japanese wanted his daughter to grow up knowing Japanese traditions. As far as I remember the tuition was really quite expensive not to mention the gasoline expense as well. Of course, as parents we want to give our kids the best opportunity to equip and enable them to be useful citizens when they grow up so no amount is too high as long as we have the means to do it. Sometimes even if we do not have the means we still try to do what we can to give them that opportunity. Fortunately for us, since we homeschool, no school girl costumes for our little girl is needed and no long commuting hours to and from school is required. No uniforms and no traffic jams in our school. LOL