Dito ko po inilagay ang aking lahok sa linggong ito sapagkat mayroon na po akong mga maikling akdang naisulat nang nakaraan tungkol sa pag-aaral na pandagdag kaalaman na din po sa inyo. Ang aming eskwelahan ay wala pong uniporme, walang school bus, walang baon at puedeng mag-recess kahit anong oras. Ito po ay sa kadahilanang kami po ay nagho-homeschool. Kaya … Read More


Kung Fu Panda, Prince Caspian and Urduja

We had a movie marathon this weekend and it was so much fun. We started off Friday night with Kung Fu Panda. The next night, we went to see Prince Caspian. Finally, last Sunday, we just had to watch Urduja. So here’s my take on all three movies. Let’s start off with Kung Fu Panda. Hubby and I initially wanted … Read More

teysKung Fu Panda, Prince Caspian and Urduja

Another Toot!

Yey!  Just wanted to share another toot for this layout I made. I joined TaylorMade’s Designer Spotlight Challenge and was one of those who won one of the main prizes. You can read about it in Amanda’s blog right here –> TaylorMade Designs Here’s what I did for that challenge : TFL! Pin It

teysAnother Toot!

The Beauty of the Philippines in Pictures

Can you guess where I took these pictures? I just  want to share a few of my shots from our travels. I know that there are still a lot of wonderful places waiting to be explored and captured and I hope we as a family get to see more. No matter how bad our country is painted out to be, … Read More

teysThe Beauty of the Philippines in Pictures

coffee break ver. 1.23

Coffee break :     How would you reward yourself after a long day at work? I’m a part-time WAHM so my working hours start when everybody else goes to bed and there’s finally some peace and quiet in the house. I wish I could reward myself more often with a day at the spa or the salon but our … Read More

teyscoffee break ver. 1.23


Yey! Just want to share a little toot today. It’s like a much needed shot in the arm ’cause ds was confined in the hospital for possible viral gastro and I am a little bit off tangent because of it. But God is good because sudden rainshowers always have rainbows somehow. This is my little rainbow for today.  Katie Hilbert … Read More


The Well Trained Mind – A guide to classical education at home

We just got back from a homeschooling meeting today and it’s amazing to see how our motley group has increased. I was particularly encouraged by one of the dads who gave a little talk on his experiences as a homeschooling dad. One thing that he said that really made an impact on me was the fact that the Industrial Revolution … Read More

teysThe Well Trained Mind – A guide to classical education at home

Smart Banking

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is the ability to do almost (almost, okey?) anything even if you are in your pajamas. (hey! strictly PG huh lol) This includes managing your money. The days of going to the bank (whether in your own car or commuting, who wants to now that it’s soooo expensive to do either) are … Read More

teysSmart Banking

Celebrating Father's Day

I’ve been sorta making my own little tradition to celebrate my dad (he went home to the Lord almost a year ago) every chance I get. He was a generous man and gave without expecting anything in return. So I’d like to continue that generous spirit he imparted to me and give what I can every occasion that reminds me … Read More

teysCelebrating Father's Day

A trip down memory lane

coffee break ver. 1.21 – How were you like as a grade school student? Mmmm, this one’s a bit tricky coz it’s just been like a few years ago (yikes! I mean ages ago) so my grade school memories are a bit fuzzy (overtaken by my own kids gradeschool escapades lol) but I’m still going to give it a try. I … Read More

teysA trip down memory lane

School Days, a relapse etc. etc.

I’ve been away from my bloggie for almost a week because I’ve been recovering from a relapse (ugh! not fun at all! NC health insurance anyone?) Anyway, the opening of classes is just a few days from now and I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully?) to get my homeschool act together. I’ve only finished 2 subjects, would you believe? I’ve been trying … Read More

teysSchool Days, a relapse etc. etc.