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So here are some pics I shot at the ballet show. I edited them in PS because they were shot in extremely low light and very difficult to take because I had no flash (not allowed in the theatre) and very high ISO settings. The images were actually almost black but thanks to the magic of Photoshop (whew!) the shots were not wasted. I have a lot more (almost 2g of photos) but I only get to edit in between chores so I’ll post them as I go along. For now, I hope you enjoy these. TFL!



Yesterday was so tiring my muscles are still aching up to now. It was wonderful to see those dancers leaping and twirling on their toes. I could just wish vicariously that I was the one doing a grand jete in the air. I was telling hubby that we needed to get back into shape again. We’ve kinda let ourselves go for the past few years but now I’m more dead set on sticking to a routine or something just to get back into shape. I actually don’t know yet how to do it or where to do it.

Last Saturday, we were at the Bonifacio High Street and there was a trampoline set up near Fully Booked. I saw these young kids being strapped and assisted by someone who looked like a trainer teaching them how to bounce on it. Maybe I could try that as well or go wall climbing instead… anything! All I know is I need to do it ASAP so I’m going to scout around our area for something I can commit to. Be back later with some pics of the dancers that made me desperate. LOL¬† ūüôā

… today. We just got home from the ballet and we are so exhausted. The kids had fallen asleep in the car and my feet are killing me but it was definitely a good show and worth all the stress and hard work that was put into it. We got backstage passes and I got the chance to practice my photography skills on the dancers. I loved it so much I want to do it again! ¬†But noow I’m so ready to fall asleep (yawn….) all I need to do is turn on the¬†bathroom faucets, clean up, get ready for bed and hit the sack… will try to share some pics when I wake up … (zzzzzzz)

Hubby is considering a business concept that’s been on his mind for quite a while. We’ve discussed it quite a bit and one of the things that we think we need to do if it materializes is to start smart with how we¬†build and online store is the way to go. For that we need a reliable¬†e-commerce software that will adapt to the business as it grows. Of course, it has to be affordable, SEO optimized and with excellent customer support. I’ve been looking at a few providers of shopping cart software like and so far it looks promising. I think hubby and I can discuss it in more detail when we brainstorm again. ¬†If ¬†that’s where you want to go too, you can check it out as well.

… Webster a lot. In fact, if I had the luxury of time, I would go over each and every word in the 1828 Webster dictionary if I could. For now, I just have to settle for at least one word a day to sink my teeth into because I want the word to linger in my head longer. I tried to do a Webster Wednesday but I think it’s not doable for me so I’ll just do it randomly depending on the mood I’m in and see where it goes.¬†So here’s my 1828 Noah Webster word find for now:



1. A mark made by cutting or engraving, as on stone, metal or other hard material; hence, a mark or figure made with a pen or style, on paper, or other material used to contain writing; a letter, or figure used to form words, and communicate ideas. Characters are literal, as the letters of an alphabet; numeral, as the arithmetical figures; emblematical or symbolical, which express things or ideas; and abbreviations, as C. For centrum, a hundred; lb. For libra, a pound; A.D. Anno domini; &c.


2. A mark or figure made by stamping or impression, as on coins.


3. The manner of writing; the peculiar from of letters used by a particular person.


4. The peculiar qualities, impressed by nature or habit on a person, which distinguish him from others; these constitute real character, and the qualities which he is supposed to possess, constitute his estimated character, or reputation. Hence we say, a character is not formed, when the person has not acquired stable and distinctive qualities.


5. An account, description or representation of any thing, exhibiting its qualities and the circumstances attending it; as, to give a bad character o a town, or to a road.


6. A person; as, the assembly consisted of various characters, eminent characters, and low characters.


7. By way of eminence, distinguished or good qualities; those which are esteemed and respected; and those which are ascribed to a person in common estimation. We enquire whether a stranger is a man of character.


8. Adventitious qualities impressed by office, or station; the qualities that, in public estimation, belong to a person in a particular station; as when we ask how a magistrate, or commander supports his character.


9. In natural history, the peculiar discriminating qualities or properties of animals, plants and minerals.


These properties, when employed for the purpose of discriminating minerals, are called characters.    

A friend of mine is moving to our village and we’ve been exchanging notes on what she can expect about life here. Hopefully, I can give her a few useful tips because I’ve moved houses quite a few times already and I know that that is one stressful period to go through.

I remember when hubby’s assignment ended in AZ, we had to look for a good Moving Company to ship our stuff back to the PH. That was one thing we couldn’t do ourselves. We had to call on the professionals to do it for us – the packing, the shipping, the customs declaration and all the hassles of repatriating the stuff we accumulated-they took care of. One thing though we didn’t get to bring home was the car because it would cost more to bring in than the car itself. Although if we had told them that we were in need of auto transport¬†they would have arranged for that as well. If you are planning to move anytime soon, you can check out for a free quote. It might save you a lot of stress.

As for my friend, well, she’s just moving in from the city. I think she will survive. lol¬†

Coffee break with Jan – ver. 16
It’s Money talk Monday and Jan’s coffee break topic is quite timely.¬†Her question is:
                                            What is your budgeting secret? 

An accounting background is not a pre-requisite before you can make a budget. Logic, common sense, a clear understanding of priorities and an action plan to execute these priorities are actually the major elements that make a good budget work. Why? Because expenses are Choices. What we do with the choices that are presented to us is our Decision. And these decisions are based on Priorities relative to our own values and lifestyles. You are in fact, a CEO of your own company, which is your household, and you are responsible for making decisions, good or bad that make or break your money bank.

We have been in a budget-overhaul mode these past few weeks because of the recent events in our country that affects us all… the rice ‘shortage’, the ever increasing fuel costs which creates a domino effect on all other consumer goods that are part of our grocery lists, etc. etc.. It hasn’t been easy. If we continued to go on with our previous spending patterns, we would never get out of the “red“. Borrowing the word “doodads” from Robert Kiyosaki – our “doodads” have to go!

Here are some of the not so secret things I do as far as budgeting goes:

  1. Be in the know where your cash flows. Is your spending (cash going out)¬†faster than the rate you generate income (cash coming in)? The devil is really in the details. You might not realize it but that the gourmet caffe latte you had this morning on your way to work could already be equivalent to your daily minimum wage and now you’ve already spent it even before the day’s work is done. Keep a tab on those little details.
  2. Best place to eat is at home. We try to eat at home before we leave the house so that we don’t have to spend that much on food when we go out. Then we can splurge a little bit more on desserts etc.
  3. BYOB. Bring your own baon (packed food) in short. I have two kids and I can’t stop them from being hungry or thirsty while we are on the road so that need is already factored in and is part of my grocery list. Instead of the drive thru, they have their little foodie bag packed with goodies they can munch on thru a traffic jam.
  4. Barbecue it! That’s how I describe it when we have to do chores or errands in a certain location. Tuhugin na ng sabay-sabay. We make sure we do all we can do when we are in a certain place. By doing that we make sure our gas gets its full mileage benefit.
  5. Be a giver. I know that this may sound out of place but this little truth nugget has seen me through over and over again. The more we have given, the more we get back in return. It’s actually the best kept secret that anyone should ever know. What you sow, you will reap and often the reaping happens when you need it most.

So those are my 5 tips on how I budget. I made a little cartoon based on a true story my hubby told me. This really happened to him while he was growing up. Enjoy! 

Budget vs. Gudget  

I recently read in Nita’s post about a possible boxing rematch in September. Who, you may ask? It’s an Oscar dela Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr rematch in the welterweight division. I found it interesting that she liked to watch boxing because I don’t know a lot of ladies who like to watch that sport. Personally, I started to become interested in it because of my dad. I remember every Sunday, he would prop himself on his rocking chair with a cold Pale Pilsen and chicharon, and watch all the boxing shows – reruns and all. I’m 100% sure if he were still here, he would have bookmarked that Dela Hoya-Mayweather September rematch. I would have loved to give him a ticket to the fight. (sigh) For you boxing fans out there, the fight will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. And if you really want an “in your face” guts and glory experience, you can always get your Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Oscar De La Hoya tickets online in advance to make sure you get good seats. As for me, I think I’ll just ask Nita how it turns out. ūüôā

… sa Litratong Pinoy! I recently joined Litratong Pinoy, an online group of Pinoy photographers from all over the globe, and I am finally a Litratista. Out of all the photo groups online, this is the only one that I really got excited about because to me it’s not just another photo group. What makes it unique is that those who want to participate not only get to share photos about themes, more than that, the write up about the photo must be done in Filipino (or wikang Tagalog) and that definitely strikes a “nationalistic” chord in me. So if you are Pinoy, wherever in the world, and you are “adik” sa Kodak moment, check out Litratong Pinoy and join the fun. Ano pang hinihintay mo? Sali na!

(btw, you can find my photo entries here.)

Well, for me it’s not your usual broadband because we have cable internet! We started out with the dial-up but of course, that was sooooo slow. Later on, we subscribed to this not-so-Smart wifi package but ended up disconnected most of the time. Then our cable TV provider offered a cable internet package which is so far the best deal that we’ve ever had. I don’t know what fiber cable of sorts they use, but so far, going online has never been a problem for us. It’s fast and furious and customer service is great. This is one happy web surfer chick, I’ll say. ūüôā

… and it’s not from blogging. LOL ¬†It’s because of our ratty, 8-year old mattress. I’ve been bugging hubby for the last two years that I wanted to throw away that mattress forever because I always wake up in the morning feeling more tired than rested. My lower back is always painful and my shoulder blades feel sore in the morning. I feel like an old lady! ¬†We actually did an experiment a couple of days ago to prove my point. After waking up achy all over the other day, I told him that I was going to sleep in my dad’s bed to see if it was actually the¬†foam mattress¬†that was the problem or it was just me. So I did. Guess what, I woke up rested and not grumpy at all. I am so convinced that if we do buy a new bed ¬†and a luxurious mattress (someday?) I’m going to invest on a really good one, the kind that you find in fancy hotels with the Egyptian cotton sheets and those whatever-pedic kind of pillows that cradle your head so that your spine is aligned or something. ¬†That would be totally dreamy…. (sigh).¬†

… I’m going to be practicing my photography skills on the dancers and I so wish I could bring my PC with me so I can see the results immediately. I took some pics of my kids at the SM Science Discovery Center last week and they looked fine in the viewfinder until I downloaded them to my computer. There were some nice shots but some that looked fine turned out blurry. I don’t want that to happen since most of the shots I want to take will be motion shots. Having one of those multimedia, mega mega gig HD/RAM¬†laptop computers, with tablet functionalities and built in everything and of course¬†a long battery life is definitely a must for me for these on the go stints. I do hope I can get one before the year ends.

… it’ll be ballet night, woohoo! We’ll be at the CCP Main Theatre watching my ballet teacher friend who is staging this year’s recital. I’m so excited about this year’s theme because it has been one of our dreams to stage¬†“Esther”¬†and it’s finally happening. Yes, it is based on the biblical character “Esther” and this one has been two years in incubation. I’ll have a chance to be at the dress tech (to practice my shots LOL) and bring the family along on GALA Night. Speaking of Gala Night, I still have no idea what to wear and my clothes have become a little bit snug (hmmm, must be the chocolate raisins I secretly munch on) waahh! Next to those dancers, I’m humongous. I don’t think even the¬†best diet pills that work¬†can save me in time ūüôā LOL. I need another dose of those Ambush Makeover shows really quick. Mmmm, maybe I’ll just dress like I’m part of the backstage crew (they’re all in black) and blend with the shadows….¬†